Despite rumors and speculation, Dolphins not interested in Tebow

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Earlier this week, the Dolphins declined to comment on whether the franchise has interest in quarterback Tim Tebow.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald made the team’s position clear during a Friday appearance on PFT Live.  They don’t want him.

Salguero explains that the Dolphins won’t go on the record to declare a lack of interest because of the precedent such a practice would set.

Meanwhile on Friday, the Florida Legislature set a new precedent regarding the use of public money to subsidize sports venues.  Does the failure of the bill that would have allowed a public vote on upgrades to Sun Life Stadium mean owner Stephen Ross will sell the team?

Salguero has the answers, in the part of the segment after he hung up on me and then called back.

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32 responses to “Despite rumors and speculation, Dolphins not interested in Tebow

  1. You would think Tebow was OJ being pursued down a California highway with the non-stop coverage he gets.

    I just wish all 32 teams would come out and say there is no interest in him at any position so lazy journalists may actually have to do some work for a change. This is ridiculous.

  2. Doesn’t even make sense…they have their QB of the future in Tannehill along with the best backup in the league in Matt Moore. And don’t sit on Pat Devlin, he’s not bad either.

  3. I wouldn’t trust Armando’s answers.

    He also reported on Twitter no less than 1 hour before McKinney came in for his visit this past week that the Dolphins had zero interest in him…

  4. Let’s face it, nobody is interested in Tebow as a quarterback…If he’s not going to change positions, he’s not going to have a job, plain and simple.

  5. NY was essentially a guillotine for Tebow’s career, and he was employed primarily to be thrown into the shark-tank of the media. Someone in their front office ACTUALLY believed that Tebow as a backup would successfully divert a lot of the media attention, allowing others to focus more on their jobs,and possibly light a fire under Sanchez.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  6. Bears need to sign Tebow as H back and emergency QB. Have Tressman refigure his throwing motion and teach him the basics as an H back. I’m betting Tebow would rather play than sit as a third string QB.

  7. I believe that the only NFL team that would take him are the New England Patriots. If he cannot get a job as a project quarterback, or an “offensive weapon” in NE, then he is finished.

    Excellent college career. Shocking playoff upset. That’s what Tebow will be known for by me.

  8. Has any team ever really looked up QB Tim Tebow’s NFL stats ? Yes, he completed less than 50% of his passes overall, but he has 17 career TD passes to only 9 interceptions, and has run for 12 career touchdowns and had 6 fumbles lost, he has a winning record as a starting Quarterback and is 1 win 1 loss in the playoffs. And that is not worth a roster spot? Why because he gets too much media attention because he is different unorthodoxed player who professes to be a Super Christian? Signed Amatuer sports writer –Titans Fan Dan

  9. what did they think was gonna happen after Loria burned the entire city. I’m sure the dolphins have better intentions which isn’t hard to have compared to that d-bag. the NFL also forces teams to spend but I don’t think the city is ready to fund another with such a fresh memory of the marlins.

  10. I think the marlins should sign him. Tebow + Stanton = championship… Or at least more than 10k fans a game. Miami is a terrible sports town unless there winning. And yes I’m a Jags fan with our tarps. But at least we showed up. Only Fl team without a blackout in the last 3 years in the smallest market next to Green Bay.

  11. I find it shocking and appalling that an organization with a good developing young QB refuses to bring in a locker-room cancer, passive-aggressive like Tebow of Nazereth. With good coaching I’m sure in time his completion % may one day reach 50% or close to it. Maybe, if you count the drops and interceptions because technically they are completions and if the defender caught it then darn it; it was NEAR the WR so not his fault and better than the other 50% of his passes.

  12. Denver should take him back, he has more playoff wins in the last couples years then the Egomaniac Peyton Manning

  13. Miami already has a Tebow. Tannehill, a converted WR, has yet to prove he can be an NFL QB and is a better runner than passer.

    Why would hey wanna complement him with another runner.

  14. David Garrard was out of the league for a year until he signed with the Jets. I don’t recall the media going to all 32 NFL teams last season so they could publish as many articles as possible saying “this team has no interest in Garrard.” Why are they doing it with Tebow? Saying a team isn’t interested in some one is not newsworthy. If there is a team interested in Tebow, that would be newsworthy.

    PFT and other media outlets are like that bully in middle school going around to all the girls to ask each one if they would date the new kid Billy, and then telling the whole class that each girl, one by one, has said no. If Billy gets a girlfriend good for him, in the meantime he doesn’t need to be humiliated by putting every girl on the spot to say yes or no.

