Warren Moon says the CFL is no place for Tebow

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It’s been a minute since we’ve consulted our CFL rulebook, but we need to see how many kilograms or hectares or whatever they penalize you for piling on.

Because Hall of Famer Warren Moon added his voice to the down-with-Tim Tebow chorus, saying the Canadian Football League wasn’t a good fit because of the emphasis on passing, saying that was Tebow’s “biggest problem.”

You have to be able to throw the ball up there if anything and they throw the ball a lot,” Moon told Houston’s 610-AM, via the New York Daily News. “There are only three downs so the passing game is much more important up there. You have got to be able to throw it and I think that’s his biggest problem, just being [able] to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he’s a really good athlete playing the position but I don’t think that’s enough sometimes.”

Moon spent six years in the CFL before he got to the NFL, but said the difference between him and Doug Flutie going North of the border and Tebow was about chances, which Tebow has had.

“We were very good passers. That had nothing to do with it. We didn’t have to go up there and try and change our throwing motion,” Moon said. “We didn’t have to go up there and try and become more accurate. We just needed to get the opportunity. . . .

“He’s worked as hard as anybody can but there just hasn’t been that much improvement made in his quarterback fundamentals and his technique so he might think about maybe playing another position if he wants to stay in the NFL.”

At the moment, no one’s rushing to Tebow’s defense and saying Moon’s wrong. But not succeeding in the mess that was New York last year shouldn’t necessarily be an indictment, and the guy has had playoff success.

There are a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL who can’t say that, and still have employment without being destroyed in the court of public opinion every day.

77 responses to “Warren Moon says the CFL is no place for Tebow

  1. Playoff success? 1-1 is now considered success? Tebow’s played in two playoff games, completed less than 50% of his passes, turned the ball over and been outscored by 30. Is that really the new definition of success?

    By those standards TJ Yates has been more successful. Where’s the daily update on him?

  2. I really don’t see the big deal here. It seems like a pretty fresh view on the topic.

    Overall, if no one wants Tebow to throw (even in Canadia), it’s not like he’s entitled or anything. You gave it a shot, Tim & it didn’t work out. Don’t throw away (hehe) an NFL career just out of pride…
    .. isn’t that a ‘deadly sin’ anyway?

  3. OK bigots, here’s your chance to bash Moon. Even though you agree Tebow can’t throw, you’ll find a way to make this about Hall of Fame QB, Moon.

    You’ve wondered why he only commented on black QBs – well, here ya go. So is he still racist? Do you now have a new reason to hate him or can you accept the facts he laid out?

  4. Moon just needs to shut up. He’s been proven the idiot on a couple of occasions now with his black QB comments when in fact Cam still went #1 overall and then 2 black QBs are the first QB’s drafted in this year’s draft. With Moon’s twisted logic, should we assume he has an issue with ‘white’ QB going to the CFL?

  5. Instead of looking at what is wrong with Tebow’s game, how about talking about the positive side of his game, his accomplishments?

  6. The hating on Tebow is ridiculous. Do we need an article every time a team or a player says he’s no good? He should have gotten a chance to start last year in New York when their QB play was awful. He also won a playoff game as the Broncos QB…did Peyton?

  7. Tim Tebow’s Denver Bronco Playoff Record: 1 win 0 loss.
    Peyton Manning’s Denver Bronco Playoff Record: 0 wins and 1 loss (choked)
    Tim Tebow vs Ben Rothliesberger playoff matchup: Tebow 1- Rothliesberger -0
    Warren Moon will always be remembered for being the biggest choker in NFL Playoff History when his team lost to a big up quarterback after being up by a zillion points.

  8. Tim most likely won’t compare to Moon in the category of wife beater, either.

  9. Tebow got the chance to play in Denver and despite no support from his gm and coach took a team with the same players going nowhere to the playoffs. tossed in with no practice reps during the season prior to being named the starter he took them to the playoffs and won whether you want to give him credit or not. that defense you give all the credit to had the same personal when he took over a losing team. he was never given the chance to show what he could do with the jets because the coach who did not want him would rather sabotage the season than give him a chance. if he never plays again fine just do not say he had chances and failed, he had 1 chance and won.

  10. How is it that everyone that sticks up for Tebow knows more then any GM in the league?? If he was as good as some of you think he would be on a team no matter what. Look at TOwens and Chad Ochocinco and Randy Moss . Their talent outweighed all of the negativity that they brought. If Tebow was really that good then a team would have signed him already. This is a guy that after 14 games played had a grand total of roughly 1500 yards, how is that good for a NFL QB? he had games of 120 yards passing or 170 yards passing, this isnt high school or pee wee. Geesh he isnt that good period.

