Tebow dropping hints about where he’d like to go


The only noise on the Tim Tebow front seems to be from those shouting him down.

But it sounds like the former Jets backup is growing realistic about his plight, while looking for a specific set of conditions to help fix it.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Tebow would “like to go where he can sit, learn behind great quarterback and coach. New Orleans would be perfect, for example.”

Well, yeah.

While that doesn’t take into account whether the Saints (or anyone) has any interest in him, it does point to one important fact, perhaps the most important.

Tebow may realize he’s broken.

A week with Vinny Testaverde might have helped, but if he’s ever going to be more than just a “leader,” and perhaps some day a “passer,” he’s going to need full-time tutoring. Specifically, someone to teach him how to play the game correctly, and someone who can tap into the talents he does have, while polishing the ones he doesn’t.

He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football. But if he’s willing to ratchet back his expectations off the field, and concentrate on getting better on the field, there still may be a chance to salvage something.

Whether anyone’s willing to help him toward that goal remains to be seen. The conditions it sounds like he’s seeking don’t exist many places, if we’re being honest. New Orleans, New England for sure, maybe Green Bay and a few others.

But if Tebow realizes he needs to be more concerned about the journey toward becoming a player than the destination, he might he halfway there.

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  1. Anthony Calvillo is one of the all-time great CFL QBs, and new head coach Dan Hawkins has a career record of 112-61-1, with legendary GM Jim Popp on board as well.

    Yep, Montreal is a perfect fit.

  2. Tim, I gave up my nfl dreams years ago. It’s fun to be a fan. You can sit back and have 15 or so beers and watch every game with the nfl ticket. Think about it.

  3. “Teach him how to play the game correctly” – now that was harsh and undeserved, imho.

  4. “He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football.”

    That’s a rather broad statement…

  5. A place like New Orleans might be best for Tebow. If he was behind a future HOF/elite QB (Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Manning if Denver wanted him back) there would be no one calling for Tebow to start and he could learn from one of the best. The two places he’s been have had horrible starting QBs and thats why theres been so much trouble.

  6. If he has realized he needs some help to become a legitimate NFL QB then I hope some team will give him the help he needs, even if it means he sits for a few seasons.

  7. He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football.


    Blaine Gabbert was just drafted, Sanchez was predicted to have another meltdown (and did) and you call that a decision NOT related to football? Jets was his best chance of starting except they screwed him over at the end of the season. Sanchez got benched but they didn’t want what happened in Denver to happen there. Denver got lucky because they signed a high profile QB to replace him.

    End of story.

  8. When is he going to realize that he needs to switch positions to have any chance? He has little developmental upside as a QB. Why would teams want him as a 2nd or 3rd guy?

  9. The guy needs to disappear for awhile and stop being headline news. No team will take on the media circus he brings for a backup QB.

    Spend a couple years in the CFL getting better, then make a comeback ala Warren Moon or Kurt Warner.

  10. Why would New Orleans want to bring in the Tebow carnival? They already have the Rob Ryan clown act and it’s just getting warmed up.

  11. Not to bash him, cuz he’s had more than his fair share but I’ve never heard of him working with anyone outside of the organization he’s been with on his mechanics!! Just sayin it couldn’t hurt.

  12. j0esixpack says:
    May 2, 2013 4:02 PM
    He PICKED the New York Jets last year?

    That’s funny – I could have sworn he was traded there.

    He was traded there, but he was also given the option of where he wanted to be traded, per John Elway’s comments. So, in essence, he did pick the Jets over the Jags.

  13. I wonder if the CFL might be good for him. He
    could play up there and learn how to be a “Pro”
    QB. (Meaning playing the position as a pro. As
    in passing, reading defenses, mechanics, etc).

    Then take a shot at the NFL down the line.

    Hey its worked for others

  14. When your 4 years into your NFL career and people are still trying to teach you to throw, YES, throw the ball and you proclaim yourself a QB?

    So over this, He had a magical season that one year, lot of luck obviously, used his legs and chucked up some magical garbage.

    Great for him.

    If he wants to make a NFL roster best chance is to stick his hand in the dirt as a FB-TE hybrid or punt protector.


  15. I believe in Tebow’s leadership skills…

    But, it is a little late in his career to be learning his position.

    I believe it was a mistake to mess with his throwing motion.

    It may not be classic but he was pretty accurate in College with it.