  15. I can’t believe there are still Tebowmaniacs, but here we go again:

    Tebow has NEVER been on a winning team in the nfl, does NOT have a winning record as a starter and has put up some of the worst passing numbers in NFL history.

    In his “great” year in Denver the Broncos did NOT have a winning record, backed into the playoffs on a 3-game losing streak and got blown out of the playoffs to end the year the same way they started it – 1-5. Also, Timmy took a bunch of sacks, coughed up 14 fumbles and had 6 picks many for TD’s.

    And there’s that whole LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! WHERE ARE THE TV CAMERAS!! thing. And don’t say that’s not his fault. He can turn down interview requests if he wants to.

  16. I have never seen a QB who couldn’t throw get sooo much publicity. There have been better college QB’s, not players, QB’s, that NEVER got an NFL shot, but everybody believes Tebow should get another chance in the league. Here’s my take, if Tebows willing to change position, then maybe he can have a productive career, if not, than his days of an NFL players are numbered.

  17. Guess who else isn’t interested in Tebow – YOUR READERS! You wasted a perfectly good slot on Tebow when you could have put another good gay story for us here.

  18. I get the feeling that people just want to see Tebow fail. Their pathetic lives are so sad that they get pleasure in others’ supposed misery.

  19. I don’t usually want people to fail.
    But in this case, it would mean that a 3rd stringer
    who can’t throw straight would stop being talked about as if he were more important than the 32 starting QBs combined, just because he’s openly religious? Yeah. Anything to stop that circus.

  20. @Cuda1234 Correction: Tim Tebow does have a winning record as a starting Quarterback in the NFL, if you remember the year the Broncos went to the Superbowl with QB Tim Tebow starting, the Broncos started the season 1 win 4 losses with QB Kyle Orton starting, so Tebow’s record as a starter is 8 wins 5 losses not including the playoffs where he is 1-1 as a starter. Tebow also has thrown 17 Touchdowns to 9 interceptions in his career and run for 12 touchdowns and fumbled 6 times. His stats are better than all the Quarterbacks on the Jacksonville Jaguars to start their careers, that is where he should be playing now.

  21. fissels says: May 4, 2013 10:50 AM

    I get the feeling that people just want to see Tebow fail. Their pathetic lives are so sad that they get pleasure in others’ supposed misery.


    I think you’re on to something here. If it weren’t for all the negative energy flowing from the haters, Tim could be a top tier QB.

    Come on all you people, stop ruining Tim’s career!

  22. @paychrisjohnson28 that’s accurate except I think you meant the year they went to the 2nd round of the playoffs with Tebow, not the Super Bowl.

  23. jagsnoles904 says: May 4, 2013 3:58 AM

    But at least we showed up. Only Fl team without a blackout in the last 3 years in the smallest market next to Green Bay?

    Get your facts straight. the Dolphins have not been blacked out? what are you talking about?
    The jags franchise is a joke. Tarps? Really?

    However, the Dolphins have bought tickets to avoid a blackout (one of the larger stadiums as well) but that’s to the credit of the owner.
    Don’t troll with lies.

  24. Hate to say it, but taking a chance in Tebow joining the Dolphins for a bit would not have hurt them much… It could have further reignited and/or re-engaged the Dolphin fan base that went to Univ. of Florida and live in the area… along with the makings of a new team under Coach Philbin, a new team logo & uniforms, and with now dim hopes for a renovated stadium… as for distractions Steve Ross put the franchise through “Hard Knocks” last year, and it didn’t adversely effect it any, probably the contrary… I know one thing, from a business perspective Tebow jerseys would have sold like no tomorrow compared to anyone else that the PHINS have on the roster… and who knows, Tebow and the coaching would have found a way for him to significantly contribute on the football field…. as in the end of the day, the guy is a baller… and a winner at that….

  25. What this Dolphins’ writer failed to mention is that it was a professional “sports” bill that didn’t make it out of legislature, not just a bill for the Dolphins. It was hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. BTW, we live in a republic not a democracy.

  26. Tebow for President in 2016 ! Go Go Tebow!

    Hey remember Tebowing from last year ? It’s coming back…

    I haven’t Tebowed in a while …getting down on one knee now…ha Jk

    Anyone hear the gossip of Tebow’s Supermodel girlfriend, she dumped him when he got cut by New York…

    Tim Tebow should be the starting Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars…I would tune in to watch that reality show…wouldn’t you?

    The Jets mistake? They didn’t let Tebow start any games… They knew he would of done better than Sanchez and Rexy didn’t want Tebow to be hissing term starter because Rex has a tattoo of Sanchez on his arm for heaven sake…think about it… It gas been an Anti-Tebow conspiracy all along…you know it’s true! Ha ha –Titans Fan Dan

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