Nate Kaeding decides to hang up his cleats


Kicker Nate Kaeding signed a one-year deal with the Buccaneers this offseason, but apparently won’t be joining them after all.

Kaeding told Pat Harty of the Iowa City Press-Citizen that a recent groin injury caused him to decide to retire. The University of Iowa football team also sent out a retirement message on their Twitter account.

The longtime Chargers kicker and two-time Pro Bowler — part of the trade haul from the Eli Manning deal with the Giants in 2004 — was with the Dolphins briefly last year.

He was only in Tampa as camp competition for Connor Barth anyway, not expected to win that job.

27 responses to “Nate Kaeding decides to hang up his cleats

  1. Remember his rookie year when he became a victim of “Marty Ball” and missed the FG against the Jets. Ole Marty ran the ball into the line without any attempt to shorten the kick. The look on the Kaeding face while on the sideline prior to the kick was missed by all the Chargers coaching staff. It was pure fear.

  2. Nate, you were a good guy and all but dammit when we needed you to come through in the clutch you let us down (a recurring theme it seems for the Chargers)! Sorry, but that’s how you’ll always be remembered in San Diego.

  3. Eli Manning and everyone in the Giants’ front office is laughing really hard right now.

  4. Ok I really enjoy the sharp writing on this site, especially Florio and you, Mr. Gantt- but is that really how you want to end an article about the end of a man’s career?

    Do you have something personal against him? Did you feel some sort of urge to slam him in order to fill that gaping hole in your soul? Maybe you need to take up meditation and start studying some spiritual and philosophical texts- you’d put a stop to that mess real quick.

    Unprofessional doesn’t even begin to describe the ending line to this article.

  5. Early on, Giants fans wondered whether we got the short end in that deal since the Eli trade netted SD Rivers, Merriman and Kaeding. Ten years later, we’d do that trade every day on twice on Sunday. Funny how it works.

  6. Isn’t he the kicker who was caught pissing on the sideline surrounded by towels? And he tore his acl on the first kickoff of the season.

  7. geez, folks, why all the bad blood? the guy wasn’t a serial killer. so he missed a couple kicks — A) so did Jan Stenerud; B) if a field goal attempt decides a game, that means the team missed about 20 other opportunities to win it. ask Jim Kelly if Scott Norwood deserves blame for losing a Super Bowl.

    personally, I don’t care about this one way or the other — I’m not a Charger fan — but unless I missed the stories about his DUI’s or wife beatings, Nate Keating seemed like an ok guy. so he wasn’t perfect, but he was good far-more-often than not good, he didn’t do anything that embarrassed his team and/or city, and he is not responsible for the Chargers’ inability to win a Super Bowl. give him a break.

  8. I like a guy who knows when to bow out. Usually they have something new and good lined up to get them out of bed early in the morning. He probably saved his quarters.

  9. @justintuckrule,

    That trade also involved a 5th round pick, which allowed SD to trade for LT Roman Oben, which led to Brees’ breakout year. If SD kept just Manning with no trade, he’d be nowhere right now, because that team was so full of holes.

    Bottom line is that the trade turned BOTH teams into Super Bowl contenders. A rare win-win that both teams would do again.

  10. Nate Kaeding was the consummate Charger, he NEVER came through in the clutch.

    Got rings? 🙂

  11. During his prime, he was one of the greatest kickers in the NFL, and I was glad to have him on the team. That’s how he’ll be remembered to true Bolts fans.

  12. With fans like these, no wonder they can’t fill the stadium on most Sundays. Why don’t you guys root for field hockey or curling? At least Cleveland never treated Ernest Byner like you guys treat this poor soul.

  13. Thanks Nate for often getting the Bolts to the dance, but then leaving them on the dance floor.

    Nate Kaeding, the anti-Adam Vinatieri.

