Reid says Albert will play left tackle, Fisher will play right

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The first overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft apparently will play right tackle to start his NFL career.

That’s what Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Thursday, given the collapse of talks regarding a possible trade of left tackle Branden Albert.

“Well, yeah, that’s right,” Reid told Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio in response to whether Albert will play the left side and rookie Eric Fisher the right.  “I’m gonna play the five best guys.  You saw me do that with Shawn Andrews in Philadelphia.  Shawn Andrews was as good an offensive lineman as I’ve ever seen at the college level and then he came to the pros and he was the same thing.   He was one of the best I’ve ever coached, now, as far as being athletic and being a football player.  Well, we had two veteran tackles who were two pretty stinking good players and so we put Shawn at guard and he ended up being a Pro Bowler there.”

There’s still a chance Albert won’t be in Kansas City, but it appears that a trade to Miami won’t happen..

“We allowed Albert’s people to talk and look and do that whole thing and it didn’t work out one way or the other,” Reid said.  “And so, you never know, I mean, in this business you’d love to say that he’d be here or not be here, one of the two, but I know he’s a good kid, I know he’s a hard worker and I know he’s a good left tackle.   So that gives us a whole lot of flexibility and if he was here today he would be the left tackle.   And then we go from there and we just see what happens down the road.”

Although Albert is under contract, he has opted to remain away from voluntary offseason workouts until his status is resolved.  He will earn a guaranteed salary of $9.8 million in 2013 as the team’s franchise player.  With that amount providing the starting point for talks on a long-term deal, it could be difficult for the Chiefs to extend Albert’s contract.

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81 responses to “Reid says Albert will play left tackle, Fisher will play right

  1. They never should have franchise tagged Albert. Complete lack of awareness in regards to who was available in the draft.. the best teams already have a very rough big board for 2014.

  2. Oh how quickly the tune changes from “Miami is desperate to not look desperate for Brandon Albert” to “Trade looks unlikely”. The trade was blown dead as soon as the draft pick being offered got used on a rookie

  3. hope albert sticks around this season, at least. he and fisher would make one of the best bookend pairs in the league.

  4. You can’t believe anything Andy Reid says. As for the Dolphins some of the best moves you make are the moves you don’t make. I think I made that up just now but it sounds hella wise. Dolphins win the AFCE this year and it’s not even close. You heard it here first. Real talk. Un-deletable.


  5. “We got to do a better job….”

    K.C…., get ready to hear the above sentence as an excuse for poor play on a weekly basis. Believe me when I say you will get sick of hearing these words spilling out of Reid’s mouth. We heard it for 14 years in Philly, thank god he’s out of the mix and is now your problem. What kills me is that he IS a good coach, but he has to learn to adapt the system to his players… Not make the players adapt to his system. He single handedly caused the Eagles countless games by insisting his stupid offensive schemes would work on an opposing defenses that already had his game plan figured out by the end of the first quarter. He refuses to change his philosophy on anything related to football! Good luck to you K.C., cause you WILL need it!

  6. Well done Hannibal, I love it when a plan comes together (sarcasm intended)…..

  7. gjp2030 says: May 2, 2013 10:08 PM

    Safe to say that Kc has got the best tackle tandem in the league.
    That is high praise for a guy that hasn’t taken a pro snap and another guy that was valued as a 2nd round draft pick. Time’s yours.

  8. Andy also stated “yes I’m intentionally going to retard Fishers development”…

  9. Even if Fisher is a RT this year, he is a known-good LT for the long term. If Albert leaves in FA next year, Fisher will slide over. Stop worrying if they spent a #1 pick on a RT already.

  10. What an embarrassing way to start as head coach……
    Miami can not speak to Alberts people…..uhhh ok yes they can.
    We drafted the best LT out there…..uhhhh we are going to play him at RT

    Wow, just wow.

  11. This is great, Sign him long term and let’s get nasty in the trenches.

    LOL @ Miami’s O-line.

