Stevan Ridley on Bernard Pollard hit: “Just got to shake it off”

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Patriots running back Stevan Ridley was on the receiving end of what may have been the most brutal hit of the NFL season when Baltimore’s Bernard Pollard knocked him unconscious in the AFC Championship Game. But Ridley says he feels fine now, three months after suffering a serious concussion.

Ridley told the Boston Herald he’s good to go in the Patriots’ offseason program and that he’s not worrying about it.

All I can do now is move forward from that, but it was a nice hit that I took. Just got to shake it off. Comes with the game,” Ridley said.

When Pollard delivered that vicious (but legal) hit on Ridley, it knocked Ridley out and caused him to fall awkwardly to the ground. It was a scary moment for Ridley and for the NFL.

“It wasn’t pretty at all,” Ridley said. “It was one of the worst ones that I took in my life. Besides that, it comes with the game. Sometimes it’s others, and sometimes it’s ourselves. But either way, I love the game, and I love football. I mean, it’s going to happen sometimes, but you’ve got to roll with it, adjust it. Make sure you’re squared away with your doctor, squared away with your team. I’ll be out here this year ready to go.”

That’s good news after an ugly injury.

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  1. talkintrashallday says:May 2, 2013 8:46 PMhe’ll be added to the lawsuit soon enough… 1 1 

    I thought the same thing

  2. Very scary hit, glad he is fine. This was during a Patriots hurry up snap, looks like it has flaws. A running back does not have enough time to locate beast like Pollard.

  3. good comments good mans attitude, what else are you gonna say?

    it was one of the scariest hits i’ve seen because of how he extended his arms in the “fencing” response, i had never seen that before in a game

  4. Belicheat, Spygate, Cheats and Cheaters…I know one of the words are coming up in any story about the Pats whether revelant or not lol

  5. That hit epitomized Pollard’s reign of terror against the finesse Patriots. It was a thing of beauty and ended any hope of the Pasties coming back in that game. I know how Patriots fans felt when it happened…it was like when Willis McGahee was destroyed by Ryan Clarke and fumbled in the 2009 AFCCG.

  6. Pollard took out


    Thank god the Pats do not play the Titans next season.

  7. thesteelers says,

    thats why we didn’t draft him? Is that because the Steelers have any running backs better than him?Dwyer, Bell etc guess you will give them the “Steeler Juice” from the 70’s which is why the Lombardi’s from that era are larger than the norm ??

    Steelers 70’s = ROIDS !!

    Congrats you were ahead of the system while your key players have died as a result of cheating to win the rings !!

  8. He woke up saying “momma, my socks are over in the drawer…” after that one

  9. As a pats fan I was hoping we’d throw a ton of money at Pollard and instantly just stick him on IR so he couldn’t hurt any more patriots

  10. Patriot Missile.

    Some will say that the Pats haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spy Gate. We all know it’s actually they haven’t won a Super Bowl since Bernard Pollard came into the league.

  11. People tend to forget what gladiators these guys are.
    Tough way to make a living.

  12. thesteelers says:May 2, 2013 8:49 PM

    This is why we didn’t draft him.


    Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any permanent brain damage…unlike someone we all know.

  13. Lol I loved watching us beat up on the patriots in that game. Poetic justice… I’ll miss pollard but I’m excited with the direction we’re headed. Younger, faster, the WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!

  14. Pollard dishes out Parkinson’s with every hit. And now he’s paired with Greg Williams!

  15. @the steelers

    Ridley by himself had more rushing yards than the top three steelers running backs last year, COMBINED.

    I’m glad you didn’t draft him either.

  16. He has the right attitude. To paraphrase the great James Brown, “It’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s game”. You don’t win just because you think you’re pretty, even if you are a Patriot.

    I’ll be rooting for this guy. He gets it.

  17. I despise Bernard Pollard… The day he is done with football is the day Patriots fans should celebrate (provided he doesn’t try to take more Patriots players down with him).

  18. It’ll be easy to shake it off since he’d have to look it up on the internet to remember what it was like because he sure as hell didn’t remember it the first time.

  19. thesteelers says:
    May 2, 2013 8:49 PM
    This is why we didn’t draft him.


    That is why you have no running game and missed the playoffs

  20. It WAS NOT a legal hit. It was helmet to helmet and Pollard should have had a flag thrown and the league should have fined him.
    But of course that wouldn’t happen due to the simple fact that for some crazy reason the league wanted the murderer to get a ring before he called it quits. Yes, I’m saying the game and the Superbowl were fixed for this clown.
    The NFL is turning into the NBA more and more each day.

  21. The fellow needs to check himself as the warrior code thing is not worth it. He was KOed and unconscious. His brain was rattled around in his head and the next hard or not so hard hit will concuss him again. That was a serious injury worse than if he had torn all the ligaments in his knee. He should consider looking for another line of work and saving his brain and not end up as another Junior Seau for the entertainment of strangers.

  22. Typical Patriot attitude. No excuses, just get ready for the next play/game. No wonder these guys win more games than anyone else every year.

  23. Has there ever been another player with a similar history like Pollard has with the patriots? I mean how many pats has Pollard destroyed, 4?

    I guess seeing players getting injured makes you drool? Time to get a new hobby. So many of pollards hits are borderline illegal.

  24. that was the real sleeper hold.shake it off
    and get back in there…

  25. thesteelers says:
    May 2, 2013 8:49 PM
    This is why we didn’t draft him.

    I guess you perfer players who get concussions rding the fastest motorcycle ever made without a helmet in a era when people don’t ride bicycles without helmets because they are educated about concussions. But you have to be seen on your ‘Busa if you don’t know how to ride, which Ben didn’t.

  26. Like it or not, when you think about it:

    1. The great Pittsburgh Steelers teams have been very physical, and they’ve won many championships.

    2. The Baltimore Ravens have now won two championships within about a decade, and both teams were characterized by strong, dominating defenses.

    3. All three of the victorious New England Patriots teams had strong, intimidating defenses. The Patriots have consistently been to the playoffs, and to even more Super Bowls, but their only VICTORIOUS Super Bowls were the teams that had defenses that completely neutralized powerful teams, such as the 2001 St. Louis Rams (greatest show on turf), the 2003 Indy Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the Titans, and then the Carolina Panthers, then of course the 2004 team that neutralized McNabb and T.O. in spite of a ten catch, 100 yd.+ performance.

    So long time Patriots fans have long said, great to see a good offense, but defense wins championships.

  27. Pollard is an animal that clearly has issues with the Patriots.It will be interesting to see what team he chooses to terrorize in his new division.

  28. Rather than let it go and move on, Ridley should watch that play over and over and learn how to not present your head on a platter for a safety to smash into and knock you unconscious… You need to protect yourself out there, for your own good, for your team, and for the future of the game.

  29. first off, please only address things you actually know (I know thats a hard job, but)……as far as the Pollard, Ridley hit went, if you looked at the play, Ridley completely lowered his head, and when he and Pollard hit, you saw the results. No different from when Clark KO McGahee in the AFC Championship gm 5 yrs ago, but its kinda funny how Steelers fans dont cry fool about that play?

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