Paul Allen has identity stolen

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Well, even the richest NFL owner has to deal with the same kind of crap that the rest of us have to worry about.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen had his identity stolen by Brandon Price, a former soldier who changed the address on Allen’s bank account and then told the bank that Price had lost his debit card.

Price received a replacement card, attempting to use it to pay off his personal loans and make a $15,000 wire transfer.

Yes, Allen is worth $13.5 billion, and Price tried to steal only $15,000 from him.

Price will plead guilty to fraud.  He faces up to 30 years in a place where his identity will once again be changed to something like 24601.  (And if you were entertained by that link, here’s the long version.)

33 responses to “Paul Allen has identity stolen

  1. Damn.

    So close, yet so far away.

    If Paul was cool he’d chip him off the 15k and bribe/grease the proper lawyer to get the charges dismissed.

    He wasn’t being greedy, he was being resourceful.

  2. Why is it that if you try to steal 15,000 from a rich guy you face up to 30 years, but then if some scum does something way worse that actually includes violence or something like that, they’ll get way less..

  3. Paul Allen needs better protection. Patrick Bateman stole his identity years ago, going so far as to taking women into his (relatively nicer) apartment.

  4. Oh, man. This is going to lead to another one of those annoying Bank of America commercials getting put on the air. Which means that all of us are going to have to pay for his crime.

  5. It was an interview, and Paul Allen will hire him.

    If Brandon Price was able to steal Paul Allen’s identity and only get caught for a one time $15,000 transaction he is proving a point.

    If he wanted money, Brandon would have just rounded the account transfers to the next dollar. This move sent a message and Mr. Allen is smart enough to recognize talent.

    I am willing to bet that $15,000 is a cut off point for a major increase in a crime classification.

  6. At first I thought you meant the voice of the Vikings PAul Allen, I was going to suggest starting with the Vike rubes like contra and spielmanthemagician – it’d be like a PA fantasy camp.

  7. When you’re broke you steal.
    Yes, and when you’re stupid, or lazy, or greedy, or just enjoy stealing.

    This schmuck seems to be unaware of a basic rule of crime–You’re going to do a long stretch if you fail, so GO BIG OR NOT AT ALL. Also known as “never steal anything small.”

  8. So…if my math is correct that would be .01……% of his net worth…or is it .001%…OUCH!!!

  9. No way stealing 15,000 bucks should ever cost 30 years, that’s ridiculous

    Violent criminals released on probation..

    I don’t advocate breaking any law but goes to show how skewed it is towards the rich

  10. Paul Allen: “Hey Halverstram, why are there pages of the style section everywhere? Do you have a dog, a little chow or something… Is that a raincoat?”

    -“YES IT IS”

  11. This isn’t the first time. Patrick Bateman stole it the first time. I doubt he would have done it though if Paul Allen haden’t one upped him with that business card. It even had a water mark!

  12. Not only that canadianbucsfan, but how come when the roles are reversed and a big corporation is caught stealing from someone, the most they have to do is pay a fine and write a PC sounding apology.

  13. Rookie. Keep all transactions below 10 grand. OK censor monkey, delete.

  14. One of my clients just had an employee steal $25 k and the SD police told him they had bigger fish to fry. I bet that $25 k was worth a lot more to my client than the $15 k to Mr. Allen and he gets the help.

  15. Wall Street guys get away with stealing people’s money all the time, and not a single one of them guys gets a day in jail.

    Plus, how does a co-founder of Microsoft get his identity stolen?

  16. Unless this guy has a wrap sheet as long as his arm, he certainly isn’t going to jail for anywhere near 30 years.

    I know it’s a standard media trick to quote the absolute longest possible sentence to make the story more sensational, but sometimes it just makes me want to roll my eyes.

  17. mullman76 says:
    May 2, 2013 10:06 PM

    So close, yet so far away.

    If Paul was cool he’d chip him off the 15k and bribe/grease the proper lawyer to get the charges dismissed.

    He wasn’t being greedy, he was being resourceful.
    Taking or wanting something you didn’t earn is the definition of greed. Earning money and wanting to keep what you earn is not greed. Greed: another word the meaning of which been compromised by politically correct nation.

  18. Had he kept it under 10,000 he might have gotten away with it. Anything over 10,000 is automatically reported to the Feds for checking. I think it’s part if anti terrorist stuff but I could be wrong.

  19. Paul Allen is a good man but some CEOs have been legally stealing from us for years

  20. Paul Allen must be pissed about the ding on his credit rating! How’s he gonna get that home improvement loan?

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