  12. some of you people!! what makes you think he (fisher) wont be playing left tackle next year albert will C for awhilethis kids gonna be in Kprobably leave and in the mean time fisher wont be under as much pressure

  13. andy reid just got played by ireland, love it. ireland is finally growing some. i dont think i have ever see a RT go 1st overall lol. it would be icing on the cake if j.mart moved to LT, miami signs winston for more than half of what albert makes and j.mart turns out to be better than albert.

  14. Reid is a good coach. I like the move and that makes nice bookends for Smith to get that extra second that makes the difference. I’m interested to see what Reid does with the Chiefs.

  15. Funny that fans complaining saying “RT was the top pick”? Hey newbs, KC now has a top o line and an option if and when Albert leaves. Is basic sense that hard to figure? Draft class was weak but KC got the best position/player available, and got better.

  16. Yes they picked a RT first overall, but he will eventually play LT for 10+ years.

    I think the whole “blind side” catch phrase has resulted in people overvaluing LT compared to RT, they are both important, both play every snap and nowadays did you notice a lot of defenses are featuring 2 edge rushers with 10+ sack ability not just 1.

  17. Albert is average LT at best…using #1 pick on an RT just goes to show you how KC got that pick in the first place. Miami made the right move here by not giving up a 2nd for this overpaid overrated hurt old LT.

  18. It seems to me that you can get smeared just as much if the left defensive end or outside LB beats the RT as you can by the guy from the defensive right beating your LT. So why not have a quality RT to complement your good LT?

  19. So this is the same line as last year, but with Fisher at right instead of Winston? That means Fisher has to be better than Winston, or this will be worst offense in football again

  20. I don’t see why people are complaining about KC using the #1 pick on an RT. If he’s the best tackle in the draft, you take him and put him on whatever side you want because you know he can protect the QB from there.

    Also, you now have one of the best tackle tandems in the league with Albert sticking around. It’s possible Albert will want to stay long term with KC now on the up and up.

  21. The Eagles fans should have warned the Chief fans about Andy Reid’s management skills. If he was half as bad at coaching as he is at being GM, the Eagles NEVER would have made it to the Super Bowl.


  22. Spent what on a rookie wage scale fisher will come in as the best right tackle in the league and prolly won’t be in the top 10 so he might be an elite tackle and can play left but so can Albert and fisher is a better switch tackle and you dolphin fans that keep ragging on him need to move on because ypur team was mention as a after thought and u must want him pretty bad to keep seeing you on our posts.a 28 year old left tackle that’s right below pro bowl and at most has only missed between 1-3 games and last years 3 games were because it was end I the season the record was like 1-11 and Stephenson our 3rd round rookie played really well against Carolina’s and one of the league best de and they won that game so they let Albert stay and see what Stephenson could do. Do some homework before u post stuff and let everyone read lies and salty dolphin fans that are shaking cuz Martin couldn’t even handle he’s right tackle duties and u draft a guard that might play tackle if your desperate enough and with McKinnie signed u got Winston the one who can’t even pass a physical and Clabo that’s over and done but keep ragging on Albert when your going to have to start one of them 4 instead of a very good left tackle for the next 4 years for a 2nd

  23. I do not have the time to determine the best two offensive tackles in the NFL. But I will say it is waaaaay premature to say KC has the two best in the NFL. Has anyone even seen Eric Fisher block a veteran NFL player? I didn’t think so. And in case many of you are not aware, Albert was far from being considered among the elite LT’s, so I dont know where people are getting the idea the Chiefs have the best two tackles. On paper they certainly look formidable. On paper the Lakers had the best starting five in the NBA, yet they got swept out of the playoffs. I still think Albert is traded to Miami for a conditional pick next year.

  24. If Jason Peters is healthy, one could argue that the Eagles may have the best tackles in the league since Peters has already proved to be the best at his position. Although no one will know until the rookies step onto the field. Both could end up being busts but I doubt it.

  25. No they spen the first overall pick on a left tackle who will play RT this season cause Andy was un able to rape someone for a second rounder in this draft that just ended.

  26. you can argue that OT isn’t the best use of the #1 pick, but differentiating between LT and RT is asinine. a premier player on either side can improve an offense – most teams just don’t have the luxury of having both. defenses are sending premier pass rushers on both sides – why wouldn’t you want the same protecting your QB?

