Eddie Lacy says injuries won’t hold him back

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After the draft, a report out of Pittsburgh indicated that the Steelers passed on selecting running back Eddie Lacy because they were concerned about the state of Lacy’s toe after an injury that required fusion surgery.

The Steelers opted for Le’Veon Bell, leaving Lacy to land with the Packers late in the second round. That was a good bit later than Lacy was expected to go and his injury history, Lacy also battled a hamstring injury during the pre-draft period, has raised some concern about how effective he’ll be at the NFL level. Lacy says that if things don’t work out, it won’t be because he’s coming into his first season as damaged goods.

“From Day 1,” Lacy said, via Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m going to be ready to go.”

Lacy’s physical running style is one that makes Dunne and others describe him as a workhorse and there’s no doubt that the Packers would like him to be a back who can play every down and keep teams from committing two safeties to stop the pass. The kind of back who winds up with a workhorse profile is also one that finds himself on the injury report week after week because of what a physical running style does to the body and there tends to be a point where constant nagging injuries take their toll on a player’s effectiveness.

That’s a real concern, especially when Lacy has already picked up medical red flags at this point in his career. That would explain why the Packers doubled down with Johnathan Franklin in their quest to find a back who can consistently make defenses respect the run and, as a result, open more downfield passing lanes for Aaron Rodgers and company.

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  1. This guy’s a bum. Christian Ponder is gonna make ERIN his double discount jock strap holder. So bring up glory days of old. Minnesota Reign has already begun son!…


  2. This whole “injury history” story is getting old. He’s missed two games in the last two years right? He’s been banged up but he’s shown that he can play and be effective with these MINOR injuries that he’s had. Media and the Steelers making a big deal about nothing.

  3. The drafting of Lacy and Franklin has gotten me the most excited about a draft since we drafted Aaron Rodgers. A good running game will help our offensive line. The meatheads don’t want to take steps back and get pounded every play, they want to attack. I’m amped to see what kind of numbers Aaron Rodgers puts up with a running game

  4. What glory days of old? The Vikings have never won anything that I recall….. Or is making the playoffs considered glory up there inside that tent? Furthermore, Ponder is about the 40th best QB in the NFL, if that.

  5. The Packers need an average running back that is all. Pretty sure 1 of these draft picks or Harris can be that. As long as #12 is the QB Green Bay’s gonna score some points. Don’t have the numbers in front of me but whats the Packers divisional record since Rodgers took over? Its gotta be really good.

  6. GB doesn’t need a workhorse, they need 4 yards a carry and about 20-23 touches a game. That’ll keep LB’s in and on occasion bring up a safety.

    If the new RB’s and block and catch as well, GB’s O will average 25-28 points a game. More than enough for another division title and super bowl run.

  7. I’m personally glad the Steelers avoided him.. Sometimes the “sexy pick” isn’t the smart pic… Maybe Green Bay got a food running back.. But as a Steelers fan I’m extremely happy with Bell…! The tape doesn’t lie and he’s very big and physical.

  8. I don’t see Lacy as a work horse. He’ll be a big contributor, but Franklin and Harris will see considerable time as well.

    The run game will be much improved.

    Now mentioning Ponder at all in the same post as Rodgers is very laughable

  9. Vikings fans that think Christian Ponder is good let alone in the same conversation as Aaron Rodgers are funny. That is in reference to Coleman above.

    In regards to the story, I like the Lacy and Franklin picks where they got them. I wonder if the Pack would have taken Lacy had they known Franklin would be their in the fourth. Regardless, the competition with these two and Dajuan Harris should lead to at least one competent back finally.

  10. Who cares who the Steelers picked at RB? Have you seen ANYTHING out of their backfield except injuries or excuses? Or both? (ok, Dwyer had a couple good games).

    Lacy is going to be fine. He’ll knock folks over.

  11. This is good. Doubt him. Dog him. Put him down.

    Give him a reason to play with a chip on his shoulder for his whole career. It’s worked out well so far for one of the guys on the team that he’s joining.

  12. I really love the drafting of both Lacy and Franklin, IMO it’s going to be much like the RB tandem of Bennett and Levens. Little flash, little thump and just enough to keep the D out of the cover 2. What I’m most excited about it the possibility of being able to grind out the clock in the 4th quarter rather than run, run, pass and punt with 5 minutes left on the clock.

  13. Scouts also had concerns that Adrian Peterson was too injury prone… He seems to be having a pretty nice career so far.

    Relax, Vikings fans. I’m not comparing Lacy to Peterson – just pointing out that a history of injuries in college does not always mean a player won’t be productive in the NFL.

  14. I am astounded about how much this kid was talked up and projected 1st round, hurt GB get him end of second after getting a great player in 1st AND trading down in 2nd, and I hear nothing about value, only what a risk. strange considering this kid was supposed to go a round earlier…

  15. There is also the possibility that the Steelers just like Bell more than Lacy. Nothing against Lacy, just a preference.

