Dolphins stadium bill fails, which would kill Super Bowl bid

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The Dolphins went for the Hail Mary, dragging Dan Marino to the state Capitol yesterday to support a longshot bill that would allow a referendum for public funding for stadium upgrades.

And like Marino so often, it fell short of a Super Bowl.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida lawmakers failed to approve the measure which would allow for taxpayer support for renovations of SunLife Stadium.

And with the defeat, which came without a vote in the state House, the Dolphins chances for a future Super Bowl took a huge hit.

They were competing with the new 49ers stadium for the right to host Super Bowl L, but the league’s not going to send the game there without the stadium improvements.

That also likely means Houston will get the following Super Bowl, as they were going to compete with the San Francisco-Miami loser for that one.

47 responses to “Dolphins stadium bill fails, which would kill Super Bowl bid

  1. Los Angeles Dolphins. FYI, they can change the name too. That would put the 72 Dolphins in their place. Yeah, I’m talking to you Mercury Morris.

  2. It’s ok. Miami will get another Super Bowl eventually, but lets focus on making one first. I’m a strong believer that this Phins team is going to surprise a lot of people.

  3. working for a small business in Florida, I’m happy as heck to hear this! Why should we fund any private multi billon dollar industry that’s not in the interest of everyone in the state?

    We don’t get tax incentives for material, labor, IT ect. Nor should a pro team.

  4. There will be Super Bowls in Miami.
    The weather is great and no snow to shovel unlike this writer’s b.s. which needs a big shovel. Ross will find a way to get it done.

  5. The money that Florida doesn’t want to spend on these upgrades would have been quickly and easily made up through their ability to host another super bowl as well as hosting more concerts and things like that. But they can continue to go off of this idea of “no taxpayer money for billionaires” because the people like the sound of it and the principle of it, and in the process the state misses an opportunity to make a lot of money from it. But at least all the simple people that didn’t want Ross to get a dime simply because he has the money to own a team will be happy

  6. this city has hosted the most ncaa national and super bowl games i doubt that’s gonna change just going to to be harder to convince goodell

  7. “And like Marino so often, it fell short of a Super Bowl.”
    Yeah, and Dan Snyder.

  8. Los Angeles Dolphins. FYI, they can change the name too. That would put the 72 Dolphins in their place. Yeah, I’m talking to you Mercury Morris.

    LOL they wouldn’t allow the dolphins to leave miami that’s like the steelers, cowboys, raiders giants ,pats, raiders, redskins ,49ers to leave your stupid no one cares about LA!

  9. So my comment got deleted because I questioned the “journalist” taking a shot at Marino. Can dish it out, but can’t take it back.

  10. @yeevie13. The state does not make money off the super bowl. When Jacksonville hosted the super bowl, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and every other city including businesses in Jacksonville didn’t earn a penny. The tourism industry (hotel, restaurants, entertainment areas) profit some from it.

    In fact it has been well documented that cities hosting the olympics LOSE money. And now the NFL has an edict that if the stadium is over 10 years old and without renovations it’ll never see a super bowl. Wringing the wallets of an entire state of tax payers for a 1 week event of privately owned (publicly fascinated) is just not worth it.

  11. Ross was putting up half the money to begin with.
    I would never count him out…HE will be bound n determined to win….
    All he has to do is sell 20% to someone and he gets another 250 million.
    To all the constant haters…Ross has said over and over that the team IS NOT MOVING UNDER HIS OWNERSHIP, period.

  12. Most people in the cities don’t care about hosting a Super Bowl. It’s only the politicians and promoters on the Super Bowl committee that care because they get to fatten their wallets.

  13. Is the dig on Danny Marino really necessary?

    I mean come on now, PFT has had a lot of talk about a gay player coming out. The Super Steeler apologists that run this sight never even breath a peep about Kordell Stewart and/or Yancey Thigpen.

  14. If it is such a money-maker, let Ross finance it himself. Tired of these team owners holding areas hostage to threats of a move.

    The jobs aspect is a joke. What few jobs are created are minimum wage. Dade County is already a pathetic county with financial problems that fell, dumbly, hook-line-and-sinker for a Marlins stadium.