  27. Jesus. Did everyone completely miss the point?

    Why are left tackles valued more than right tackles in the NFL? The primary reason is because they protect the quarterback’s blind side. Kansas City Savior Alex Smith is left handed, meaning his blindside is to his right while throwing the ball.

    If and when Alex Smith moves on and a younger quarterback takes the reins for the Chiefs, odds are he will be right handed… and I’d be willing to put money on Fisher playing left tackle when that time comes.

  28. soooo….. lets see here, you franchise a LT then take a LT with your #1 overall pick?…..
    Who ya gonna take with your #1 overall pick next year Reid?

  29. lots of closed minded people on this board. Yea- Eric fisher is a first rounder- gets 5 million to be a right guard for ONE year-

    Good starting RT are getting 6-7 mil a year- so the chiefs got a discount in fisher. Honestly- i think that is a better option for the cheifs- then they get a 3rd rounder when Albert leaves and eric fisher goes to LT during his second year.

    makes all kinds of sense.

  30. All the 3 top tackles will likely be RTs for this year, since these teams had Albert, Monroe, and Peters already set as left tackles.

  31. Would it make people happy if we played BA at RT so we could call Fischer out LT? I mean who cares who plays what side? We got the best offensive lineman in the draft, now we have 2 stud tackles and it just so happens that there are 2 tackle positions on an offensive line! So say what you want about drafting a rt or having 2 lt’s or whatever help ya sleep at night, but our o-line UNIT will be outstanding. Especially with Reid as head coach, the rt and lt become closer to equally important. I wouldnt doubt it if Charles runs wild this year behind that line

  32. We talk about how depleted the QB situation was in this draft. Trent Williams and Russell Okung would have gone 1-2 this year! RT at one? I’m sure Fisher loves the sound of that! Great way to inboard your #1 pick lol.

  33. What a mess! A malcontent that won’t play RT and the 1st PICK being paid to play RT. Stunting his development due to not understanding their needs.

    No vision in KC these days.

  34. Why are there so many posters that think Right Tackle is not an important position? Do you watch football?

  35. So Albert goes from being trade bait to protecting the blindside of their very expensive (but not very mobile) qb?

    And Andy continues to make it up as he goes, while acting as if it’s all a part of the plan.

    Hey Chiefs fans, just you wait until you see what a great game day coach is Andy Reid. You’ll be thrilled.

  36. Do you suppose Andy’s next brainstorm is to trade for Michael Vick so Fisher ends up as the blind side tackle after all, and the Chiefs look less foolish?

  37. Not a Chiefs fan but no, they didn’t use the #1 pick on a right tackle. Giving a guy some experience while grooming him to eventually play left tackle is pretty smart in my book.

  38. Way to let the inmates run the asylum, Andy. That’s showing them who’s in charge right out of the gate… that’s what a great leader does, right?

  39. Well, KC does have the best pair of tackles in the league, you could say, which will give Alex Smith plenty of time to make a bad decision.

  40. Quit freaking out about using such a high pick on a RT. He’s obviously the LT of the future. There’s no harm in using him at RT for a year or two though.

    He might be the number one overall pick, but that doesn’t mean he’s already better than Albert.

  41. Yup I agree he is a pretty good OT but he’s not 9.8 million good! Guess you have to do what you have to do but wow that’s a lot of dough to be giving someone who seems like he doesn’t want to be there!

  42. If Jason Peters is healthy you could easily argue that Peters/Lane Johnson is a better bookend duo than the oft injured Albert and Fisher.

  43. wow a right tackle with the first pick of the draft? Reid is genius.

  44. I’m confused? When your the team drafting first you obviously have needs. If Albert is so great why did they feel the need to run him out of KC this year to the point of devaluing him? Why didn’t KC keep Albert and draft another position or trade out of their spot and get another pick like the Raiders did? If the team felt Albert wasn’t that good combined with the money he was making why franchise him at 10M?