  11. Timmy Tebow honestly needs to just turn himself into a tight end. He is built for the position, has the speed and im pretty sure he can catch. Its time to move on Timmy! Let it go bra.

  12. I bet if Tebow was black he would never make that comment..

    All Tebow knows how to do is WIN…

    more than a lot of other QB’s I could name!

  13. Playoff success? Here’s the cbs sports grade of Tebow’s last playoff start:

    It wasn’t good. Any of it. From the start. The Patriots needed just five plays to score on their opening drive and then a Tim Tebow fumble led to a 14-0 deficit less than five minutes in. It didn’t get much better. The Broncos averaged just 3.6 yards per carry on the ground — even Tebow averaged just 2.6 on his five carries — and Tebow completed 34.6 percent his 29 passes for a 52.7 rating (he was also sacked five times). All 10 of the Broncos’ points came on short fields after turnovers.

  14. The Moon hate on here is ok. He’s only repeated what many have said. Its just some of YOU hate hearing truth. And thats fine. You’re entitled to that. Just because you dont agree or see things the way someone does, doesn’t mean he is misinformed.

  15. People using his winning streak as proof he is good. Well guess what you teblows? 32 gms say different and they are the ones that count.

  16. This is ridiculous. The talk of Tebow changing positions equating to success is premature. While I understand that Tebow is not an ideal starting QB in the NFL–I dont understand why he cant be a valuable number 2 QB on some teams’ roster. Why is that not an option? Wasn’t Kevin Carr a backup somewhere. Brady Quinn is a backup as well.

  17. Tebow and Danica Patrick have 3 things in common:

    1. They are both terrible at their respective sports!

    2. Only girls that know nothing about their respective sports like them!

    3. They both get WAY WAY WAY too much media attention!

    Come on PFT! 5 articles a day about anybody is ridiculous!!! It’s even worse when those articles are about somebody that’s irrelevant to the NFL!!

  18. Warren Moon hates white people. Especially QB’s. he still says Vince Young deserves chances..

  19. A more surprising headline would have been ‘Warren Moon Comments On Non-Racially Related Football Issue’.

    Warren- I thought you were a great QB. Now please just be quiet.

  20. Moon also claims Dez Bryant has more issues than Justin Blackmon. Looks like Tebow is going to be MVP of that league.

    Go back to your retirement home.

  21. Stop piling on Tebow, but please continue straight up crapping all over Geno Smith. I mean Geno has yet to play in the NFL so let’s bash him till there’s nothing left. Tebow has proven himself to be an incompetent qb so leave him alone, got that people.

  22. Fact: Tim Tebow has just as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan and Tony Romo and both those guys are still around and making lots of money. Crazy. Tim Tebow took the Broncos to a playoff victory after a 1 and 4 start and he got cut after the season. Peyton manning LOST his playoff game as a Bronco and yet he is still on the team. Crazy. I bet if Tim Tebow was the QB for the Niners in the SB this year the Niners would have won. You give Tebow what Kopernick had, first and goal on the 7 yard line, and Tebow scores everytime. Just sayin. Geaux Saints!

  23. its refreshing to see Moon’s name without the phrase “racial prejudice toward black qbs” somewhere in the article.

  24. imagine that the man who always cries about people discriminating black quarterbacks is now discriminating a white quarterback

  25. Mark Sanchez has also had playoff success. Now tell me again why Tebow has any business being in the NFL.

  26. I would actually prefer you consult the CFL rulebook for its opinion rather than Warren Moon for any article, because at least the CFL rulebook won’t call us racists.

  27. Tebow is a DB who needs to learn to shut up. He’s done a lot of damage to his ‘brand’ by sharing his personal beliefs too freely. If he would be quiet and just play football, there might be a place for him. I’m just tired of hearing about his belief that he has a moral high ground over us heathens who work to put food on the table and pay our bills.

    So Timbow, learn that you are not some gift to someone. Accept a short money contract as a hybrid tight end. Study film, and leave the scripture alone. Be a football player, and forget the notion that you are a messenger from Gawd. Be humble and hard working.

  28. Moon needs to shut up. Tebow is a winner.. thats all he do. Elway has destroyed Tebow’s career.
    1. Elway never supported Tebow or tried to help him with his passing game.
    2. Tebow took Denver deep into the playoffs while Elway was stabbing him in the back the whole time.
    3. Elway traded Tebow to that mess they call a football team in New York. Now Tebow hasnt been picked up because the Jets never gave him a chance to show what he can do.

