Jaguars bringing in 19 rookies for tryouts


Nineteen undrafted rookies will try out at the Jaguars’ minicamp this weekend, the club said Thursday.

Alcorn State wide receiver Terrance Lewis, who returned 10 kickoffs for touchdowns in four collegiate seasons, is among the invitees to the Jaguars’ rookie minicamp, as is Nebraska defensive end Cameron Meredith, who had five sacks in each of his two seasons with the Cornhuskers. Lewis was graded as the top return specialist in Pro Football Weekly‘s 2013 Draft Preview.

Other players invited are Missouri Western State offensive tackle Macon Allen, Louisville center Mario Benavides, Tulsa fullback Willie Carter, Harvard punter Jacob Dombrowski, San Jose State running back De’Leon Eskridge, Ole Miss defensive tackle Uriah Grant, Akron defensive end J.D. Griggs, UCF running back Brynn Harvey, Western Kentucky quarterback Kawaun Jakes, Arkansas defensive tackle DeQuinta Jones, Jackson State linebacker Joseph LeBeau, Colorado linebacker Jon Major, Washington center Drew Schaefer, Purdue center Rick Schmeig, Stanford defensive tackle Terrence Stephens, South Carolina placekicker Adam Yates and Kansas guard Duane Zlatnik.

The Jaguars are slated to have 50 rookies at the minicamp, with 23 signed undrafted free agents and eight drafted rookies also attending. The minicamp runs from Friday, May 10 through Sunday, May 12.

15 responses to “Jaguars bringing in 19 rookies for tryouts

  1. Why a punter? Didn’t we draft one last year? Maybe he’s just a mini-camp leg? He is from Harvard & our current kicker went to UC Berkeley. Heady convos in the punter room

  2. @Godbless

    The last time the skins we’re relevant the Jags we’re still a concept, not a team. Talk crap when your team actually wins a SB sometime soon, loser.


  3. How about finding 19 ppl to come watch your games thats a start
    Clown!!!!!! The jags were in the top 20 in attendance last year with no blackouts in 2 years.

  4. if the draft is as deep as some would say then i think you would evaluate as many undrafted rookies on your board as u possibly can. even if caldwell busts on every pick you cant deny he does his job thoroughly.

  5. Jaguars front office has been top notch thus far assembling a team that will be competitive for some time. This is the best that I have felt about the Jaguars since our AFC Championship run in 1999. Go Jags!!

  6. Might as well bring in as many guys to evaluate as possible if you can. Other teams have brought in large numbers of undrafted rookie free agents, the Jaguars are just bringing in even more competition just to make sure they’re doing due diligence.

    The punter is indeed just a camp leg, so they can put guys through special teams drills. Anger isn’t a rookie, so he won’t be participating. They’re not going to replace Anger, but that’s because he’s a good punter, not because he was a draft pick of the last regime.

    I like the idea of bringing in a lot of guys and checking them out, especially since some of them were projected as potentially good players. Doesn’t hurt anything to look at a bunch of guys, see who you might like. After all, the Redskins and Colts flipped a lot of their rosters, and the Jaguars aren’t in great shape after the last regime got done. A lot of these guys could help, and not just because of the lack of talent there was at some positions (i.e. secondary, if you leave out the injured players but still count Aaron Ross), but rather because there are always some gems out there that don’t get discovered right off the bat and might get missed in the draft.

    I’m certainly going to try to get out to the mini-camp if the weather isn’t too bad.

    Speaking of which, to the idiots who crack jokes about “get more than 19 people to come to your games,” the Jaguars will have a lot of people watching this camp, and will once again fill the stadium every game, which is still a pretty good sized stadium with the tarps on. Even with the tarps ON, it’s larger than Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Arizona, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Oakland. Without the tarps, only six stadiums have more potential seating. Only SIX. And yet, the team can sell out, meaning the Jaguars the last couple seasons have sold more tickets to home games than the Seahawks, Rams, Steelers, Bears, Colts, Raiders, Cardinals, Lions, and Bucs. Maybe you should talk trash to those teams about having small stadiums because apparently the Steelers and Bears don’t feel like they can attract more fans. Maybe those teams need to move to LA, since people think attendance dictates who should move to LA? Man, facts are a harsh thing, aren’t they?

  7. The insecure Jags fans (like kaptingavrin) who feel they have to defend everything the Jags do make me sick! The Jags suck bro and until they start winning games consistently every move they make can and will be questioned, scrutinized or ridiculed! Get over it!


    Rillistic Jaguar Fan

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