Jarvis Jones: I’m not James Harrison, but I love his game

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In March, the Steelers cut outside linebacker James Harrison. In April, the Steelers spent their first-round draft pick on outside linebacker Jarvis Jones. Jones understands that makes people view him as Harrison’s heir apparent.

But Jones won’t compare himself to Harrison until he earns it.

“I don’t compare myself in no way to James Harrison,” Jones said at the Steelers’ rookie minicamp today, via the Associated Press. “He’s a great player. Respect him. Never met him. But I love his game. I wouldn’t mind being an impact player like James Harrison.”

For Jones, loving Harrison’s game has included studying the way the Steelers play defense with Harrison on the roster over the last decade. And Jones thinks he knows the role he’s going to play in Pittsburgh.

“They’re about playing hard-nosed defense and they’re about playing down after down. I see it and I know what it means,” Jones said.

At his best, Harrison played hard-nosed defense like few other linebackers in the NFL. The Steelers would love to see Jones emulate that. But if Jones is planning on playing like Harrison, he’d better start setting aside some fine money.

58 responses to “Jarvis Jones: I’m not James Harrison, but I love his game

  1. So if he “don’t compare himself in no way” to Harrison…doesn’t that in fact mean, he compares himself to Harrison in some way?

  2. Well Jarvis, just give insane sounding interviews and get fined a lot, and you’re half way there.

  3. The Steelers found Harrison’s perfect replacement. Now of course, Harrison installed fear into offenses for years, Jones will have to get that under his belt, hopefully with less penalties and fines along the way.

  4. Harrison will play with a chip on his shoulder this year; although I don’t know how he’ll fit into the Bungals system. Steelers OLS have a history of failing in other systems. There are a few exceptions. JJ seems to have a good head on his shoulders and already has an understanding of what the Steelers are all about. I have confidence in him at this point; excited in seeing what he can do. Hopefully he will be the next great Steelers LB.

  5. Have any of you who like to comment about James Harrison ever actually played football? And not flag or two hand touch. Real football. With pads and helmets. I would like to see someone show me how to run and not do it head first. I’ve never seen someone run with their head following their body. Just a thought…

  6. The Steelers are getting old, the Ravens are deep, the Bengals are coming and the Browns still suck. The Steelers will go 3-3 in the division and 8-8 overall. Out on that limb again.

  7. “He likes to target heads and knees to injure other players? Pittsburgh fans will love him.”

    What an ignorant comment.

  8. Glad you idolize his game, Jarvis. Enjoy watching him sack Big Ben this year and next year 2 games a year (maybe more if we see you in the playoffs). Who Dey!!!!

  9. James Harrison was a six-year starter for the Steelers, was named to the Pro Bowl five times, was a Defensive Player of the Year, and was a bona fide Super Bowl hero…
    Jarvis Jones has yet to do anything.
    However, once Jones signs his first contract, he’ll have made more money than Harrison ever was given a chance to make. And that’s what’s going to enrage Harrison whenever he plays the Steelers in 2013.
    It’s not going to be a pretty sight.

  10. All of you that are talking trash against James Harrison dont remember him making one of the great super bowl plays, do you? A linebacker returning a touchdown 100 yards. How about how he was one of the key players on a team that dominated defensively for years? Now, we have a hungry, beastly linebacker to fill in. Success breeds jealousy

  11. I love the respect that he brings, not only for the organization, the game, and the city of Pittsburgh. But, also for those who paved the way for him to also do great things. There is a legacy of GREAT players in Pittsburgh, that represented the greatest hard working city ever. The fans will learn to appreciate this guy, just like the other great. Keep your ears open and eyes alert JJ, and do work!

  12. Where the Steelers drafted Jones, that’s a great pick. I don’t think him being slow is going to hurt him, this guy knows how to get to the quarterback.

  13. It’s rare to hear a rookie hit the perfect note of paying respect to an iconic player while expressing confidence in his own game. He may need some coaching help on stopping the run, but he’s a terrific athlete, his attitude is in great shape, and he’s accustomed to playing in a highly competive environment. Looking forward to watching his progress.

