David Garrard wants a politics-free quarterback competition


Mark Sanchez was the only Jets quarterback wearing a headband on Thursday, but he wasn’t the only one talking to the media.

David Garrard also took a turn in front of the microphones and cameras to talk about the quarterback competition set to unfold over the next few months. After saying he believed he still has the ability to be a starting quarterback after not playing in a regular season game since the 2010 season, Garrard went on to say that he was too old for any drama to the competition beyond just letting the best man win.

“It shouldn’t be any politics,” Garrard said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It should be the best guy playing. With that, if I’m going at it and I’m giving you my all and I’m healthy and you beat me at it, then that’s great for the team. Fortunately I’m so old I don’t care about politics anymore.”

With Sanchez still on the team because he’s owed a guaranteed salary of $8.25 million this season and Geno Smith arriving as a second-round pick, it might be wishful thinking to think that on-field play will be the only thing that determines who wins the competition. That might not wind up being a bad thing for Garrard, though.

Should the Jets decide that Smith isn’t ready and that they’d rather not chance encouraging the wrath of their fans by keeping Sanchez for another year, Garrard could wind up being the choice for the job. We’re guessing that Garrard would still accept the job under those circumstances even if he wasn’t the best guy on the field throughout training camp.

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  1. And this is why the Seahawks did so well last year. Nothing mattered except who should play. Not the contract not the expectations. Nothing but let the best player play. Amazing how it appears the best teams do that. Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks etc. The Jets will be the Jets until they figure that out.

  2. I feel sorry for Garrard. Last year he went to the Dolphins and they got Tannehill. This year he goes to the Jets and they get Geno Smith. With them having to pay Sanchez I wonder if he already isn’t in on the bubble.

  3. If Garrard wanted a politics-free competition, he sure picked the wrong team for it. With the Jets, it’s all about intrigue and manipulation; it certainly never seems to be about who can actually play.

  4. It’s truly not up to the Jets as far as avoiding drama is concerned…that lies entirely with the NY media. There will be varying degrees of drama surrounding every team in the NFL, it’s just a question of how hell-bent the media is on painting a picture of instability and a hostile environment. Is there any drama in the Jets organization if the media fails to mention it? If a tree falls in the forest…does it make a sound?

    …and how the hell did the Jets EVER agree to pay Sanchez so much money for such consistently awful play? Is it because he took them to the AFC championship game…or because he beat the Pats once or twice? Last time I checked, TEAMS win big games, not QBs alone.

  5. Garrard gives the Jets their best chance to win, so I fully expect him to be cut in the preseason.

  6. Man I’m pulling for this guy – loved him as a jag. Too bad he got injured.

  7. At one point he was a good QB.. 2 years ago he could have started for a lot if teams. The sensible thing would be to have an open competition. Let Geno sit and learn..But most likely the Jets won’t do the sensible thing.

  8. Garrard probably realizes that in a fair competition, he’s better than all the other Jets QB’s.

  9. David Garrard just walked into the worst possible QB competition there can be. With the worst possible front office there can be.

    Retire man… save yourself the BS and just retire.

  10. Jets … roid up like the Seahawks. Then afterwards pretend you didn’t. You’ll play much better … and then can lecture other teams that stayed clean.

  11. I like Geno Smith better because he finds recrivers open faster than Sanchez. Geno Smith finds open lanes faster than Sanchez, and starts running. Geno reacts faster. Geno has to learn not to let the defenders know where he’s going to throw the ball. I watch him get pick off on youtube.

  12. garrard went to miami last year and was doing very well in camp before he got hurt he may have even started the season so i do think this guy has some gas left in the tank. i dont think he’s ever been that bad and infact had some really good seasons in jacksonville either way you look at it he’s a heck of alot better than sanchez i think the jets should just swallow their pride and get rid of sanchez so the team can move on i know it’s a 8.25 million dollar waste but either way they waste it and when you couple that with the 1.5 they have to pay denver for the tebow trade they have nearly 10 mil. in qb’s that they either can’t use or who is useless to the team. this team is in dire need of good football management

  13. The jets wouldn’t play Tebow because they were afraid he might actually win. I think the same philosophy will apply to Sanchez this year.

  14. “We’re guessing that Garrard would still accept the job under those circumstances even if he wasn’t the best guy on the field throughout training camp.”

    Love it, even how stating to the contrary…..well that’s politics.

  15. A decision free of politics? Not with all of the drama queens in that organization. Rex has to have a show . . . . and if Geno does not get the starting nod then he will stir things up by: sitting on the sidelines and pouting and twitter and then firing his agent . . . sorry Dude.

  16. At least if you get cut Warren Moon will support you in your attempt to play in the CFL

  17. FUN FACT: What do Garrard, Sanchez and Tebow all have in common? They all way outplayed Roethlisberger in a playoff game.

    All three were on the underdog team and Garrard and Tebow both beat Roethlisberger and without a William Gay fumble recovery TD Sanchez would have beat Roethlisberger 19-17.

    That’s just how good Roethlisberger is.

  18. Mr Garrard said it himself he’s to old he’ll throw his back out during training camp try and push through it and pull a hamstring and then ride off into the sunset along side Tebow.

  19. Let’s try to remember how Garrard became the Jags QB: He was HANDED the job when Jacksonville got rid of Byron Leftwich due to salary cap issues.

    The only team to ever beat the Steelers twice at home in the same season are the Jacksonville Jaguars. Garrard outplayed Roethlisberger TWICE in 2007.
    Shhhhh. It’s not polite to talk about Big Ben in a negative way.

  20. Politics free huh? Well, then you better be prepared to throw the cry of racism, political correctness, affirmative action and any other excuse you might have out the window. Oh wait, that’s garrard not warren moon, sorry.

  21. I know he was out of football for a few years but did he not pay any attention to this Jets Circus act?

  22. nyyjetsknicks says:
    May 2, 2013 6:49 PM
    Well the conservative (Tebow) already lost…
    If you think he’s definitely conservative simply because he’s religious, you are naive. There are plenty of religious people in both parties.

  23. Jags fans should be cursing Del Rio. He cut Garrard when he was clearly the best option at QB that season and look at the Jags QB situation the past few years.

    Garrard is a good guy and I really hope he starts somewhere. He’s better than some of the QBs that are starting for other teams.

  24. nyyjetsknicks says:May 2, 2013 6:49 PM

    Well the conservative (Tebow) already lost…

    once and for all!!!!!….TEBOW IS NOT IN THE LEAGUE BECAUSE HE IS NO GOOD AT QB…..


  25. there is a segment of our society that practices RACISM(at the QB position especially )…Love’s it matter of fact…..that same segment cares about winning too….My advice is if you care about winning, take a page from that fellow up in Seattle and play the BEST QB(if you need help, it’s GARRARD) and you’ll experience a lot of success. Something NY needs terribly after Sanchez, and Tebow…..

  26. “Jags fans should be cursing Del Rio. He cut Garrard when he was clearly the best option at QB that season and look at the Jags QB situation the past few years.”

    He was hurt and hasn’t played a down since.

  27. Garrard blew a knee carrying a plate of BBQ in pre season for the Phins

    he’s just there to put pressure on Sanchez… Garrard will be jobless by week 1

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