Texans expect DeAndre Hopkins to play a big role right away

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Before the draft, Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson said that he hoped the team drafted another wideout to take some of the burden of the passing game off of his shoulders.

The Texans did just that by drafting DeAndre Hopkins in the first round of the draft. When asked about Hopkins this week, Texans coach Gary Kubiak said that Hopkins reminded him of Johnson off the field and drew a comparison to former Broncos standout Rod Smith — who Kubiak coached in Denver — on the field. Those comparisons come with an expectation that he’ll start producing from the moment he steps on the field for the Texans.

“I’m expecting it right off the get-go,” Kubiak said, via the team’s website. “He’s going in there, he’s gonna get the reps. It’s gonna be a very competitive situation, but we took him there because we expect him to play very, very early and touch (the ball). This guy’s on his way to being a pro already, and we’ve got to help him get there real fast.”

Projecting the production of a rookie receiver isn’t easy, but the Texans got just 63 catches out of wide receivers not named Andre Johnson last year so it isn’t like the bar is being set very high for taking some pressure off of the big guy. If Hopkins is anything close to what the Texans believe he is, there should be a noticeable and positive impact on the Houston offense.

9 responses to “Texans expect DeAndre Hopkins to play a big role right away

  1. That’s a little surprising, rookie receivers tend to take a couple of years to develop. That being said, Hopkins has solid/reliable written all over him, with huge hands, good route runner and did anyone see him in his bowl game? Outstanding.

    Hopkins maturity might be questioned because he trashed a hotel room, but he was the absolute right pick at 27 in my opinion. This kid has a bright future in the NFL, but as a rookie…? They have very big expectations, but we’ll see how things turn out.

  2. Hopkins is gonna be a star. Great work ethic and attitude and has the size and ability to compete with anyone. I think he was the best overall receiver in the draft personally. Great compliment to Johnson in the other side.

  3. until schaub starts looking at receivers other than #80 and #81, it doesnt really matter who else is on the field. i hope he does try to spread the ball around a little more this year…..we’ll be potent if so.

  4. Kubiak should consider how many WRs make an impact their first year.

    If he’s expecting an first-year impact out of Hopkins, he’ll very likely be disappointed.

  5. Doesn’t matter who Texans have until team gets OC. Kubiak coach’s to not lose. He’s too scared to coach to win.that’s good enough to get to playoffs then get smashed by good coached teams

  6. There are very few receivers that made huge impacts in their rookie years. I doubt Hopkins is an exception to that rule. So do I expect him to break 1000 yds or catch 10+ TDs… No.

    But he if can catch just 1 or 2 TD bombs early in the season, it will help pull that free safety back to the middle of the field and away from Johnson for the rest of the season.

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