Panthers considered Eifert, Rhodes at No. 14


It’s been a week since the first round of the draft, but there are still plenty of tidbits flowing from the various NFL franchises.

In Carolina, for example, the Panthers gave consideration to a couple of other players with the 14th pick in round one, which ultimately went to defensive tackle Star Lotulelei.

According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, Panther G.M. Dave Gettleman considered cornerback Xavier Rhodes at pick No. 17.  The team also discussed taking tight end Tyler Eifert in that spot.

Ultimately, Rhodes went to Minnesota at pick No. 25, and Eifert was selected by the Bengals with the 21st overall choice.

The Panthers opted for Lotulelei, and chased that decision with another defensive tackle in round two, apparently because Gettleman realizes from his time with the Giants that it’s very important to have a strong pass rush.

“I’ve seen what a feeding frenzy looks like,” Gettleman has said.  “We had a game against Philadelphia a few years back where we had 12 sacks, and we had a game against Chicago where we sacked Cutler 10 times.  I really believe in it.  Can it mask issues in the secondary?  Of course it does.”

The problem for the Panthers is that issues exist on both sides of the ball, and the team had only five picks in the draft to fill all of them.

10 responses to “Panthers considered Eifert, Rhodes at No. 14

  1. As a Titans fan living in Charlotte (think “unbiased”), I’m telling you the Panthers problems on offense have been greatly exaggerated by the national press. The team was wise to focus on its defense in the draft.

  2. Aside from the lack of a corner, I really like what they did with the draft this year. I can’t believe Star dropped to 14

  3. Well good to know the Panthers were considering a player at 14 that the Vikes got at 25. Then again, the Panthers haven’t shown a terrific ability to evaluate defensive players in the draft recently…

  4. Lotlelei was the best possible pick at 14, and will have much more of an impact than either Rhodes or Eifert. Don’t get me wrong, both of those guys will be very good players, but Lotulelei will be a perennial all-pro within a couple seasons: which is nightmare for those of who have to scroll up to check the spelling ever time they go to write the word Lotulelei.

  5. We needed defensive help, especially along the DL.

    I liked Rhodes and have watched pretty much every game he has played at FSU, but picking him that early was a sure reach.

    I’m glad Star fell to us. He’s gonna be a monster.

  6. Finally someone in Charlotte has a draft strategy that makes since and has a vision for the identity that this team is to take on…..Maybe we ought to get Gettleman to run the Bobcats too

  7. Panthers made a great pick in Lotulelei.

    But thanks for not taking Rhodes, who’ll be a great addition to the Vikings pass defense for the next decade. Sharrif Floyd will handle the DT position very well too.

  8. Lotulelei was the right pick and I’m positive that it was a popular pick with the majority of the fan base having listened to Charlotte area sports radio stations.

    It was some of the picks later that were quetioned and the failure to address the secondary.

    I thought drafting two DTs with first two picks was odd and getting a safey or WR would have been better with that second pick.

  9. I wonder when exactly they considered these players. Good GM’s have the boards set before the draft, such that the only real consideration is whether to take the player that the board says you take or to trade out of the spot.

    If you are sitting there, on the clock, trying to decide between a trio of players then you are not doing it right. Not at all.

  10. “Well good to know the Panthers were considering a player at 14 that the Vikes got at 25. Then again, the Panthers haven’t shown a terrific ability to evaluate defensive players in the draft recently…”

    Theytukrjobs….I KNOW! All they got out of last years draft was Defensive Rookie of the Year….Just terrible history of first round draft picks. And can you believe, the previous first year pick was Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    I just don’t know what Panthers management is thinking…..

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