Denard Robinson leaving Jags minicamp Friday night to graduate from Michigan

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Denard Robinson is making a big transition from college quarterback to professional running back this offseason, but his first chance to work with the Jaguars will be cut short this weekend.

Robinson, a fifth-round pick last weekend, is in Jacksonville Friday for the start of the team’s three-day rookie minicamp but won’t be there on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, he’ll return to Ann Arbor on Friday night so that he can take part in graduation ceremonies at the University of Michigan. Robinson, the NCAA’s all-time leader in rushing yards by a quarterback, was adamant before the draft that he’d be wearing his cap and gown and has proven to be true to his word.

“I will be there,” Robinson said, via the Detroit Free Press. “It’s May 4, I will be there.”

It’s not great timing for either Robinson or the Jaguars, but it is hard to find too much fault with any college student wanting to receive their diploma after working for four years to get one. The good news is that Robinson, unlike players from schools that continue to hold classes for the rest of May and into June, is eligible to get right back to work with the Jaguars after the weekend.

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  1. Considering the Jag’s won’t be competitive for the next few years at least, I don’t think missing 1-2 days of minicamp will really hurt.

    Good for Denard on finishing school and attending graduation.

  2. This buffoon never even learned to tie his own shoes but he is graduating from college?

    That tells me all I need to know about that pathetic university…

  3. Denard is beloved in football circles as “Shoelace”, the kid who never did up his laces. The same cannot be said for his former high school teammate “Zipper Fly”.

  4. This guy sure does get a disproportionately large amount of press for a quarterback who was drafted in the fifth round who never really had any passing game in college. The only reason that I can think of for this is that, for some reason, the nation sports media is completely obsessed with the University of Michigan. I bet you there were a lot of guys taken with the first 134 picks who have compelling stories and also had well rounded skills and will actually be playing their college position in the NFL.

  5. How was he at mini-camp in the first place? Thought kids couldn’t attend until after they graduated or the school year finished?

    JOSH ALPER: Players can participate in the rookie minicamp regardless of when their school year ends. They cannot take part in any other offseason workouts until school is over.

  6. You should be very proud of yourself Denard. I am sure so many other players, past & present, took the time and effort to complete a goal. So be proud & move on feeling you are on a path of pride. Remember… NFL.. Not For Long…

  7. xpensivewinos, you are thinking about schools that employ the Quarter System. If you pay attention to the draft I’m suprised you’ve never heard of it. Google and learn.

  8. As a passer, Dennard may have been painful to watch, but as a football player, athlete and team member, he was as spectacularly entertaining as almost any collegiate athlete to ever play the game and he maintained a fine reputation as well. With all the temptations and distractions available to star college qb, timely graduation is worthy of mention and while I’m sure he did all of his own coursework, I do wonder if someone helped him with his accuracy.

  9. This is how bad the educational system gas become, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great deal for Denard, he was able to earn a degree. But if you ever heard this young man speak you can clearly tell he is not even average person smart. He barely functions in day to day conversations yet alone anything educational. Kudos to him for getting his papers and taking advantage of his time. But I’m no way would I respect, or want this kid in say my doctors office, or even my business meeting.

  10. Congrats Denard, awesome accomplishment! I see the ohio faithful are trolling hard again. Amongst the highlights of their ignorance are the comments by the ‘buffoon’ with the screen name Pryor4heisman. Kind of ironic that someone with that screen name would question the actions of a student athlete that actually returned for his senior season (because he was not run off for selling merchandise and receiving unauthorized benefits). Questioning the validity of UofM is laughable compared to that giant community college in Columbus. Ignorance breeds ignorance, hence explaining ohio’s existence. I truly pity people like you.

  11. For allidoiswin55: Before your next post, you might want to consider hiring someone to help you with your sentence construction, grammar and proof reading skills. It’s still the off season, maybe UM grad Dennard Robinson could teach you a thing or two before he formally begins his lucrative career. What school taught you how to write?

  12. kind of a different take from my perspective like tebow all he did was win unlike tebow he is willing to give up being a qb for the chance to live his dream and bravo for getting the degree 2-3 days with his new learning curve is not gonna make that much difference the walk to get that diploma will live with him forever

  13. pryor4heisman says: May 3, 2013 12:45 PM

    This buffoon never even learned to tie his own shoes but he is graduating from college?

    That tells me all I need to know about that pathetic university…
    From what I’ve seen as a very long-time Ohio resident and tOSU football (only) fan, U of M is far from a “pathetic university”. When it comes to academics, Michigan grads and fans have far more reason to cast aspersions on tOSU than the other way around.

    Ohio State is above the level of “that giant community college in Columbus” as ray03313 calls it, but academically it is one of the best public universities in the country and well above the level of most private schools.

  14. Metrocritical – this a blog sir, I’m writing on my phone and my t9 constantly messes up. But good job being caption grammar on an informal site.

    To act as if college athletes, especially football and basketball athletes are regularly getting credible skills from class and actually learning is ludicrous!

    I am an former D1 college football player and trust me half the guys on the team are remedial. That was at a very good academic college in the Pac12. They are babied through class and some barely can read, and I know many other 4+star athletes who I met in camps who also were in the same boat.

    Stop lieing to yourself. I am happy for him, but I find it bothersome how some are just pushed through, especially the ones who are slow, it water downs the degree and college.

    Only my option there are plenty like myself who can contradict most of my claims, but I’ve seen it first hand. And was involved personally with many and love them as brothers but their not intelligent no shame in that.

  15. Go Jags! Got my popcorn and season tickets ready for Denard! MISDIRECTION Jags!!! #usehimright

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