Mike Williams, Bucs expected to start contract talks soon

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Back in February, the agent for Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams said that his client was okay with waiting until after free agency and the draft to start talking about a new contract.

Specifically, agent Hadley Engelhard said that they would wait until May to start pressing the issue with the team. Well, it’s now May and that means it is no surprise to see Pewter Report reporting that extension talks are expected to start up again in the near future.

There are no specifics about desired terms for either the Bucs or the 2010 fourth-round pick, but both sides have expressed a desire to get a deal done multiple times since the end of the regular season. In recent years, Stevie Johnson and Sidney Rice have each gotten a little more than $18 million guaranteed in new deals while Robert Meachem got $14 million from the Chargers last year. Williams’ production has been better than Rice or Meachem, which should make that general vicinity one he targets in a new deal.

Tampa might have a different idea, but they’ve got the cap space to make a deal work without much of a sweat. They have about $12 million in cap space for 2013 after the Darrelle Revis trade, which should be ample for any deal they reach with Williams once talks resume.

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  1. Both sides seem to be handling this in a mature, businesslike manner. No controversy involved, no acrimony. That can’t please the media a bit.

  2. The Bucs have been big players in free agency the last two years, Carl Nicks, V-Jax, Revis, Dashon Goldson. Gerald McCoy is going to earn some big $$ if he’s able to improve on last year’s break out season, right?

    OK, so they have $12mil in cap space this year. But they’re going to run into cap problems at some point right? I don’t follow the Bucs terribly closely…someone tell me if I’m wrong.

  3. It’s a good year for it; the Bucs like to front-load contracts, and they have a big chunk of space available on the cap this year. Williams gets a bit sloppy on routes sometimes, but he’s great adjusting to a ball in the air and going up and getting it, he’s one of those guys with phenomenal body control. One of the best #2s in the league.

  4. twilson- They’re fine on the cap. As milkman said, Dominik is big on front loading contracts so if a player is released or traded, his cap figures comes off their books then and there. Teams get into cap purgatory trying to get cutesy and spread the cap hit out over multiple years. Then when a player is gone, they’re still taking the cap hit the next few years.

  5. The bucs have $19 mil in cap space. They front load the majority of their contracts. Unless Freeman takes us to the SB and commands a Flacco type contract…we are in decent shape for the next few years

  6. Yep twilson962 Gerald McCoy and Freeman are 2 players that will get new large contracts when they play up to par. But Dominik has time and time again stated they are all part of the plan and he has prepared the cap to fit those extensions.

    This does mean he has let some “fringe” players go like Michael Bennett or Roy Miller, both good players but not bigtime starts. It’s looknig like it’s either big star or young and cheap. Right now he does have the “luxury” of not paying Elite QB money, that might change though depending on Freeman’s next contract.

    We don’t know how it will play out but this question has been asked many times and he has always assured people he has planned for the big contracts.

  7. Career Stats:
    Dez Bryant – 200 Rec – 2,871 yrds – 27 touchdowns
    Mike Will – 193 Rec – 2,731 yrds – 23 touchdowns

    Not only is he the best #2 WR in the league, but he could compete with the majority of #1s in the league as well

  8. Yes, the Dom-inator is a master of the cap, front load, take the hit early and get off the hook quickly, example:
    Adrian Clayborn’s rookie deal was for $8 million, all guaranteed and all paid in that first year, done, cap hit taken fully in 2011. Same with almost all non-first round draft picks. This gives the Bucs so much flexibility that they should never be in cap hell again, Gruden and Allen’s inability to say no to any veteran who walked in off the street wanted a deal killed us for 3 years after they were correctly fired.

  9. I’ve been quite impressed with Mike–was nervous because of character issues coming out of college–but as long as he and Free or whomever may be the QB can have a solid rapport with him and V Jack, and OL stays healthier and gives Doug Martin some serious holes, this offense will be pretty dang good. Need a TE still–IMO they failed there this off-season but hopefully something gets worked out on that front soon. I didn’t realize Williams stats were so close to Dez Bryant’s. Of course, Dez has had more injuries but Williams has definitely had less off-field crap since coming into the league.
    Hope he keeps it up!

  10. Mike Williams has been better than the Bucs ever could have wished for, only using a fourth rounder on him. In 2011, he showed he struggled to shine as the teams #1 receiver. He performed well again as the teams #2 guy in 2012. I believe that Williams, entering his 4th season, can really take another step. we can get another solid season out of v-jax (1400 yd 8td). That with what I.believe can be a 1300 yard 7 TD out of Williams would be a great thing to see. Of course, all of this assumes Freeman can play a consistent 16 game schedule. He should with Williams and Jackson

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