    As for this “chip on his shoulder” business, it’s become a very tired cliche. Is there anyone besides the #1 overall pick who doesn’t think he was unfairly passed over?

  16. I like a comment I saw in another post, something like: Lacy and Franklin are going to give the Pack a “thunder and lightning” running attack. That would be fun.

    You know, Green Bay has had terrible luck on RB injuries the last x years. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the RB luck profile will change and we’ll be blessed with a thunder and lightning result for several years to come.

    Now, if that happens, we’ll have coach McCarthy setting up the run with the passing game. Nothing I’d like better than a few 45 yard draw plays every game.

    How many times will GBay get back to the Super Bowl while Aaron is still playing? Maybe never. Only the Lord knows. But now with a thunder and lightning running game within the realm of possibility, I am feeling really good about the Sunday TV schedule next autumn. Can’t wait.

  17. Favre had his best statistical seasons when he had a running game (Ahman Green/Dorsey/AP).

    Rodgers has never had a running game like the ones Favre had; give Aaron a running game, then watch him throw 80 yard TDs to Jordy/Jones/Cobb.

  18. Lacy is right, injuries wont hold him back. The run blocking of the GB oline will hold him back.

  19. Very smart of the Steelers to draft Bell. He was the best back in the draft even if a lot of the “experts” didn’t think so.

  20. I’m excited to see Lacy play and also the 1st Lacy article that doesn’t mention injuries or Franklin.

    It seems Viking fans are pretty uppity this year. The only thing missing from the new paper champs is VY. No for real they should call him up and see if he can replace Ponder

  21. The packers O-Line isn’t the problem when it comes to opening holes for the running back. It’s the lack of descion making most of the low tier backs they have made. I think with Lacy and Franklin that’s gonna change, and make the packers a scary offense to face every week. You may have to put up 40+ on them a week now. But it’s possible if teams they face work on the Read Option, just for there game plan against the packers. They have proven there defense is there weakest link, and if attacked with the Read Option, you can beat the packers. Don’t believe me, just watch the tape against the 49ers, in the playoff game. Exposed on National TV. Something teams should take a look into heading into this season, and plug in some read option plays to mix into there game plan.San Fran and Washington, weeks 1- 2 are prime examples of teams that will throw some read option into there game plan, also I wouldn’t be surprised if Philly did the same. But the packers offense can keep up on offense, and don’t be surprised if the packers actually have a few 100 yard rushing games this year. Franklin is a freak, and Lacy is a beast!.

  22. axespray says.
    Favre had his best statistical seasons when he had a running game (Ahman Green/Dorsey/AP).

    Rodgers has never had a running game like the ones Favre had; give Aaron a running game, then watch him throw 80 yard TDs to Jordy/Jones/Cobb.

    Don’t forget Edgar Bennett. Guy was a better running back than Dorsey Levens.

  23. Spielman for about the past 5 years the running game didn’t matter as much which is evidenced by owning the division and a Super Bowl victory. Teams defenses adjust and draft to prevent which is what is happening. The Packers will now adjust to counter.

  24. Last year, the Vikings had a RB but no QB, the Packers had a QB but no RB.

    Now take a look at this year’s draft and ask yourself the question, did anything change?

    The Viking fans can drink whatever Jared Allen is serving if they think its their Superbowl year.

  25. Aaron Rodgers without much of a running game was SB MVP, League MVP and won 40 games out of 54 including playoffs and the SB.

    Imagine what this guy can do when a opposing teams sole focus is not stopping Aaron Rodgers and the passing game.

  26. 4th quarters with leads are going to be fun this year. Put Mulligan in as one TE and have rookie Tretter as the other TE with Lacy in the backfield. Watch the safeties come up closer and closer. Watch Cobb or Nelson or Jones run past the CB who’s left in single coverage. Vince will be smiling down.

  27. thank you steelers, for listening to my comments that begged you not to add any players that had bad feet, ankles,calves, knees, Achilles tendons. I am glad you added toe to the list

  28. dustingham says:May 2, 2013 9:04 AM

    Vikings fans that think Christian Ponder is good let alone in the same conversation as Aaron Rodgers are funny. That is in reference to Coleman above.

    Karen Rodgers is the KING of the slant and 5 yard pass as that is all he does and the WRS do all the work to pad his stats. Hes average at best.

  29. I heard the toe is pretty bad, might have to shelf the kid for a bit but i don’t think he fell that far for no reason. He’s a top heavy runner that has average at best speed. John Kuhn might have more agility than this kid. And besides I think that Bama O line helped a WHOLE BUNCH!!!

  30. Whatever… The only folks bringing up his injury history on these boards are jealous, envious Queen fans from across the river. If Lacy was playing in an offense built around the run, where he would be getting alot of carries, then this injury issue would make more sense. However, the fact that Green Bay runs a pass-first offense, and the fact that they drafted Franklin as well, means that he won’t be getting nearly the number of carries that he got at Alabama. Also, people overlook the fact that Lacy played injured much of the time which is a tribute to his toughness…

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