Dolphins start figuring out Dion Jordan’s role this weekend


We know that the Dolphins are toying with the idea of Dion Jordan playing on their special teams units, but that’s not the only place where they are still putting together their plans for the third overall pick in the 2013 draft.

His role on defense is also up in the air as the team starts its rookie minicamp on Friday. When Jordan was drafted, the assumption was that he would line up on the opposite side of the line from defensive end Cameron Wake and give the Dolphins a double-barrelled pass rush in the years to come. While that’s surely going to be a big part of the job, Jordan didn’t play with his hand on the ground much at Oregon and spent time in coverage where his speed made him an effective foil for opposing receivers.

General Manager Jeff Ireland said that the team is going to take some time to figure out how to best deploy Jordan and that playing him at linebacker isn’t out of the question.

“Could be,” Ireland said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “That’s what I like about him. He’s very versatile and he played linebacker there and he also rushed the passer. [When] we get our hands on him, [we will] see where the best place he’ll fit. We’ve got a great vision for him. Part of that’s going to be rushing the passer but the other part’s up to [coach Joe Philbin].”

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle’s scheme was described as having hybrid fronts heading into last season, but the Dolphins wound up looking like a team that ran a 4-3 front the majority of the time. As a hybrid player, Jordan gives the Dolphins the chance to experiment with different looks and it looks like a chance they’ll take.

Thanks to NFL rules barring rookies from joining their teams in full until after their school has completed its academic year, this weekend will be the Dolphins’ only chance to work directly with Jordan before training camp and it seems like they’ll have plenty to cover before he heads back to Oregon.

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  1. I expect the Dolphins to play a hybrid defense this year, so Jordan will lineup at linebacker and defensive end, depending on the circumstances.

  2. As long as they don’t draw-up plays that require him to make an inside move, take on a blitz protecting runningback or get “chipped” by a tightend they should be fine.

  3. Good planning, trading up to draft a guy as your #1 and not really having any idea as to what exactly you’re going to do with him. 20 more years of Dolphin fail on the horizon.

  4. not hard to figure out. Their is ONLY one plan for him.

    Watch him get run over on 1st down.
    On the sideline for 2nd down.
    Watch him get pancaked on 3rd down.
    Back to the sideline on 4th down.

    Jeff Ireland the nimwit STILL doesn’t have a LT and will get Tannegirl hurt.
    Now he has a part time, overhyped and undersized player who will get manhandled by the opposing O-Line.

    Reached WAAAAY to high for this bust.

    That Ireland sure is a genius, how has his past drafts and trade moves turn out again???

  5. If this was any other team, they get nothing but praise for the trade up and pick.

    The Dolphins moved up nine spots in the draft at a bargain price and picked arguably the most explosive pass rusher in the draft.

    But while he is primarily a pass rusher, his other assets shouldn’t be overlooked. He is going to be great teaming up with Wake.

    Haters are gonna’ hate. It’s ridiculous that there are still petty fans who can’t acknowledge that the Dolphins are making solid moves and getting better and better.

  6. I’m just used to people knocking on the Dolphins in general.

    Most major sports news syndicates (ESPN), including a lot of professional league headquarters (NFL, NBA) are located in the Northeastern area of our country.

    The Miami Dolphins happen to share a division with the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

    The Miami Heat have heated rivalries with the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics.

    If the leagues and sports news stations are all based out of that area, there’s a good chance a lot of them are fans of their local teams, which is very evident considering how badly teams like the Dolphins and Heat, and also the Miami Hurricans are criticized even when they are out making good moves for their respective franchise/program.

    It’s unfortunate, but anyone playing for or supporting a South Florida team must realize that it is an us against the world fight. Nationally, everyone hates the Heat, everyone makes fun of the Dolphins, everybody DESPISES the Hurricanes, and the Marlins and Panthers are just viewed as jokes.

    Don’t buy into to mainstream media on what their opinions are on South Florida.

    Straight up, they just don’t like us.

  7. @irkjames

    Nicely said! This is a fact and being a Dolphins Fan for over 40 years I know this all too well having grown-up in NY. All it takes is a few winning seasons and this goes away. Other than kids growing up in New England states who the heck even knew who the Patriots were? Grogan, Eason and well into the Bledsoe years they were the laughing stock of pro football. The Sports world is cyclic due to Draft procedures. Yes, bad front offices and dumb decisions can lengthen that down time, but correct me if I’m wrong… you already see the 49ers and Bengals back and here come the Dolphins, Bills, Chiefs and Redskins (or is that Redtails). You can’t stay on top forever, Free Agency hits too hard and it is tough to come by a Brady, Montana, Marino etc.

  8. You have a great vision for him, but you don’t have any idea even whether he’s going to play OLB or DE… that’s not a vision, that’s a daydream.

  9. Evan Silva‏@evansilva2m
    5 most worrisome left tackle situations: 1. #Chargers, Dunlap 2. #Dolphins, Martin 3. #Cardinals, Brown 4. #Lions, Reiff 5. #Packers, Bulaga

  10. I think this Kid had 14.5 CAREER TOTAL Sacks in College. Jarvis Jones had 14 in one season in the SEC(nations best conference). And y’all really Believe this Dude is going to rip up The League. Stop playing yourselves! Better pick would have been a LT or Jarvis Jones!

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