  29. I hope Tebow gets a job as a preacher in a small town in Mexico so I NEVER have to hear his name again!!

  30. The pobvious problem here is the self righteous douche bag who automatically played the race card because the story involved Warren Moon. Nothing in the article even approached the subject of race but then that’s how latent racism works. Don’t want race involved in the discussion, don’t be the one to bring it up. Moon has more than enough first hand experience to comment on either subject, racism, Tebow’s QB ability or the CFL game. Suck on them eggs

  31. I’ve said it many times but my team’s OC is complicit in Tebow not wanting to change positions. When you trade back into the first round to draft a college QB, they naturally think they are 1st round QB material. So…. yay Josh.

    Second thing is if Tebow HAD been drafted where he should have been (3rd-4th round) and the NFL hadn’t seen fit to disband NFL Europe THAT would be the perfect place for Tebow to have gone to work on his game. Disbanding NFLE is one of the worst things the NFL has ever done to hurt player development.

  32. As a kid, I loved watching Moon play (I was able to catch the last couple years of his career). He’s sure turned into a jerk (or always was one, I only saw him on tv in a uniform).

    Makes me sad every time I see an article about him, there’s NOTHING positive about Mr. Moon. He’s a racist jerk, plain and simple. I just wish he’d shut up and fade away so I can just remember him as a player.

    In regards to Tebow, I do think, given the chance, he’d do fine on a team. He’s better than a lot of starters out there and surely better than most of the backups. I’d love to see him get the actual chance to show up or disappear, but he got a bum deal both in Denver and in New York. Someone give this guy a chance so we can go one way or the other with this story and put it to rest.

  33. If Tebow was black, Moon would see several Grey Cups in his immediate future. ” He just needs a chance to play”.

  34. Now, PFT, I love your coverage of the NFL, and respect your views.

    However, your Tebow bias is really, really, really starting to show. Every single article ends with some variation of “It only takes one team to love Tebow.”

    If one team did love him he’d be signed by now.

    Yes, it’s a QB league, and yes he’s had playoff success, but no team wants to deal with the press circus nightmare (as evidenced in your own posts) that comes with his noodle arm.

    You guys are better than this, come on.

  35. Tebow should look into the Rick Ankiel story.
    Then he should tell everyone God told him to switch positions. No shame in it when it’s an edict from The Lawd.

  36. I say Tebow should sign with the Patriots. They can make anything work because they are so smart and everyone else is so dumb… They made Moss work.. Haynesworth work…… C’mon Bill sign him and play him at QB. It’s all about the system right?

  37. The NFL wants Tebow’s positive image to be in their headlines for as long as possible, because from a moral point of view, he is a great role model for children. When he is done playing (he will play five years, I predict) he will be in the media covering or announcing the NFL, in some way, shape or form.
    Hat’s off to you, Tim, you seem to walk the walk. People have been trying to pierce your image for 4-5 years, and you remain completely intact. We should all be such good people. My wishes for all of our American civilization that you remain in our view as a reminder of how people can live a productive, charitable life in he USA without some hidden agenda. Bravo!

  38. Quarterback rating is an imperfect measurement. And performances and potential are based only partially on statistics.

    But the average net QB rating of eight great QBs (Montana Elway Brady Aikman Brees Manning Manning Rodgers) over the first equivalent two or so years of their careers is a couple points lower than Tim Tebow’s (73 vs 75).

    Some like to extract a single component of the QB rating, the one where Tim is lowest (completion percentage) and emphasize that. That is not the whole story. In touchdowns per attempt, for example, he is actually better than anyone in that group early in their careers.

    It is hard to see how anyone can objectively argue that based on performance he is awful.

  39. Tebow gets credit for the Broncos’ wins when he was starting for them but rarely do people ever talk about what really got the wins – the coaching, D, and offensive protection… man, that team was coached up well during that stint.

    If I do remember correctly, the Broncos backed into the playoffs that year. If other teams didn’t fold there wouldn’t be this part of the discussion, which is clearly flawed.

  40. Joe Namath 65.5 QB rating (1 SB win), Terry Bradshaw 70.9 QB rating (4 SB wins), Doug Williams 69.4 QB rating (1 SB win), Trent Dilfer 70.2 QB rating (1 SB win). Tim Tebow, 75.3 QB Rating.

  41. When will Tebow just come out of the closet already?

    Tim – look at the PR that Jason Collins got. Just renounce your medieval faith and come out of the closet. It’ll be a service to all gay teenagers pondering suicide thanks to right wing evangelical nutjobs.

    America needs a gay ex-Christian quarterback with a low passer rating.