  15. A billionaire wanting financial help from the hard working citizens of a community he doesn’t even live in. About time someone stood up to him.

  16. Nice dig on Dan Marino there Darin. By the way, what journalistic equivalent of the HOF, Pro Bowl, All Pro, NFL MVP, NFL OPOY, AFC POY, Comeback POY etc. are you a member of? That’s what I thought.

  17. “And like Marino so often, it fell short of a Super Bowl.” Priceless.

    At least Danny made it to his one Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he faced the juggernaut that was the ’84 49ers, a team that came within a hair of going undefeated, and Johnny Joe Idaho (aka Joe Montana) ran roughshod over the vaunted “Killer B” defense that foggy day in Palo Alto. At least Danny has his one SB souvenir, his white road jersey with grass stains all over the back. He was knocked down and sacked all day long.

    Thank the Marlins for helping this proposal get shot down. They take a bunch of public money for a shiny new stadium, then have a fire sale and field a double A-quality team as soon as it’s built. Good job, idiots.

  18. some posters are saying “no taxpayer money for billionaires” and some such nonsense. but local and state governments are always courting businesses with lowered taxes and paying for infrastructure. The stadium is used 10 to 13 days per year by the team. Why should the team pay the entire cost of a stadium that it only uses a few times a year? Originally, NFL games were only played in college stadiums and they paid the college for their use of the stadium.

  19. It’s funny how people who were not athletic to play sports, and can only write about it that bag on athletes that have not won a championship. Hey as@&ole, you couldn’t carry Dan’s jockstrap.

  20. yeevie13:

    Ahh yes, because societal problems that create the rules of how the economy works is a great justification for the tax. Don’t change the tax code and economic rules of society, stick with the broken system as is and use that as the foundation to justify this. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and if society isn’t going to change the rules and the code, then society should have to deal with the fallout of a missed opportunity like this stadium plan. That’s justice and that’s fair.

    The rich political and corporate leaders need to find a better way to make this stadium plan happen, and one that makes logical sense.

  21. my god i guess ignorance is bliss. people like jjbo811 clearly have no idea about anything about the bill.

    i cant believe this didn’t pass. literally the best deal for a state-funded stadium renovation I’ve ever heard of. by the way jjbo811 it wouldnt be paid for by dade-county taxpayers, it would be paid for by TOURISTS. because the HOTEL TAX would increase. im sure the politicians didn’t even read about it either. they just heard miami and stadium and immediately thought of the marlins screwing over miami.

    If Ross tried this last year, before the marlins spat on miami, it would have been approved immediately

  22. They should have done like minnesota and force the taxpayers to hand over $750M without any say in the matter. That worked for Zygi.

  23. Come on back to Houston. We need a SB that doesn’t have the specter of Janet Jackson’s breasts.

    Oh, and an outstanding match-up would be nice too …

  24. Best line I have seen here in awhile, “And like Marino so often, it fell short of a Super Bowl”!

  25. @yeevie13

    Superbowls bring in a lot of money, but they also cost a lot of money to host. Don’t believe me? Ask Indy how it worked for them last year….they knew they were going to end upside down going in but still ended up more in the hole then planned(a little over a million).
    Even if Miami was lucky and broke even on the Superbowl front, they would still be in the hole for the stadium cost. Its going to take a lot of concerts and other events to make that up.
    As for the new taxes, how often have you heard of a tax being removed/dropped once its purpose has been fulfilled? Not many, usually it just stays there and the funds are used for something else or a new tax is proposed as ‘no cost to the consumer’ and its swapped out.
    Regardless if the owners are billionaires or not, the NFL should be just like every other business and pay the bill for having their work place built/renovated….but hey I’m just one of the simple people what do I know…

  26. Well, doesn’t surprise me, since Dolphins fans have been the most fickle since 1972 at least. At this point I wouldn’t blame Ross for selling the team, or better, moving the team to a place where fans would appreciate them more. Most blame the team’s crapitude since Marino retired. Thing is, Dolphins fans have ALWAYS been fickle! You simply don’t see half empty stadiums in stadiums of other crappy teams (Browns or Bills for instance). Dolphins fans do not deserve to have this team which will get a lot better. They have the Heat after all, and, oh yeah, a team they REALLY deserve…the Marlins!

