Bucs don’t view drafting Glennon as a message to Freeman


When the Buccaneers took quarterback Mike Glennon in the third round of the NFL draft, it was seen by some as a message that if Josh Freeman doesn’t have a strong season, the Bucs could be ready to move on when Freeman’s contract expires at the end of the year. But Bucs coach Greg Schiano says there was no such message.

Asked in an interview with Trey Wingo on ESPN what message the pick sent, Schiano said it sent no message at all.

“I don’t think any message — there certainly was no message being sent,” Schiano said. “We felt we needed to have quality depth at the quarterback position. Certainly, Mike does that. I really like our setup now: We have Josh as the starter and Mike can learn the offense as a backup.”

Schiano said he has been a fan of Glennon’s for years, since Schiano tried to get Glennon to play for him at Rutgers.

“We did an extensive study on all of the quarterbacks that were coming out,” Schiano said. “We really saw a lot of things in Mike Glennon that we thought fit our system, including the kind of guy he is. He brings a high level production from his years at North Carolina State, and I go back to recruiting him out of high school, so I have a good feel for him as a person.”

It may not be intended as a message, but Freeman has to know that there’s a chance that Glennon will be his replacement.

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  1. When Josh Freeman has displayed his best play it was exciting, professional beyond his years in the league and highly productive. With the coaching stability and offensive system in place for a second year coming up this year will be a true testament to Freeman proving he is a high caliber NFL QB.
    I believe the Tampa Bay organization will gladly reward Josh with a handsome extension to his contract at year end… Considering QB play! It stands to reason the Glazers would gain by having Josh deserve his new contract over the uncertainty to whether another newcomer can develop as NFL material. Elite or not… Just winning performances with limited mistakes… Let the Games begin!

  2. Why is there such a big deal when a quarterback gets drafted?

    A team should always be developing a capable back-up. Hopefully it’s just to trade for a comparable or better draft pick as the incumbent has proven to be skilled and durable.

    Or, as it has happened, many times. They are needed to jump in and take the reins of a team.

    It’s not a message, it’s smart football.

  3. Anyone who thinks Mike Glennon could be a viable NFL starter needs their head examined. Mark Dominic needs his head examined for drafting such a sorry player in the 3rd round with so many other holes on this team.

  4. Glennon’s the kind of guy you draft when you’ve got a few years to develop him and see if there’s something there. Freeman’s in the last year of his rookie contract, and there’s nobody behind him you’d want as a long-term starter. If you pick Glennon when your starting QB has three years left on a contract, I like the pick to an extent, because you have a chance to see what you’ve got. Picking him this year was dumb, just because you’re not going to have the time to see if the guy’s worth it before you have to make a big money, long-term decision on Freeman.

    Lousy timing.

  5. Josh is a QB that is developing. Maybe he does or does not? This year will tell some but not everything. How the Bucs handle his next contract will say more about how the team feels about him long term. Glennon is a next step down the road option. Do you really think any player is so weak minded to fold because a 3rd round pick was spent on the “QB” postion.??? My guess is… IF that was a real issue Josh would not be a PRO QB in the first place. I understand what the article is suggesting. I just know its not really how teams really think its only the media that tries to put this stuff out there kinda of silly really…..

  6. Would have liked one of the talented TE’s still available in the 3rd, alot….but i do understand the pick.

    Can’t pass on a talented/raw 9 foot QB with a pretty accurate cannon arm to groom.

    And we’ve got the talent to protect him (adjusting game plans) if he’s got to step in as the back up.

    And…don’t think that the threat of Flynn didn’t help motivate Russell Wilson to new heights last season.

  7. Of course drafting Glennon was a message to Freeman. That doesn’t make it wrong, just the reality of the NFL where your last game is all anybody really remembers.

    The bigger issue than drafting him is that there are serious doubts if he’s capable of unseating anybody as a starter. Certainly now, but possibly ever. He looks to have been a serious reach.

  8. So with your gossip mongering logic and speculation, I guess Belichik was trying to send a message to Brady when he drafted Ryan Mallet? Oh wait, every team should have a quality backup qb probably… Oh, wait, Brady was drafted as a backup…

  9. If Glennon is the QB of the future it is certainly not the near future. It should take him 2 to 3 years to learn the system well enough to start. I just hope he gets it quick enough to be ready if Josh gose down.

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