Reggie Wayne plans 1,000-yard season at age 35

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Colts receiver Reggie Wayne will turn 35 this season, and he’s hoping to add his name to the short list of players who have had 1,000 receiving yards while old enough to be president.

Wayne told the Indianapolis Star that he has the list of all players who have managed that feat — 12 players have topped 1,000 yards at age 35 or older, a total of 16 times — and he plans to join that select group in 2013.

I’m going to put that list in my locker,” he said. “I strive off that. That’s what fuels me, motivates me. Not everybody can do that.”

Last year Wayne had 1,355 receiving yards, which was the second-best total ever for a 34-year-old — second only to his old teammate Marvin Harrison, who had 1,366 receiving yards the year he was 34. If Wayne were to equal last year’s total this year, it would be the best season ever for a 35-year-old receiver, topping Irving Fryar’s total of 1,316 yards in 1997, when he was 35.

Wayne needs several good years to top Jerry Rice for the crown of the best receiver ever after the age of 35, but we already know Rice was a freak of nature: Rice tore his ACL in Week One of the season when he turned 35, and not only did he return the next year to go over 1,000 yards at age 36, but he also had 1,000-yard seasons in the years when he turned 39 and 40, and 800-yard seasons in the years when he was 37, 38 and 41.

We’ll probably never see another receiver do what Rice did and gain 6,480 yards after his 35th birthday. But Wayne doesn’t look like he’s slowing down as he closes in on 35.

27 responses to “Reggie Wayne plans 1,000-yard season at age 35

  1. New staff, new QB, new talent on every part of the Colts…and then it’s Wayne who, after deciding to stay with the team, reaches out for the TD to beat the Packers and jump start their 11-5 run. Odd? Nope – classic Reggie.

  2. Rice and Wayne have 1 very good thing in common to be able to achieve such a feat. Having a great QB throw him the ball after his original great QB retired or was released.

  3. Of course he will get 1000 yards this season. Why would he expect to have a dramatic drop off from last year?

    It’s not as big of a sandbagging prediction as the Packers last year when they said they were going to keep AD under 200 yards in their playoff game but come on Reg!!

    Shoot for 1300+!!

  4. hey ratking, your Ravens have beaten us twice in the last 10 tries, and 1 of those wins was against Curtis Painter/Dan Orlovsky. You’re foolish

  5. He will get that easily, he was better than pierre gar’bage, and at a fraction of the price, Luck will make all the WR’s better, Fleener and Allen will have big seasons under Pep’s offense

  6. Gotta love a guy who plays the game like Reggie, when he lost Peyton, then had a rookie QB, he had every excuse to just lay down quietly and retire, but nope, he just goes out there and shows some pretty good db’s that he’s still got game. Guys like him make the NFL the best sport there is, or ever was. Good luck Reg, stay healthy and show them that us old folks can still bring it!!!

  7. from where I’m sitting (West Coast), it’s pretty-easy to root for Reggie Wayne … and it would be pretty-foolish to bet against him.

  8. I’m a little confused by this, what is he supposed to come out and say “At 35 I’d like to have a less than mediocre season, get benched, and eventually cut by the Colts, this way I’ll know I played 1 year longer than I should of”.

  9. The thing I love about Rice and his numbers is he did it when teams were still allowed to play a “little” defense and be physical with WRs.

    Wayne is doing it at a time when you can even sneeze on a WR.

  10. I can’t believe we have had this many comments and nobody has said “book it” yet.

    Reggie Wayne is just behind John Randle in my book of NFL players underrated in the NFL in the modern era. Whenever the great receivers are mentioned he is rarely in the conversation at all, and that’s a shame.

  11. bigkountry24 says: Not so sure if he can hit 1000 but id rather it had been Pierre Garcon alst year ya know! HTTR!!!. Stop hating Peytonsneck18

    awww did i hit a nerve? u guys just admit that u way over paid for pierre gar’bage at 42 million, u paid a #2 WR, #1 money, and u traded for IRG3 with 3 1st rounders, and hes damaged, so i guess HTTR means horrible team the redskins!!!

  12. While I like and respect Pierre Garcon, the Colts made a wise move in not paying that Pricetag just to keep him.

    Instead they banked that money, found a gem in TY Hilton, allowed Reggie to continue to be Reggie, still have Cap Space to work with, made the playoffs, and look poised to be a decent team on the rise.

    And to “malvaren18″… You need to better familiarize yourself with Veteran Teams and Cap Space to understand the situation they were in. If they keep 1 they would lose another. Too many pricey Vets who were in the tail end of their career is dangerous. Their success last year validated some of the Colts decisions. Freeney, Saturday, Pierre were NOT cut they just weren’t resigned when their contracts were up, huge difference. If you long for the days where players stayed on teams for a decade… those days are gone aside from rare franchise players. Pick and choose your Vets wisely and it appears they Colts have done so.

  13. I’ve got no doubt he’ll be over 1000 this year. I still remember when he beat the Packers basically by himself last year.. he is awesome.

  14. With that QB throwing him the ball, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Reggie topped 1,500 next season. Not taking anything away from Wayne though. He’s just been extremely fortunate to have two great QBs throwing to him his entire career (aside from the 2011 season)

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