Jags coach Gus Bradley says he still trusts Justin Blackmon


Picking up a four-game suspension for a substance abuse violation less than four months after a new head coach has taken over isn’t the best way to make a first impression.

Yet, that’s exactly the situation Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon has found himself in after getting a four-game suspension handed down by the league this week. It’s not exactly the best first step to take in building a relationship with your new head coach. However, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is willing to give Blackmon some benefit of the doubt.

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, Bradley still trusts the second-year wide out. He said he’s had “six or seven conversations” with Blackmon already since the suspension was levied earlier this week.

I told Justin I do trust him,” Bradley said. ““We both have to earn each other’s trust and I don’t want trust to be mistaken for being naïve.”

“He understands we’re disappointed in what took place. I really try to maintain my focus on making sure he has a clear vision of what we expect from him. We’ve had great conversations since this came out.”

Bradley intends on using the issue with Blackmon as a barometer to set the discipline for the team going forward. With a four-game suspension, Blackmon is now just one more offense away from a full season suspension. The Jaguars will need to hope Bradley’s trust in Blackmon will be rewarded or they could be playing without their former first-round pick for an extensive amount time.

“That’s the challenge that’s been placed in front of him,” Bradley said. “I have confidence in Justin. He knows our expectations and he has those same expectations. It’s a process for him and for us, but we’re looking forward to the challenge.”

31 responses to “Jags coach Gus Bradley says he still trusts Justin Blackmon

  1. I smell a lie…

    Do you honestly believe that Blackmon’s coach would ever come out and publicly say, “I don’t trust my #1 receiver whatsoever.” It just wouldn’t happen…so when Bradley says something like this it just reeks of inauthentic babble.

  2. It seems like this kid has a pretty serious addiction issue. He needs someone to lay out for him the fact that he’s on the verge of throwing his career and even possibly his life away. Hopefully he makes a decision to change and the team can give him support if he shows that he’s made that decision.

  3. They should sign Tim Tebow, not as a quarterback, but to be Blackmon’s shadow.

  4. Gus inherited blackmon, so everyone should give the due diligence of believing him. But I forsee another problem with the young reciever within a year, that causes management to move in different direction.

  5. Jag fan since 93 but gosh…1st rd pick rj soward needed a ride to work and wake up call. (stoner). Jimmie Smith (gimme sniff) retired before 3rd pos test. Matt Jones popped for coke. Blackmon for 3rd time of something bad. dang good luck with receivers sadly

  6. I think what makes this a different situation is Blackmon actually seems like a good guy. He’s quiet and goes about his business in a workmanlike way; he’s no sideshow diva wide receiver. He does however appear to suffer from stupidity and a fondness of alcohol and probably pot which I’m guessing is what this suspension is for. Hopefully he doesn’t have a real problem because he’s now one bad decision away from derailing his career, but it seems like Bradley is going about this the right way and providing a solid support system for him.

  7. Who the hell “wouldn’t” wanna play for a coach like Gus?? This guy has ALL the tools to take a team from the bottom of the barrel, & (with the help of GM Dave Caldwell) move them on up.. How come coach Bradley had to wait this long to find a HC gig (it’s a head-scratchier for sure)??

    Have at it haters!

  8. This is why I love Bradley – a real motivator who takes a huge negative and finds a way to turn it into a positive going forward. If Justin won’t play for this guy then he won’t play for anyone.

  9. Yeah of course he trusts him. How much though… Probably as far as he could throw him.

  10. Much easier to “trust” your most talented wide out than a camp fodder player. Top tier players get a pass just like most have gotten their whole lives-which is why many act the way they do-never held responsible for their misbehavior.

  11. So tired of coaches and gm’s coddling players when they screw up. It would be refreshing to hear a coach say he has let down his team with his selfish actions. He now has to earn my trust.

  12. Awww how nice! Blackmon is still a jackass! Come on man your one of the better WR’s in the NFL and your doing stupid crap like this? He is lucky his new coach is forgiving! I just got done posting about how I hate when people get on here and bash the players but some of them just deserve it!

  13. As long as after he’s done with the suspension he continues to be productive, catches the football a bunch of times and scores loads of TD’s!

  14. Does Gus trust himself to not go into soft zone coverage with a minute left in a playoff game when your team is only up by 2 points?
    Probably not.

  15. OSU is a finishing school for great talent at WR and idiot gangster training! I’d love a copy of Dez and JB’s transcripts not to see the grades, I want to see what classes they took! Gin and Juice 101, (Math) counting grips, (Social Studies) Mom and Hooker AP, (agriculture) Honors Chronic!

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