Sanchez says he’s “thrilled” to have competition

The Jets made players available to the media today in an open locker room setting, and you know what that means — open season on the quarterback.

Even though the job that once was his alone is now said to be up for competition, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (wearing a jaunty headband, because of course he is) said he isn’t backing down from second-round pick Geno Smith’s presence, or anyone else’s.

Asked if he expected to be the starter this year, Sanchez replied: “Sure, no doubt. Of course.” He also said he was “thrilled” to have the competition, saying: “They drafted a quarterback. Let’s compete.”

Sanchez also said the five-deep quarterback room was a friendly atmosphere, even if it’s a little crowded in there with himself, Smith, David Garrard, Greg McElroy and Matt Simms (minus you-know-who).

He mentioned that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was on the phone with him before and after they drafted Smith, showing the lengths they’re going to to manage an untenable situation.

This is only going to get better and better.

Photo credit: NFL Network reporter Kimberly Jones’ Twitter feed.

48 responses to “Sanchez says he’s “thrilled” to have competition

  1. Why do coaches,gms etc.. Waste their time calling qbs they know are either going to get cut or wont be the starter to tell them they are drafting another qb?!?!! Especially some1 like stankchez?? Did the great brett favre get a call about rodgers getting drafted?? You only tell a great qb you are drafting their heir replacement not some1 like stankchez or romo or weeden etc etc.. What a waste of time. They should of been spending that time on the phone with geno smith tellin him how to act properly and turn into a sanchez or leaf or russel

  2. Just like he was ready when Tebow came to town. This dude is rattled by a light breeze. Should be interesting to watch the fire burn

  3. Too bad they cut Tebow. Instead of Hard Knocks, they could’ve had a reality series where all six quarterbacks share a studio apartment in from now until opening day.

  4. The quote by Sanchez was misspelled. He said he was thrilled to have “COMPENSATION.”

  5. He should be thrilled with that competition. Geno Smith is definitely not their answer. Go get em Markie.

  6. 52 turn overs the last 2 seasons….

    Hard to do… But, ya, you should start Sanchez!

  7. Sanchez should be thrilled that he is still in the NFL. I was a big fan, after his first two playoff years but, he has never had a good regular season and, this past year, he was beyond embarrassing. Let’s hope that Geno is the real deal.

  8. He never HAD competition when Tebow was there. The NFL and the Jets arranged it so it appeared he had a chance, but the plan was to keep him buried on the bench.
    What a fraud the NFL pulled, and the Jets were the enablers.

  9. WHY is he wearing a headband? If this is some men’s fashion trend (my team’s QB and RGIII both did/do this also) I favor vigilante justice to wipe it out. And at least TB and RGIII had long hair when they did it.

  10. The one thing I have noticed is that the longtime usual Jets fans who regularly post on PFT have gone silent.

    Not that I blame them because it must be very disconcerting to see a team just two seasons ago that was one win away from going to the first Super Bowl in over 44 years become and continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL with no end in sight.

  11. Mark’s about to surprise a lot of people in this west coast system.. people don’t realize his strengths are perfect for this system

  12. Trade him to the Bucs or Rams for a roll of toilet paper and a ham sandwich, then get on with 2013.

  13. What else should he do or say? Fire his agent maybe? He might be a crappy QB but he’s got way more class that Gino.

  14. He better be ready to fight. I believe Ryan has a better chance of starting Geno and keeping his job after a losing season if he starts him from day one and shows improvement thru the season.

    He’ll put a dominant D out there, start the rookie and hope his rag tag offense can get them enough points so the D can get them to 6 wins.

    Sanchez will have to light the field on fire in the pre season to win the job and he’ll have to stay on fire to keep it.

  15. Ahhahahah did someone post saying sanchez’s strengths!!! What strengths?!!! To be known your whole career as a butt fumbler?!! Dont give me that nonsense back to back afc garbage. Their #1 rated d and run game got them there, and the first year the colts sat manning to let you in!! Sanchez has no qb strengths!! Said it the day he was drafted waste of a pick!! Remember when the jets said they liked sanchez over stafford?? Yea bet you hets fans dont!! And rex and tennebum said just look at the stats after 4 years!!! How do those stats look jets fans??

  16. Bring in the bearded lady and the sword swallower and this show is close to complete.

  17. He’s got a sweet deal no matter what, guaranteed $12 mill this year and $5mill next, so all the pressure is off. If he wins starter, fine, but he’ll be just as happy holding a clipboard on game day and holding a supermodel at night, knowing the dough is still rolling in. Luckiest guy on the planet.

  18. I won’t deny that Sanchez is not 100% at fault for his performance. In other years where the team around him was better, so was his play.

    As much as Jets fans will hate this idea, I believe Sanchez starts this year but then by the end of the year GENO will be in. I don’t think its wise to throw a rookie QB in without them being fully ready. Its work with some players, but for the most part its better work them into the system.

  19. Why is he suddenly “thrilled” to have competition for his job. Thrilled wasn’t a word he used when his backup was Timmy T. In fact then, he was nervous and it showed in his play. So what has happened to change his mindset? The realization perhaps, that no matter what he does or doesn’t do, he’ll still get paid like a Wall Street broker?

  20. Of course he is happy to have competition now. Tebow is gone. You did not hear him say that last year when Tebow was around.

  21. mec693 says: May 2, 2013 1:37 PM

    Mark’s about to surprise a lot of people in this west coast system.. people don’t realize his strengths are perfect for this system

    Not so sure about that. He’s horribly inaccurate and plays scared. Not sure if he will look good in any system. But, I got to hand it to him, he collects $$ for just showing up.

    Good work if you can get it. Go jets!

  22. tough talk from somebody who folded when he only had Tebow on the roster last year. if you can’t play any better than he did when you know you are protected from the biggest threat you will ever have on the team then of course he welcomes competition. because he knows he won’t have any.

  23. I have no reason to dislike the Jets. But for some reason I like their dysfunction and weirdness. I mean wtf are they thinking half the time?

    Cut Sanchez. Try to get it done with Geno/Garrard and keep one of the other dudes along as #3. It is a rebuilding year. Accept it and try to build a winner.

  24. This whole team is in absolute disarray.

    It’s got to be tough on the players to have to BS their way through each and every work day. Continually saying how great and how terrific things are and how “Thrilled” the players are to be doing what they are doing.

    But the reality is the players are frustrated and are simply going through the motions until they get cut or traded and sent to another team to get away from this nightmare.

    I used to feel sorry for the Raiders for being so bad, but man… it takes a lot of work to create a situation as bad as the Jets.

  25. I didn’t think Sanchez was even a decent college quarterback, let alone pro quarterback. How does this guy keep a job? How does Rex Ryan keep a job?

  26. What mark is wearing is called a flow band. It helps keep hair out of ur eyes but is comfortable under a helmet

  27. Unfortunately for Sanchez, he thought that meant he was getting another couple teenage girlfriends

  28. Sanchez is only fooling himself with that statement, Yes network in N.Y. ( Mike Francessa )is saying he’s as good as gone, and a few others are saying the Jets will eat the 8 mil if they have to.They don’t want him as a distraction. It won’t be long before he’s looking for a job, probably as a high school coach, as that’s where he meets his girlfriends.

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