Titans expected to check out Freeney as well

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The Titans might not be ready to sign a defensive end, but they apparently want to know what they’re buying in case they do.

In addition to a scheduled visit with former Falcons defensive end John Abraham, the Titans might want to check out Dwight Freeney also, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

It’s easy enough to bring a random guy for a workout and call it a tire-kicking. Talking to two of them seems like a concentrated effort to A) add at a certain position, and B) work them against each other for a better deal. Either that or they’re C) being used.

Freeney’s already dramatically lowered his asking price, and that might make teams which were previously uninterested more curious about how much less he’d take.

6 responses to “Titans expected to check out Freeney as well

  1. Ok…..I’m diggin it like a backhoe…..

    Either one of these guys would be welcomed and Bud might spend a little more than their worth to land one of them…

    Nice Bud…Jolly good move!

  2. It would be nice to see him end up in Tennessee and abuse that soft left tackle the Colts have and hit 12 all afternoon.

  3. I hope Freeney gets a job soon but not with the Titans. Trust me when I say 93 still has plenty of gas left in the tank and the last thing we need to see is him in Andrew Luck’s face twice a year, playing with a monumental chip on his shoulder after being cut by the Colts. YIKES.

  4. With the cap room the Titans have (and additional space they’ll have after some vet cuts) no reason not to land one of these guys, unless they don’t seem to have anything left.

    If you think they can be a boost, a one year deal worth decent money shouldn’t be too far-fetched.

  5. Part their prime, sure, but they’d be an improvement, and hopefully they can teach the young pups a thing or two.

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