  14. Well, it looks like Eli Manning is the man. Giants made out like bandits in that trade. Thanks AJ

  15. You guys can blah blah all you want about making out because you got Eli but if you were really honest with yourselves you would admit that more often then not Eli has been completely mediocre his entire career and never had to carry a team. The first SB was all defense and a lucky catch and the second one you guys stumbled through the entire season only to squeak into the playoffs. Admittedly that last stretch Eli was good but I can pretty much gauruntee you would have done even better with Rivers at the helm, meanwhile the Chargers wouldn’t have even made the playoffs with Eli and he’d be on his second or third team by now. Rivers has carried a team, Eli has NEVER carried a team and usually is a passenger of the good ship defense.

  16. “Eli has been completely mediocre his entire career”

    hey nsza — is there any electricity in your house? are you using a rabbit ears antenna? maybe you need an HDTV, becuz from where I’m sitting, Eli has been pretty-darned good … would you be interested in purchasing either of the two cars he won for being the SB MVP?

    (didn’t think so … )

  17. @nsza, this statement from you is flat out FALSE: “Eli has NEVER carried a team”

    He is breaking every Giants passing record. He has never missed a game. He has made his receivers stars. He holds the record for most fourth quarter TD passes in a season (passing Peyton and Unitas).

    Look, I get it that some rival fans and especially Chargers fans hate Eli Manning, but don’t lie about his accomplishments.

    Eli Manning absolutely carried the Giants during that 2011 run to SB 46. He had the 32nd ranked run game. In other words, he had no run game. His defense was PUTRID all season. It’s amazing how overrated the Giants defense is.

    Throw out these ridiculous statements if it makes you feel better, but no one who watches football is gonna believe any of it anymore. Eli has matured into an elite QB and the Chargers are now feeling the full brunt of AJ Smith’s incompetence.

  18. Right that’s why my comment has 6 thumbs up and yours is mostly thumbs down even though this site is mostly void of Charger fans, rather its filled with people who hate the Chargers. Does Eli have some good stats in the latter years? Yes. Does he approach PR stats even after he was getting pummeled the last two years with no run support? Not even close. QB rating : EM: 82.7 PR 94.5. Eli has only 400 more completions with almost a thousand more attempts. Completion % EM: 58.6% PR: 63.6.

    Ill fully admit the Giants made more of their oppritunities but don’t confuse that with Eli being a superior QB and how the Giants got the better deal. They didnt. In their prime the Chargers kicked the crap out of the Giants because of that trade. The Giants have done a better job of keeping talent together the SD but it has nothing to do with the trade and there is just as good of chance you’d have 2 rings with Rivers.

  19. For all of those saying “why trash the guy over a couple of missed kicks”. I’ve been a Chargers season ticket holder for a long time so I’ve lived through EVERY missed kick. It was WHEN those kicks were missed. He missed THREE in ONE playoff game vs. the Jets. Final score in that game? 17-14. Count me among the many who are glad no other team and their fans will be put through that kind of hell.

  20. joetoronto says: May 2, 2013 1:28 PM

    Nate Kaeding was the consummate Charger, he NEVER came through in the clutch.

    Got rings?

    This just in: all Raider games will be shown on the History channel because they and their fans continue to live in the past.

    Got tarps?

  21. Manning is an above average QB who has been extremely fortunate. He’ll always get more pub and credit than he deserves because his last name is Manning and the press loves them some Mannings.

    In the first Super Bowl he rode a hot defense who dominated the highest scoring offense in NFL history. The Giants D won that first Super Bowl, he was Trent Dilfer in that game. In fact he tried to give the game away, but Assante Samuel bailed him out by dropping the pick that seals the game for New England. Being named Manning got him the MVP, not his play, just like Peyton the year before.

    The second Super Bowl he actually had more to do with the win, but was again bailed out by a dropped pass, this time on the other side as Welker didn’t make a play on a ball that hit him right in the hands.

    Two drops away from being 0-2 in the Super Bowl. And no matter what he does, he’ll always be a cry baby with a sense of entitlement because of the pre-draft crap. “I’m a Manning, I’m special. I’m better than every other player who has ever been drafted, i get to tell teams where I don’t want to go.” And that he had to get his daddy involved just makes him an even bigger baby.

  22. carlsbadboltfan:

    At least the Raiders actually have a past to be proud of, unlike the Chargers who never did win anything at all, NOTHING.

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