  14. Hey ravensallday: The last time we met, we beat you with our severely injured, severely depleted, mostly JV team on your own field at night on national TV.

  15. Well said JJ, great start to a bright future. Now go get ready to play in the most smash-mouth division in the league. I’ll give you a quick scouting report to help you out:

    CLE – getting better, good D. Just run straight at their 2nd yr QB, he’s 47 yrs old and can’t move too well. They’ll smoke the Ravens twice.
    CIN – stud recv’r and decent TE’s. Practice at home rushing the QB, get a manequin but make sure the right arm is a noodle. They’ll smoke the Ravens twice.
    BAL – good crab cakes. Practice by studying the check-down, and have
    Pedro Alvarez hit you some fly balls. They’ll get smoked 6x in division.

    No thanks necessary.

  16. He won’t need it. James Harrison is Goodells scapegoat. Not how he plays.

    Yeah, and my Saints players didn’t offer money to possibly harm other players. We both crossed a line that the commish had to uphold, He is fighting a pretty big lawsuit after all.

  17. “But Jones won’t compare himself to Harrison until he earns it.”

    Not a quote, not a statement, an interjected opinion that slants the story.

    Does Arthur Brown get any love on this site? NO… He was only drafted to replace Ray Ray who despite his off field past will get inducted to the HOF.

    James Harrison is famous because he was out of position and returned an interception for a TD in the Super Bowl.

  18. I’m still mystified how 16 other teams passed on this guy, including my Raiders. He’ll win a Defensive MVP or two before he’s done.

  19. @Ravensallday2012

    uhhh, the Steelers have been beating the Ravens… in the playoffs… en route to Super Bowls…. (plural)

  20. He is immeasurably more talented than James Harrison, who like everyone else to ever play the right outside linebacker spot in LeBeau’s scheme was very productive.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. James Harrison, Joey Porter, Greg Lloyd do not play a talent-driven position. That’s why they disappear when they leave Pittsburgh.

    Jarvis Jones, however, is a talented guy, so he should be more productive than any of them.

    The real heroes of Pittsburgh’s defenses(besides the one on the sideline) have played opposite of these guys or had their hands in the dirt. Kevin Greene, Lamar Woodley, Aaron Smith, Casey Hamtpon, etc. Forget the ankle biter Troy Polamalu or the numbskull James Harrison. Those guys careers are/were entirely dependent on Dick Lebeau putting them in the right spots.
    I’m sick of seeing credit going to the wrong guys.

  21. I wonder how he will adjust going from a 12-2 college team to a 5-11 NFL team that couldn’t even stop Tennessee and Oakland last year?

  22. After a year in which the Steelers mailed it in—playing game after game without any semblance of heart or enthusiasm—I was pleased to watch them wave a lot of deadwood like Mike Wallace and James Harrison goodbye. Sure, there were others who should have been on that train, too, but you can’t cut everyone.
    That said, guys like Jones and Bell and others in this draft were great additions.
    Now let them play. There’s no reason to have them festering on the bench.
    The division can be won, especially in light of the Ravens’ losses (and after all, Flacco is their quarterback and you have to believe the clock struck midnight for him) and the Bengals and Browns are, well, the Bengals and Browns.

  23. How many times does it happen that the pre draft buzz where a team says they will draft someone in the mid first round and they actually do?
    Jones seems to be a humble and nice kid.

  24. ravensallday how many times have the Steelers knocked the ravens out of the playoffs you might wanna check your facts before you go making a statement like that because the last time I checked the Steelers have 6 rings to what only 2 that the ravens have oh I know what you are gonna say the Steelers have been around longer than the ravens have shouldnt matter if the ravens are half as good as what you claim them to be than they to should have 6 rings

  25. The Ratbird fans are the most arrogant and hated of all. I cant wait until the season starts so that we can see overpaid “average Joe” revert back to his true form. His contract is truly laughable and will set them back for years to come. I’m loving it!!!!