    It is like my b-ball jump shot: someone made fun of how goofy it was and so I tried to change it and went from being a good shooter to a terrible one.
    My shot looks better but it is a lot less accurate.

  16. First of all joesixpack yes tebow picked the jets he was traded there but Denver gave him his choice of which trade to accept. Second of all I would absolutely love to see billy belicheck get should of this kid make him eat some humble pie and have him as our backup tight end. Lets face it our tes have done injury issues and this kid could do really well filling in during injuries. Probably will never happen but that would be great.

  17. Green Bay would be a good place for him.

    When you look at AR’s stats, there’s NO WAY anyone would EVER ask for Tebow over him. I know McCarthy would like the challenge of making Tim a legitimate QB in the league and no one can argue with what he and Aaron have accomplished.

    Aaron’s good but he’s had excellent coaching as well.

    (104.9 career PR, most games with a 100 PR or better since 2008, he’s had a PR of 100+ in 46 out of 78 games, 1.73 career interception % best in NFL history, 150 TDs to 42 INTs – old record was Marino with 150 TDs to 69 INTs)

    Mike McCarthy and crew – with what they did with AR and Flynn – Tebow’s best shot IMO would be to come to GB, spend 2 years being rebuilt as a QB and then try again somewhere else as a starter candidate.

  18. “He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football”

    Bingo. He’d be the starter there and almost untouchable, at least for a season or 2. Now he’s just unemployable.

  19. NE would make sense since McDaniels is the OC and drafted him in Denver, although maybe not because Belichick is the anti-Christ

  20. 2 comments
    1) All this talk about his switching positions and it being a cinch he can do it. Gee I thought pro football was a hard game to learn. All he needs to do is switch and presto hes a pro??? Did anyone see the pass he was thrown on the fake punt while with the Jests? The one that hit him in the facemask…
    2) If he still has issues at this stage with basic fundamentals about how to stride into his throws how long do you think it will take to learn the fundamentals of another position? Is he planinng on playing till he’s 50??

  21. Tebow to New Orleans? One of the most decadent cities in the US? With a coaching staff full of cheaters? WHY?

  22. And it doesn’t matter who’s in front of him on the depth chart. He will passive-aggressively try to undermine them and he will encourage his followers to cause problems. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

  23. Tebow’s a good guy and his talents definately lie in areas other than playing football. Any good team will not waste a roster spot on him; they’re just too valuable.

    Teams like Green Bay, New England, San Fran etc are in the running every year and can’t spend time catering to Tebow and his followers. His best bet would be a team that could use some attention like Buffalo or Cleveland.

  24. Nothing against Tebow, but please not New Orleans. After the turmoil of last season The Saints and the Who Dat Nation have suffered enough. The last thing they need is more drama. As a previous poster said, I think he’d be a great motivational speaker.

  25. Why doesn’t he just admit that he isn’t an NFL caliber QB and take up another position?? That annoys me about him…….Why is that? maybe because he wont get enough attention……Im sure a lot of teams would be interested if he would be willing to line up as a TE or FB….

  26. Tebow stories on PFT since Sunday night:

    Tebow dropping hints about where he’d like to go
    Warren Moon says the CFL is no place for Tebow
    Tebow unlikely to sign until after rookie minicamps, at the earliest
    Cowboys join list of teams passing on Tebow
    PFT Live: Patriots interested in Tebow?
    Chargers, Vikings not interested in Tebow
    Tebow clears waivers, Jets owe Broncos
    As expected, Tim Tebow clears waivers
    Rex Ryan: We didn’t take advantage of Tebow’s skill set
    Tebow has an offer from the Omaha Beef
    Dolphins mum on possible Tebow interest
    Idzik says Jets didn’t consider asking Tebow to change positions
    Mayhew on adding Tebow: “Never say never”
    ProFootballTalk: Will interest in Tebow peak?
    Testaverde disappointed Tebow didn’t get a chance
    PFT Live: Clock strikes 12 on Tebow Time
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    Seahawks G.M. on possible Tebow interest: “Uh, no.”
    Report: Bears won’t be suitors for Tim Tebow
    Jaguars still not interested in Tim Tebow
    CFL GM says Tebow would compete to be a backup
    Add the 49ers to the list of teams passing on Tebow
    Bucs will pass on Tebow, too
    Report: Eagles don’t want Tebow
    What’s next for Tebow?
    Rex on Tebow: “Things did not work out the way we all had hoped”
    Jets cut Tim Tebow
    Tebow “probably gone” soon

  27. Count me among those that think GB would be a good place for him. I would rather have Tebow than Graham Harrell as a backup thats for sure.

