Marshawn’s DUI case set for trial on June 21


Last year, after Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested for DUI, some in the media assumed that Lynch would serve a suspension during the 2012 season.

For a change, we provided a calm voice of reason, explaining that the league typically doesn’t mete out discipline for DUI situations until after the case is resolved.

A year later, Lynch has still not been punished, because the case remains pending.  It won’t, however, be pending much longer.

Via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune, Lynch’s case will go to trial on June 21.  Later this month, the presiding judge will consider a motion to dismiss the case and to suppress certain evidence relating to it.

If Lynch ultimately is convicted of or pleads guilty or no contest to DUI, he faces at a minimum a two-game fine under the substance-abuse policy.  His history of off-field incidents could result in an enhanced punishment.

29 responses to “Marshawn’s DUI case set for trial on June 21

  1. Like many today he is a paradox. He’s busted for DUI, has a driving “history”, that’s pretty miserable, and would seem to be nearly a sociopath. Except that he is absolutely terrific with kids, teaching them, mentoring, etc.

    That whole “don’t talk” schtick on the RealRobReport is BS. I’ve seen many other vids of him (in Buffalo) on the job and off, and he was always quite animated.

    Of course I’d want him to be able to play football, but he, (and all of the other miscreants in the NFL) have to realize that they have a responsibility to society to behave in a civilized manner, and that being gridiron stars does not absolve them of that.

  2. Trust me – we love him in Seattle.

    I don’t drink at all, but I PROMISE you that more than half the people reading this have driven “legally-defined” drunk in their lives and simply have not been caught. Every year I am sure that happens MANY MANY times to other players in the NFL.

  3. Hope he’s innocent. Those Seahags are going to hurt without him. Russell Wilson wouldn’t have had the year he had without Marshawn running with knives in his hands.

  4. If he some how manages to escape this without a suspension, the Seahawks should take his license away.

  5. If this was about a 49er, the Hawk fans would have a completely different approach. I love double standards.

  6. I don’t condone the DUI, but on the field he runs like a Drunk Driver crashing into people and all over the place.

  7. I am a Seahawk fan, and if he gets convicted, he needs to be suspended, no questions asked. Of course, it is easier for me to say this given we just drafted Christine Michael.

  8. Makes me think of Dante Stallworth who in the offseason bout 4-5 yrs ago while in FL got drunk & killed a guy while driving under the influence. He got a 1 yr suspension & only 30 days in jail. I figure he pd the family off about a mill or $2. IMO he should NEVER have been allowed to play in the NFL again

  9. “Exhibit A why the Bills traded him.”

    Hahaha. The bills got some late round draft pick for him and what’s he done since then? Just been one of the best RB in football, including the Beast-quake, one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

    Yes I’m sure Bills fans loved watching Marshawn and Wilson roll into town I mean …Toronto..and hang 50 on them. I’ll bet everyone was sitting around going “man I’m glad we got rid of that guy!”.

  10. The Bills, didn’t want his baggage. Still, we loved to watch him run. It was a good change of direction for both…..We have CJ Spiller/Jackson………And he’s gotten a chance to show skills.

  11. Frosted –

    No one said it was alright. He was very wrong. People make mistakes. His BAC was barely over the limit, an amount that would have been legal a few years back.

    Infraction violations, and non-felony charges need to be viewed in the correct light. Lynch is not a bad man due to these mistakes. Many judges, prosecutors, and police officers get DUI’s every year…and they go on with their jobs.

    People need to keep some perspective here and realize what he did was wrong, but he didn’t commit a major crime – and he hasn’t been found guilty.

  12. Let’s hear the excuses now if Lynch is suspended for the 1st two games of the season . The Niners come to town Week 2 for Sunday night football and there is no way in hell they beat the Niners w/a rookie running back. We shall see, hope he plays…….

    Niners for life……

  13. If he gets suspended for that niners game the excusehawks are gonna be out in full effect. Ive never come across a fan base that makes as many excuses as seadderal does. They still complain about losing the superbowl… Get over yourselves and move on.

  14. js886: I’ve heard plenty from 49er fans (Smith was injured, 49ers just played the Patriots on the east coast, etc…). That’s why we call you the “whiners”

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