  26. I’m not a steelers fan but this kid was a great pick. I saw a lot of GA games this past college football season. And I love Jones. I think he is going to be a beast.

  27. randallflagg52 says: May 3, 2013 10:34 PM

    This guy is just the latest of steeler first round busts.

    The man hasn’t even played yet. I think its a bit early to start saying he is a bust. This actually was an excellent pick by the Steelers. He will do great in this defense. I see no reason why he won’t be a sack master in Blitzburgh

  28. For all you tough talking bandwagon raven fans….Get used to hearing “Flacco drops back and goes down AGAIN by the “new emerging star” Jarvis Jones(JJ)”. This guys gonna be a beast in the NFL…….Get used to it.

  29. ibleedblackandgold1979,
    Obviously you have not played real football if you ask that ignorant question! Every coach teaches you to see what you hit. Using the crown of your helmet is just dumb. It’s intent is to injure the other player, but is almost as dangerous to the tackler.

    As to Jones teams will just run the ball right at him like Alabama did in SEC championship. Deb you should know better about this kid.

  30. CKL:
    I’m not sure if being “humble and nice” are the traits of a prototypical Steelers outside linebacker. Most of them weren’t hired for their pleasant dispositions…
    Most of them also have been unheralded overachievers and not first-round draft picks. Quite frankly, I’ll be shocked if Jones lives up to the hype, mainly because first-round draft picks seldom do.
    Over the past 10 seasons, I can recall only one Steelers first-rounder who has actually been a consistent difference-maker: Troy Polamalu, and even he has been hamstrung with injuries.
    For Jones to be “the beast” that everyone is predicting, he better come out of the gate early, often and strong…

  31. Bigdinla:

    I didn’t say put your head down. Read before you respond. I said I don’t know how your head doesn’t lead your body. We were taught to hit our face mask into the opponents chest and wrap. If you do this the crown of your head will strike the opponent in the chin area of the face mask. In today’s NFL this would be considered a helmet to helmet hit. Of course I suppose I’m an old timer and played football before it became sissified.

  32. bigdinla says:

    As to Jones teams will just run the ball right at him like Alabama did in SEC championship. Deb you should know better about this kid.
    Yes, he was challenged in that championship game, and I’m concerned about how he’ll handle Richardson and Rice. That’s why I said he may need some coaching help on stopping the run 😉 But he has good pass-rush skills and a desire to improve. It’s a team sport and he can learn to be a better run-stopper.

  33. Hope he lowers his helmet and knocks people out. To bad if you panzys dont like it. Its different when a boxer gets ko-ed though and people cheer tho right? I like seeing people get hurt. They are the ones that know they are heading for disaster and try to be tough and still go for the ball. Id feel disrespected if i were playing that area of defense. Just remember like most have been saying time and time again, these players sign up for it. They KNOW the risks.

  34. A big man on campus can be an a t in the NFL. Well see if he can penetrate the Ravens offensive wall. Not likely, rookie.

  35. It will take a year for him to learn the offense and bulk up in the weight room but he will contribute his rookie season. He will be a beast !

  36. Jones is a defensive player. And, the Steeler scheme is overrated, in terms of learning curve. His responsibility will be to protect the edge and pass rush. Other defenses run similar styles, and as much as I love Lebeau, his defense is no more complicated than another.

    Pittsburgh historically does not like to play rookies, to humble them and get them acclomated to steel city ball, in my humble opinion. Jones came from a 3-4 scheme in college with many of the same responsibilities. His transition should be much quicker than other LB’s the steelers have drafted, due to most being converted defensive ends.

    If they want him to be the monster they believe he can be, trial by fire is the best method. There are enough vets and leadership on defense, to keep his head together, and recover the mistakes. Had they played soggy, and got rid of Keisel, their defense would be in much better position now. But, the rookie doesn’t play mentality stunted his growth, along with others that had the same fate.

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