    GB could also use him in practice running some read option so they can be better prepared for it than when they faced the 49ers in the playoffs. Not saying hes anywhere near Kaepernick as a runner or passer but he could help.

    Mike McCarthy has already stated he would love the opportunity to work with Tebow and his QB school starts soon.

  28. Yes football troglodyte, he PICKED the Jets over the Jaguars when his representation was presented with both teams’ offers.

    “j0esixpack says:
    May 2, 2013 4:02 PM
    He PICKED the New York Jets last year?

    That’s funny – I could have sworn he was traded there.”

  29. is there nothing this guy can say or do that you will not trash him over? he was asked a question and gave a honest answer like he always does and you have to pick it apart. maybe he wants to work with somebody who will give him a actual chance instead of being lied to like he was with the jets and given no suppoert like he was with the broncos.

  30. I love how people just say “He should go to the CFL” as if he’d have any better luck there.

    The CFL is even more of a PASSING league than the NFL. How, exactly, would Tebow have any shot of being a QB in the CFL if he can’t throw a ball?

  31. And to the people talking about how Green Bay should pick him up……just stop. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy already got enough experience with egomaniac QBs with irrational, idiotic fanbases, when they dealt with the Favre debacle.

    I doubt they’re looking for a repeat, only this time, with a QB who can’t complete 50% of his passes even when he isn’t going up against a defense.

  32. Oh yeah, he should go from a team with a egomaniacal head coach (who knows nothing about coaching offense but sure knows how to stir the pot and get unearned attention) to a team where that guy’s egomaniacal brother is the DC (and knows nothing about coaching offense but sure knows how to stir the pot and get unearned attention).

  33. I usually like reading PFT but the headline of this story is totally misleading. Tebow did not mention New Orleans or drop any hints, it is Jason Cole mentioning New Orleans as a possibility not Tebow.

  34. The Jets was his best opportunity to start as everyone at that time knew Sanchez was worse than Tebow. Its not his fault that Jets coaching staff is in love with Sanchez. Sanchez will probably play every game this year as well.

    When you draft for your fantasy football league this year and you select a Jet player it is going to ask, “Are you sure you want to do that?”

  35. As a Jet fan, I’ve nothing against Tebow. His abilities as a QB, whatever ones estimation of them might be, where never used to the Jets or Tebow’s advantage.

    But, there are plenty of guys that are better passers that are a lot better suited that wouldn’t need ” .. full-time tutoring.” to make them competent QBs. So, why waste time training somebody that, at best, might be merely an adequate QB. Frankly, I think his skills are better suited for TE or FB.

    Regardless, I hope he fares well. By all accounts, he seemed like a good teammate while with the Jets and generally he comes across as a decent guy. I just don’t seem him being a NFL caliber QB.

  36. When he get to SA to the mission Tebow can start his own league with the money he scamed from Denver and New York. Now there is a HINT.

  37. “dennis2488 says: May 2, 2013 5:34 PM

    He has been hinting for years where he would like to be the most: heaven.”

    and when he gets there, he’ll be reunited with his NFL career.

  38. So if I understand this correctly Tebow of Nazareth now doesn’t want to play but rather wants to use up a roster spot, be paid, and learn how to be a pro QB all the while the circus will come to that town. As soon as that mega-star QB goes down then it’s cancer-time as the football fans want the capable back-up and the Tebow fans want their Savior to score goals on the pitch and get home runs or whatever the sport is.
    Let the passive-aggressive 3rd stringer and his fans stay out of my city.
    Every Sane Football Fan

  39. Ask any Jet player (and the media did,daily) who was the worst player on the field everyday in practice? They all said the same guy. TT
    Yes, he’s a good person, but he is not an NFL QB.

  40. jrock3x8 says:
    May 2, 2013 3:55 PM
    “He picked the Jets over the Jaguars a year ago for reasons that didn’t seem entirely motivated by football.”

    That’s a rather broad statement…


    It’s a passive aggressive way to say Tebow wanted to go where the media would be able to cover him nonstop instead of a dead end place like Jacksonville. If Tebow had been successful, he would have been on the back page of every NY magazine for months and he felt Sanchez was a low hanging fruit.

