Ndamukong Suh donates $250,000 to his high school


Teams at Grant High School in Portland, where Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh graduated in 2005, played all their games on the road because the home facilities were so run down they were declared unsafe. But that won’t be the case anymore after Suh chipped in $250,000 to build the school a new field.

This is an opportunity for me to help our sports programs compete at a true home field,” Suh told the Portland Tribune. “It’s something we have all wanted for a very long time.”

Construction of a new artificial turf field and a new track surrounding it will begin soon and is expected to be finished before the football season starts. Nike also contributed $350,000, and Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish called the donations “an example of how we all benefit when private and public partners come together around a shared goal.”

“Two powerhouses helped close the final gap in funding this project, Nike and Ndamukong Suh,” Fish said. “Ndamukong began his path to the NFL on this field and now he has helped ensure that other Grant athletes have the one of the best facilities in our city.”

Suh has given away millions of dollars during his three-year NFL career. In 2011 the Giving Back Fund recognized Suh as the most charitable athlete in America for his $2.6 million donation to the University of Nebraska, and his Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation has provided Detroit students with school supplies and college scholarships.

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  1. wow this is great to hear im a ram fan and didn’t know if we should have picked suh when we chose Bradford we now feel good about our choice and then all suhs press was bad now this is the kind of news this kid needs to make

  2. He does more off the field than most the “good” athletes. If he can clean his act on the field, he will be a good ambassador.

  3. Just adds to the millions of dollars he has already donated. Geeze, what a horrible person! Funny hoe most people judge Suh how he plays a game and not the person he is. Suh is one of the classiest players in the NFL OFF THE FIELD. off the field is what really matters. Yes, he got in a car accident on a muscle car, what a horrible person….anyone who responds with that are missing the point.

  4. Just because he’s a dirty player (he is) doesn’t mean he’s not a great guy (he is). Well done. Well done. Just don’t give it all away. Save some of that giving for when you’re older and know you don’t need it.

  5. I was wondering when PFT was going to mention Suh’s most charitable athlete award. Although it deserved its own story, I guess a mention in an article two years after the fact is better than nothing.

  6. floratiotime says:
    May 2, 2013 7:04 PM
    Newsflash … he’s still an angry jerk. = LOSER
    pacificamjr says:
    May 2, 2013 7:08 PM
    damn, itd be crazy to think about how much more he’d give if he was actually a good dude?! = LOSER
    captainwisdom8888 says:
    May 2, 2013 7:16 PM
    Well he’s gotta do something to combat the rampant, overtly-negative opinions of his character. Easiest thing for him to do is throw money at problems… = LOSER

    Perfect. I found 3 of a Kind!

  7. Just another example of why it is foolish to pigeon hole a person as either bad or good. People are much more interesting and complex than a simple headline. Suh the dirty player and charitable person are one and the same.

  8. The only people that dont think hes classy is the guys who cheer on the other team and wish he was on their team. Real losers if you ask me. Cant even recognize a guy doing a very courteous thing. I dont see Aaron Rogers donating money even though is is the highest paid player in history. Dont see Vernon Davis donating. Tom Brady. Julius Peppers…..etc

    Get a life guys.

    Go Lions.

  9. Big Props, Suh. It would be a balanced reporting effort if these acts of kindness were balanced with questionable on-the -field issues. This brings a much different light to this young man.

  10. Sorry he can try to rehab his image all he wants but Ndamukong Suh, is still a douche. He has done a lot of wrong off and on the field. One action does not exonerate from all your prior transgressions. But, keep up the good work and maybe, people will think otherwise.

  11. You bunch of sissy’s. His on field antics would have been common in the 70-80-90’s. Most of you making these comments about how “bad” he is, weren’t even crapping your diapers back when biting a player and trying to break his neck was part of the Sunday game. Well done young man; HS sports need private funding and you get and A for your effort. Now the rest of you babies go back to your mom’s nipple.