  45. The only saving grace here is that #1 pick not being paid the obscene dollars of days gone by.

    Even with the new deal, however, that still ties up roughly $18 to $19 million for your tackles.


  46. I love KC fans. Talking about how they were holding all the chips and the Fins were going to have to pay to get Albert. How funny that NOW you guys want to keep him because no one was willing to pay a #2 for him.

    That’s like the guy who is thinking about leaving his GF for another girl, only to find that the other girl doesn’t want him so he stays with the original one because, well, she’s better than your hand every night.

    That’s what Albert has come down to, he’s better than your hand, every night. lol

    Don’t worry about the Fins’ O-line, I guarantee that we will have a better record than KC this year, but then again, that’s not saying much considering they have been picking in the top 5 at least half the time in the last 8 years.

  47. riverhorsey says: May 3, 2013 12:22 AM

    Chiefs now have the best line and RB in the league

    Really? Best RB in the league? Really?. I think the league MVP last year would laugh at that.


  48. Smart move by Reid: it keeps Albert happy and Fisher can man the right side until Albert leaves next season.

  49. in response to overkil2: this chiefs fan always wanted to keep albert. the guy was very good to begin with, and has improved every year – he gave up one sack through 11 games last year. i would have gone in a different direction with the #1 pick, but fisher is a very good player, and i can’t be mad at the prospect of having two premier bookends.

  50. “shayeezy says:May 3, 2013 10:56 AM

    in response to overkil2: this chiefs fan always wanted to keep albert. the guy was very good to begin with, and has improved every year – he gave up one sack through 11 games last year. i would have gone in a different direction with the #1 pick, but fisher is a very good player, and i can’t be mad at the prospect of having two premier bookends.

    I agree that two premier bookends would be great, but Albert isn’t worth the 9+Mil and moving him to the right side isn’t an option at that salary. The best thing would have been to trade him for a pick and with a deep draft, you should have been able to get a good player even with a 3rd rounder.

  51. albert may not be worth 9+ mil on a long term deal, but he would be worth 7-7.5 mil. and with fisher on a reasonable rookie contract, they wouldn’t have too much tied up in two very important positions. more than a lot of teams, maybe, but for a better combined pair of tackles than most teams have, too.

  52. LOL…yep you take a LT, #1 overall to play the right side.

    Thank God Andy Reid came to the AFC West….now maybe Josh McDaniels can come back as well.

  53. therealtrenches says: May 3, 2013 7:31 AM

    So Albert goes from being trade bait to protecting the blindside of their very expensive (but not very mobile) qb?

    And Andy continues to make it up as he goes, while acting as if it’s all a part of the plan.

    Hey Chiefs fans, just you wait until you see what a great game day coach is Andy Reid. You’ll be thrilled.

    ??? You do realize that Alex Smith is LEFT handed, right? So by playing Fisher at RT, he is the one who will actually be protecting the QB’s blindside.

    Can’t argue with your last sentence…and I was a big Reid supporter.

  54. the #2 and #4 overall picks were also used on guys who will likely play RT in year one, if not longer. get used to it. with more teams employing dangerous edge rushers on both sides, and moving guys around, having premier players on both sides is becoming more and more important.

  55. Remember they wanted Albert to move to RT and he didn’t want to so they tried trading him. So they keep him franchised for a year with Fisher at RT. Fisher moves back to LT after next year.

  56. conspiracygenerator says: “??? You do realize that Alex Smith is LEFT handed, right?”

    I write: Sorry, genius, he’s a righty.

    Your confession that you used to be a big Reid supporter ups the tally to two major mistakes.

    At least you’re honest when you’re not wrong.

    I love how Andy turns the Shawn Andrews story into a raging success. What a misery it was to see that talent go to waste. Yeah…Shawn loved playing out of position so much, he stopped showing up. Good job there, Andy.

  57. Bad move. I think this is what the RAIDERS did with Robert Gallery in his 1st year. In his 2nd year he had to re-learn another position and never got comforable again. The rest is history. BAD MOVE!

  58. “today he would be the left tackle. And then we go from there and we just see what happens down the road.”

    Notice the “Today” part.

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