  41. Aaron Rogers wishes he got the attention on PFT, that Timmy T. does. I think TT, gets more press here than RGIII. Nobody can remember Andrew Luck’s name because its seen so seldom.
    Re: Timmy T. coverage, WHY???

  42. Maybe Tim Tebow can teach Peyton Manning how to win a playoff game?

    Tebow does have his throwing “flaws”, but he has been a proven winner at both the College and NFL level. The media circus that surrounds him is largely based on their own bias. Tim’s unforgivable sin was his Superbowl Commercial. He is now persona non grata in the NFL.

    I am sick and tired of the agenda driven drive-by media putting words in Tim Tebow’s mouth!

    The best thing for Tim is to just walk away. The NFL does not deserve him. They would rather have drug addicts, rapists, and killers as their role models.

    NFL = Not for Long!

    Thumbs down if you are an idiot in denial!

  43. He picked the Jets over the Jaguars for reasons not to do with football? Well, yeah..he had just gone with an entertainment agency as well as his sports agent…Kind of a no brainer for a guy who was seeking the media and bright lights to go to NYC, not his quiet home town. It was a pretty big miscalculation, but he has to live with it, now.

  44. I think the packers would be a decent landing spot for Tebow.Only because he would learn from a good coach, and qb. But if that qb got hurt Green Bay goes from discount double check to Tebowmania.

  45. His next gig will be as a televangelist. Seriously he has that much popularity amonst conservative evangelicals and could millions in “donations” from the followers.

  46. As a die hard Saints fan I would love to have Tebow on our team he can beat out Luke and Wallace easily but I think the udfa qb from Tulane is the future anyway

  47. Gantt keeps reporting that Tebow picked the Jets over the Jaguars last year. The boss man previously acknowledged that this assertion by Elway has been called into question. Here’s what Florio said:

    Elway, Tebow differ on whether quarterback chose Jets
    Posted by Mike Florio on March 22, 2012, 5:16 PM EDT

    On Wednesday, multiple reports indicated that the Broncos were allowing quarterback Tim Tebow to choose between the Jets and the Jaguars. After the trade went down, Tebow claimed otherwise.

    In a late-night media conference call, Tebow said that he “didn’t have any [say]” in his destination, and that the Broncos had “all that power.”

    Broncos V.P. of football operations John Elway begs to differ.

    “There was more [offered] from Jacksonville, but I think that we looked at it and it was close enough, and we were in contact with Tim throughout the day, and talked to him,” Elway told ESPN Radio in Denver on Thursday, via Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post. “He knew what was going on the whole time. The reports that he was not involved are not accurate.”

    It’s more than “reports” that Tebow wasn’t involved. Tebow said so himself.

    And here’s one of the benefits of having an image of devout faith and overt acts of charity and stubborn chastity. Folks who enjoy such an image can get away with a periodic whopper, and no one will think that they are stretching the truth.

    Even if they possibly are.

    Regardless of the truth, Tebow has no reason to say he chose the Jets over the Jaguars. If things don’t work out in New York, where the owner, the coaching staff, and the front office want him, Tebow eventually could go to Jacksonville, where the current owner always will.

    Why spoil an eventual homecoming by alienating the hometown crowd now?

  48. Hey Timmy,

    you cant wear your precious number 15 in Green Bay if the Packers were ever foolish enough to take a chance on you. Some guy by the name of Starr already has that one retired. Ever hear of him???

    Moving on…

  49. bringing a 1 and 6 team to the playoffs and winning in a tough road environment…throwing twice as many touchdowns as interceptions…why wouldn’t someone build an offense around his skill set?

  50. I said it before I’ll say it again..Tebow just plays his position differently than the norm. He makes it work. The kid should be starting on a nfl team.

    His technique is different but it should only be considered wrong if it results in losses which it has not done to date. He’s a proven winner.

  51. No, we don’t want Timmy near Green Bay. His cult that follows his every move would be detrimental to the team. And by cult I mean both the Tebowians and ESPN. Just think, Discount Double Check throws a pick, and those hillbilly rubes will start chanring their Demi God’s name..Tebow…Tebow…Let Timmy Play, etc. No thank you.

  52. he’s starting his 4th year and the most recent significant career development for him was being skipped over in the depth chart when Sanchez got benched

    think about that…. The Jets thought he was so bad in practice that he didn’t deserve to take one snap when the season was already blown… it was garbage time….

    4 years and still no mechanics… he averaged 1.5 per rush….

    time to retire…

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