  12. Maybe they’ll give him an honorary degree. But just don’t drive to the graduation ceremony. And use velcro attachments on your shoes.

  13. All you armchair qbs and psycho analysts can think whatever you want, thus guy impacts the lives of those less fortunate. You don’t matter in this conservation.

  14. With all that money, you would think he’d be able to afford Skip Barber driving school.

  15. I hope he sent the check vs. driving it over himself. All kidding aside, nice move Suh.

  16. But…wait…I thought Ndamukong Suh was supposed to be the worst person in the whole world.
    Every single person who trashes him here wishes he was on their team. You get mad when he plays with an attitude, as if you wouldn’t want your defensive linemen to play the same way, yet you would take him in a heartbeat.
    Not only is Suh one of the best at his position in the NFL he is also the most charitable athlete in America. I’m very proud and happy to have him on my team.

  17. As a Packer fan, it pains me to say that was an extremely nice thing to do. It shows that just because you may not be the “best” guy ON the field it doesn’t mean you can’t be the best guy OFF the field. If the league had more Suh’s, it would only go to better the communities from which the players came. There are too many examples of players that forget what and who got them to where they are. It is nice to know that Suh didn’t…

  18. lionsdraftguy says:
    May 2, 2013 7:41 PM
    The only people that dont think hes classy is the guys who cheer on the other team and wish he was on their team. Real losers if you ask me. Cant even recognize a guy doing a very courteous thing. I dont see Aaron Rogers donating money even though is is the highest paid player in history. Dont see Vernon Davis donating. Tom Brady. Julius Peppers…..etc

    Get a life guys.

    Go Lions.
    I swear man, you can’t post anything without using the word “class”, usually calling the 9ers and their organization classless. Well guess what, Vernon Davis donates time and money to the underpriveleged as well. I’m truly proud of Ndamukong for all the great work he does off the field, he sets a great example for all pro athletes. And Davis, who you called out, does a great amount of charity work and donates too…he just doesn’t happen to be an a-hole ON the field.

    “To encourage the participation of young artists in a manner that wasn’t available to him as a poor kid from DC, he funded the Vernon Davis Visual Arts Scholarship. The Vernon and Vontae Davis Family Foundation has supported Mind Sound Body football academy, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Pros for Africa and Mr. Davis also appeared in the Until There’s A Cure HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.”

    “Today, Vernon and his grandmother support Cityteam’s House of Grace program for women suffering from addiction because they understand that there is a serious need for recovery programs for women with children.”

    A lot more goes into “giving back” than writing a check by the way…

  19. man im a vikings fan and this guy is a jerk when he plays, but of the field he is such a gentleman. He has done so much more than simple donations out of a massive paycheck. I dont really get how people truly believe he is a bad guy. he is a model professional athlete. Vicious on the field. A true gentleman off the field

  20. Nice tax write off. I don’t have a problem much with his on field stuff. It’s football. I don’t like his attempt to insult our intelligence denying what we all saw on film. You kick a man on the ground man up to it.

  21. Stadiums are expensive, even in high school. The donations from Suh and Nike probably only covered about half the cost of a new stadium.

    The local high school here just spent a fortune on new field turf

  22. Suh might be a bit odd,maybe not a vocal leader on the field, and quiet. but I think he leads by example which can sometimes be the best way. I hope he is a lion for life, he is no doubt a classy guy.

  23. Guys, Suh graduated with a B.S. from Nebraska’s School of Engineering. He is actually a pretty bright guy. No worthless degree for him.

  24. I hear he is the nicest guy in football, until he puts on a helmet. Then he becomes the monster you wish you had on your favorite team. Nice to see a player get credit for his work outside of football. Many do not and we as fans only here the negative stuff that happens.

  25. I think seeing the best defensive lineman in the league, J.J. Watt has shown Ndamukong Suh that its ok to give back to your community..Looks to me that his meds are working..Great Job

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