Cowboys get into the Bryant McKinnie mix


A slow offseason seems to be picking up steam for Bryant McKinnie.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens free agent left tackle has offers from the Chargers and Dolphins already, and the Cowboys have made an inquiry as well.

Adding more teams to the mix is only going to help his value, but the Chargers and Dolphins have a greater need for the veteran pass-blocker.

Dallas is solid on the left with Tyron Smith, but could use McKinnie as leverage to squeeze a pay cut out of Doug Free as well, or just replace him.

19 responses to “Cowboys get into the Bryant McKinnie mix

  1. What a decision to make … Jerry Jones pays his players a lot of money and offers some incredible perks as well. Jerry’s players usually get the winters off.

  2. It really speaks volumes that the Ravens have not bothered to throw a number at BigMac, let a lone a meeting. Seems very similar to the Jared Gaither situation from years ago.

  3. Sign him and cut Free.

    To all you nay Sayers, it’s sad how you people say your not a “hater” of this organization yet you take time out of your day to sign in to pft and put in your negative 2 cents about a team that isn’t your favorite. Pity.

  4. Considering the disproportionate number of strip clubs in the Greater Dallas area, I’m not sure the Cowboys represent his best career path. But it will be like his time with the Vikings, he wouldn’t have to worry about winning many playoff games.

  5. I’m waiting to see who signs this horrific under achieving party animal. He only plays hard after you bench him for under achieving. I remember the picture of him standing over Brett Favre in the NFC championship game when Brett was down after being hit yet again. He had that look on his face like “Oh nuts not again”.

  6. @cdngatorfan. We’re you at the meeting you know how good it went…lol smh.
    Honestly Miami can have McKinnie. Any dude who is taking this long to decide is either pregnant or Jared Gaither 2.0. Dude needs to crap or get off the pot. Tired of hearing about another team “Bring in the mix”

  7. This guy is a blubbery waste with a blubbery waist, but he is good enough to help in a pinch. If he becomes a Raven, you will know that they didn’t overpay him like other desparate teams who throw money at their problems, when THEY are the problem. I wish that this would have been taken care of in the draft, but I know it will work out in the end…

    In Oz We Trust!

  8. McKinnie loves the South Beach scene.

    He’s just making a leverage play on the Fish

  9. An O-Line consisting of (LT) Tyron Smith – (LG) Travis Frederick – (C) Phil Costa – (RG) Doug Free – (RT) Bryant McKinnie; would be a MAJOR improvement over last year!

  10. The availability of huge chicken fried steaks in the Dallas area might “tip the scales” in the Cowboys’ favor.

  11. I don’t think McKinnie will leave the World Champion Ravens to play in a dumpster city like Dallas. Ravens have real fans, Cowboys have bandwagon fair weather fans. Cheers!

  12. This is hysterical to me. Rather then strengthen their lines through the draft they are signing old tackles. Making mistakes the skins made before shanty & Bruce came in. The boys need to fire their stupid GM.

  13. It’s kinda sad to see the decline an demise of a once great organization like the Cowboys. The Raider went thru the same exact thing for the past 10 years and not until the death of Al Davis did the Raiders finally acquire a true GM in Reggie McKenzie. Now the Raiders are well on there way to cleaning up a huge mess and becoming a prominent team again and the Cowboys will have to wait until Jerry dies or relinquishes control to a true GM before they can start making their way back to being part of the NFL elite.

  14. Multiple sources have already said the team had no interest in McKinnie. It was agent driven and it worked, as he signed a 2 year deal with Baltimore the same day as the Cowboys supposedly had interest. It’s another one of those “leaks” that uses the Cowboys to gain leverage on the teams that really do have interest.

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