Dave Gettleman on DeAngelo Williams: Right now, he’s on the roster


Shortly after the draft wrapped up, Darin Gantt wrote that the Panthers made picks that gave them the flexibility to part ways with players carrying burdensome contracts down the road.

One of those picks was the selection of running back Kenjon Barner in the sixth round. Running back wasn’t a particularly big need with Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert already on the roster and General Manager Dave Gettleman having said earlier in the offseason that he didn’t see why the team couldn’t hold onto all their backs, but Barner’s arrival led to another question about keeping Williams during an interview on The Fan 610 AM in Charlotte.

Gettleman stopped short of guaranteeing that Williams would be on the Panthers come September, saying that “right now, he’s on the roster” and pointing out with a laugh that none of us really know where we’re going to be tomorrow.

“You can never have too many good players at one position,” Gettleman said. “More often than not, nature will take its course. You might have an injury, you might make a move. Anything’s possible, the roster is fluid.”

If the Panthers were going to cut Williams, they likely would have done it by now with the June 1 designation that allows them to spread out the cap hit they’d incur over the next two years. Since they’ve swallowed Williams’ salary this long, there’s not much reason to believe they wouldn’t continue to live with it into the season.

There’s been trade talk around Williams in the past, however, and Gettleman hardly sounds opposed to exploring that route should a team come looking to make a deal for Williams at some point before the start of the season. Such a trade probably wouldn’t be in the cards unless a team decided they didn’t like their crop of runners or lost one to injury, so Williams will likely be on the Panthers a while longer. Assuming, as per Gettleman’s warning, he’s on Earth at all.

17 responses to “Dave Gettleman on DeAngelo Williams: Right now, he’s on the roster

  1. “Who knows what tomorrow holds, you could wake up in Hell. Or even Carolina.”

    That’s crazy. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina. Don’t be a hater!

  2. thegreatgabbert says:
    May 2, 2013 3:48 PM
    Who knows what tomorrow holds, you could wake up in Hell. Or even Carolina.


    Says the guy who has Blaine Gabbert as QB and screen name…good one

  3. Says the guy who has Blaine Gabbert as QB and screen name…good one

    and actually had the nerve to put GREAT in front of it too, those two words should never be put together EVER!!!

  4. To be completely honest, Carolina is only a couple of numbers down from professional football Purgatory.

  5. The best option would be to see if they could trade Stewart. If it is like every other year, he will be hurt before the third game is complete. Has he ever played a complete year? Williams came on strong last year when he finally got the playing time.

  6. “thegreatgabbert” is one of those reverse nicknames I assume, like an enormous man named “Tiny” etc.

    The panthers need to restructure one of those contracts or trade & have them restructure with a new team. They need to let go of at least one of them.

  7. I think its about time the Panthers move on from its three headed monster at running back….. we need a play maker at safety and another at receiver we should be able to finagle something decent for Williams he has speed and some tread left on the tire I would just hope we get a player back instead of a draft pick when he is eventually traded

  8. Actually, for those of you blasting the Panthers and their organization, I imagine the Panthers are not on your schedule this year.

    Perhaps you are unaware of what is going on in Carolina because you believe everything you read on Blogs, but the Panthers have a franchise QB, a healthy Oline, potentially the best front seven in football, and the best group of RBs in football. Their DBs are getting abused in the press, but they are improving draamatically.

    Show your ignorance about the panthers if you want to now, jump on the Bandwagon in November.

    A Gabbert fan talking trash is like Richard Simmons making fun of someone’s sexuality.

  9. in this day in age how can one team have so many loser RBs on one roster. someone needs to be held accountable.

  10. Doesn’t Jacksonville still have tarps covering half their seats and is for all home games. I understand they now have an Italian restaraunt that’s name doesn’t end in Hut.

  11. He should be able to play out his contract, he’s been nothing but a respected well liked player in charlotte and he’s productive..literally the guy scored 18 touchdowns in a season and didnt make it to the Pro bowl..it’s unbelievable..keep the talent we have! Let barner learn and beef up a little bit…deangelo could teach him a lot about patience in the screen game, there’s no sense in releasing him and nobody will give enough compensation for him…god I hope we keep him

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