  42. To bad Tim Teabow isn’t black..cause then Mr Moon would be saying the CFl would be lucky to have him, better yet he would be ranting and raving saying the NFL is not giving him a fair chance..it’s sad because your Caucasian and Christian everyone feels like trashing you

  43. Moon must have got tired of all the press Tebow has gotten the last few weeks so now HE wants to give his two cents.

  44. The only shot Tebow has is if he changes position. I think the ship has sailed on his days as a QB. IMHO I think the Tim Tebow era is coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong i like the kid. I’d like to see him stick around but right now it does not look good. At the end of the day the NFL is a business. Teams will only invest where they will get a return.

  45. Not sure what Moon’s complaint is. I’m sure he’s thinking of someone else. Last I checked, Tebow was given a chance in Denver and shocked everyone as he replaced the starter to lead the Broncos into the playoffs and then some. Sure, his stats weren’t very good, but so what? He was the leader of a very mediocre team that wasn’t expected to go anywhere.

    Then, he got traded as thanks for his success and left to rot, as all do who play for Ryan. And, he did complete 75% of his passes. But, having only been allowed to throw the ball 8 times, it could hardly be said that he was given a chance.

  46. How about helping Tebow? Everyone has something negative to say. All these great quarterbacks should know how to fix Tebow’s problems. Instead bashing his fundamentals take him under their wings and help become a NFL quarterback. It’s not like he is a bad guy…I think it will be a great redemption story for Tebow. If he go away & fix his flaws, comeback and shock the world!

  47. I’m starting to think that half of you didn’t even read W Moons comment on Tebow. He says nothing about his race but all I’m reading is what racist Mr Moon is……really people……REALLY!!!!

  48. I have seen tebow play in college and high school and the guy can play and pass.. i was watching an old replay of the last college regular season game against fsu today.. the announcer said tebow HAD THE HIGHEST PASSING COMPLETION RATING in the history of the s.e.c. that includes namath, starr, stabler, the manning gang (archie, payton and the other one) and any other qb out of the s.e.c. the only difference that i see in his pro career is he has not had a chance to grow into a pro qb. when he did get a chance to start i think he had a winning record. the only problem with tebow is he LOOKS awkward passing the ball but if people would leave him along he would do fine in the fickled n.f.l. where there are a lot less qualified persons to lead a team to victory… and the last time i checked the champion of the league is the one that WINS period.

  49. I kind of agree with Moon, if some people actually watch or think anything of the CFL, they’ll see its all passing. At least 35-40 att. per game. Warren knows, he played there and you guys haven’t. Can’t criticize him if you don’t understand anything.

  50. Moon knows about the CFL, and is absolutely correct about their wide open passing game. Tebow has occasionally, well rarely, flashed some skill passing, without much consistency or adhering to conventional fundamentals. He has been working on it, and if he is to succeed, Canada could actually be the perfect place away from the US media spotlight where he can succeed or fail entirely on merit. If it is rather the spotlight that he craves, better he cut his losses and begin his ministry, which is apparently his true calling.

  51. dangernearing says:May 2, 2013 9:59 AM

    The Moon hate on here is ok. He’s only repeated what many have said. Its just some of YOU hate hearing truth. And thats fine. You’re entitled to that. Just because you dont agree or see things the way someone does, doesn’t mean he is misinformed.

    They wanted the truth..But THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH….

    Mr Moon made it to the HOF, despite having to go play in Canada initially because of the color of his skin…..(and only)

  52. melikefootball says:May 2, 2013 6:25 PM

    Moon must have got tired of all the press Tebow has gotten the last few weeks so now HE wants to give his two cents.

    Melikefootball(But know very little about it)

    You do realize that Mr Moon is in the HOF don’t you…..hardly think he is concerned in the least about press for Tebow. Now, you on the other hand.

  53. lightcleric says:May 2, 2013 11:20 AM

    I would actually prefer you consult the CFL rulebook for its opinion rather than Warren Moon for any article, because at least the CFL rulebook won’t call us racists.

    You are what you are…….little note for you.

    It’s not what people call you, it’s what you answer to…..

  54. rg3andthensome says:May 2, 2013 10:07 AM

    Why is no one talking about him to the skins??

    Maybe because the idea is stupid….Washington is set at QB. The starter and the backup…..

  55. I think Tebow would be a good change of pace guy for either the Colt’s or the Patriots. Josh McDaniel liked him once, maybe he’ll fall in love again and prove the selection he made for Tebow in Denver was not a pity pick…..

  56. Moon is an ass, that is why every time a guy pulls his pants down and shakes his ass to a girl in a car next to them we say he gave her a Moon. Common knowledge folks

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