  27. anonymousdolfan says: May 3, 2013 7:41 PM

    Ouch. Was the dig on Marino really necessary?
    Yes. No QB has ever gotten such a free pass for so many playoff failures. Mr. Regular Season seems to get a free pass in a lot of areas.

  28. @yeevie13
    Are you aware of the insane Bonds that Miami has to pay for the next 20 years at huge interest for the Marlin’s new digs ?? There has been a huge media storm over that BS. Are you living under a rock or Bath Salting ?Or do you work for Ross’s PR firm ? Which is it ?
    Fish will have Super Bowls, Miami has great weather,nightclubs and tons of cheap hookers .

  29. Hey Darin: As I said before, and I’m sure PFT will delete this post again as they did my last for criticizing your useless writing, but a comedian you are not! Very funny about Marino falling short of the Super Bowl “so often”. Go try a career writing for the comedy channel or Skip “Useless”. The Dolphins had one of the worst defenses in football during most of his years, and no running game, yet he is in the Hall of Fame. Just a pathetic attempt of writing:)

  30. screw them all Ross. pay the renos yourself then hog up every single chunk of revenue thru the stadium for yourself. hotdogs, parking, event hosting, deals on anything for anyone, any way around. If the business community like jjblowjob811 dont want you to be a good corporate partner than dont let em have their piece of the cake when the time comes. monopolize t shirt sales, trinkets and concessions etc with x miles of the stadium come superbowl

  31. Nobody cares about the Dolphins. But … this story really isn’t about the Dolphins… It’s about the owner trying to get paid

  32. Smart move by the Florida legislature as the Dolphins are a poor investment. This is a team that cannot sell out their home games (except of course when the Jets are in town and all the New York transplants and snowbirds fill the stadium), even with one of the cheapest ticket prices in the NFL. Unfortunately Miami has never been a strong sports town. Those who cannot handle the heat and humidity spend their days indoors relaxing in air conditioning. Those who don’t mind the weather are out on the water sailing or motor boating, spending time on the beach or playing the back nine at their local course.

    The Marlins debacle didn’t really factor in this decision as Dade County is on the hook for that stadium whereas the entire taxpaying state of Florida would be on the hook for the Dolphins. It does not help that the discussions of a relocation are heating up with Los Angeles being the front runner and Las Vegas also in consideration.

    The dig on Marino was fair, even if the most supportive of his fans are upset. With all the fanfare over Dan the bottom line is he only led the Dolphins to one Super Bowl appearance where he was soundly beaten by Joe Montana & Co. The remainder of his career was filled with post season failures including the embarrassing 62-7 hammering by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Those who argue that Dan never “had a decent running attack” need to realize that great quarterbacks overcome their team’s shortcomings. Montana, Brady, Namath, etc., never had a Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, etc., in their backfield either. Also, if the Dolphins had a powerful running game during that time period that would mean Marino would have had a substantial less amount of pass attempts resulting in less yards and touchdowns. Without those stats Dan would be discussed as a Top 50 quarterback and not the Top 20 as he is now.

  33. Some may think I was a bit harsh on Dan.

    I’ve rooted for Marino since he played for the Pitt Panthers where he had some great success during his freshman, sophmore and junior seasons. His senior season was a bit of a disappointment and there were all those rumors of drug use resulting in Dan being selected behind John Elway, Jim Kelly, Ken O’Brien, Tony Eason and Todd Blackledge. But the Italian/Polish-American kid from the southside of Pittsburgh rebounded to have a fine NFL career elevating his status to only being behind Elway and Kelly of that famous ’83 “Great Quarterback” NFL draft.

    You can say his classic matchups against the New York Jets were legendary. Some amazing wins along with some devastating losses. Above it all Marino was an exciting player to watch play the game.

    We can all tell Dan, “Thanks for the memories.”

  34. It was going to be Miami or SF to begin with, as its the perfect place for one of their boys to come out of the closet. Yeah, I said it, you just thought it.

  35. What did Marino ever do to this no named writer who couldn’t even hold Marino’s mouth piece? Stop writing for a living. Go sell some ice cream.

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