Daryl Washington under investigation for domestic incident


The Cardinals could need second-round rookie linebacker Kevin Minter to step in for more than the first four games of the 2013 season.

Linebacker Daryl Washington, already facing a suspension for violation of the substance-abuse policy, reportedly is under investigation for possible criminal charges.  According to ArizonaSports.com, a woman told police on Wednesday that she was the victim of an incident involving Washington.

Per the report, there were “clear indications” the alleged victim had been attacked.  According to FOX 10, the alleged victim claims she was choked by Washington, and she had marks on her neck.

Washington was not present when police arrived.  As of Wednesday night, police were looking for him.

Although Washington is one violation of the substance-abuse policy away from a possible one-year suspension, any consequences flowing from the current allegations would be processed under the personal-conduct policy.  He remains subject to periodic and multiple random drug tests; a positive test or a failure to comply with the testing requirements could trigger a one-year suspension.

18 responses to “Daryl Washington under investigation for domestic incident

  1. Just don’t be an idiot for 8-9 years, and you will make tons of dough. For a guy who can go through the rigors of being an NFL player, is that so tough?

  2. Darryl Washington is the 2nd best middle linebacker in the NFL but it looks like he’s trying to take the Rolando Mcclain path now. Don’t throw away your career bro.

  3. You know I saw some great tweets the other day from RG3 about political correctness, I wonder why I didn’t see anything about it in PFT? Was it because of that NBC logo at the top of this page? You liberal fools. See if you leave this post up

  4. Those Card die hards hoping he doesn’t throw away his career should know that the ship has sailed on that point if what this woman is saying holds up. That’s a fairly big if even if there is physical evidence (look back at the situation with Christ Cook, DB for the Vikings a couple of years ago to see how it can go).
    Good thing the Cardinals picked up Minter and the Badger because this guy just can’t be counted on.

  5. Daryl’s a beast & we definately need him on our team!! I hope this doesnt ruin his career.. I wonder if the woman was his crazy baby mama, who just so happens to have a history of domestic violence as well..

  6. I hate it when writers have nothing of real substance to write about and have to run with stories based on “allegations”. I wonder how many other “squeeky clean” players have “incidents” in their background that have been glossed over or swept under the rug because they were nothing worth ruining somebody’s life over. These days, “domestic violence” can be anything from harsh and “abusive” language to smacking someone who is egging it on. With all the money that these players make these days, there will always be those wanting their “fifteen minutes” and anything they can extort from somebody in the spotlight. Sportswriters make it very appealing to make “accusations” and shouldn’t feed the frenzy!

  7. Kiss your 10M bonus goodbye jackass!! Anyone who sticks up for this PIECE OF SH*T doesn’t have the brain they were born with. By the way I am a Cardinals fan…

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