Matt Barkley: “I can come in right away and make an impact”


Fourth-round quarterbacks don’t often get on the field as rookies, but Matt Barkley is confident that he can be an exception to that rule if he gets the chance to run coach Chip Kelly’s offense.

Even though Barkley doesn’t know what Kelly’s offense is yet.

I don’t exactly know what type of system it is going to be. I probably have similar questions that you do,” Barkley said on 97.5 The Fanatic, via “Once we get into rookie camp next week I’ll have a better idea. But in terms of what style of quarterback he needs, I have heard him say multiple times both to the public and to me personally that he is going to make the personnel he has fit in the system. So without a doubt I have confidence that I can come in right away and make an impact, or just help the team in whatever way I can. I don’t think it matters what people say about me and what type of quarterback I am, I think Coach Kelly will make it work.”

Barkley also said he took jersey No. 2 only after the Eagles confirmed with the last player to wear it in Philadelphia, David Akers, that he wouldn’t mind. The number Barkley wore at USC, No. 7, is already taken by Michael Vick, and Barkley said he didn’t want his high school No. 5 because “I think that was too soon after Donovan [McNabb]” wore the number.

Some day, Barkley may be the heir apparent to McNabb and Vick as the Eagles’ franchise quarterback. Even if it’s unlikely that he’s going to come in right away and make an impact.

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  1. Week 3 or 4 Chip will have to make a choice because Vick as we all know will be on the bench. Maybe they should race for it?

  2. I hope he starts. That will be a reflection on the Eagles poor crop at QB. It’s hard to imagine that Vick’s consistent drop in stats and performance since his return can be resurrected by a different system. He’s done and, if not, will never survive a whole season.

  3. Didn’t Brady say something like that, and everyone probably rolled their eyes at the time?

  4. Easy there Barkley.

    Love the enthusiasm and the confidence but I beleive that Nick Foles should start this season.

    Matt Barkley may very weel be the QB of the future for the Eagles but Foles is the QB of the present unless proven otherwise on the field.

  5. Barkley sir,

    welcome to town.
    now please take this clipboard and relax.

    We don’t need you to come in and start.
    We need you to heal and to understand chip’s plans.

    Take the old school route to starting and wait your turn.
    Let Vick run the option till his body quits, then maybe by mid season, you may usurp Foles.

  6. I actually like Barkley and think that he will be the best QB out of this years rookie crop. However, based on the performances of recent USC QB’s, I fing it ironic that he’s going to be wearing #2….

  7. As soon as Vick starts to struggle, and he will, Barkley will be thrown in to the game. I don’t think Barkley will struggle like most do, I think he will step right in and shine. I am willing to bet Barkley, with the correct help from his teammates and Coaches, will be as successful as Andrew Luck was in his first season.

  8. I have been watching Barkley his entire career and I still can’t figure out why he dropped to the 4th round. People like Pete Carrol, Jim Harbough, Chip Kelly, Mike Mayock all say he will be an outstanding pro and I think they are right. As a 4th round pick he isn’t under any pressure and Kelly can take time to develop him.

  9. Learn the playbook first and start meshing with your offense. I hope Barkley plays a hell of a lot better then Geno Smith does in his career.

  10. Will all of you Vick lovers stop already!

    Michael Vick’s career stats tell the story and it is an average, ugly story:
    ATTEMPTS: 2,889
    COMPLETIONS: 1,626
    PASSING YARDS: 20,274
    PASSING TDs: 123
    FUMBLES: 37

    Those numbers speak louder than all of your nonsense about what an “explosive athelete” Vick is.

    Michael Vick is nothing but a shorter, darker skinned version of Tim Tebow. He can run but he can’t pass.

  11. Right, how dare a player not say he’s hoping and expecting to sit on the bench and be a non-contributor. Athletes should just refuse to speak, because evidently anything they say is worth roasting them over.

  12. With only Mike Vick & Nick Foles in front of him Barkley will have no trouble starting for the Eagles. I bet the Eagles still draft a QB in the first round next year.

  13. For comparison purposes I am going to post the career stats of Donovan McNabb, who most Eagles fans CONSTANTLY COMPLAINED ABOUT.

    ATTEMPTS: 5,374
    COMPLETIONS: 3,170
    PASSING YARDS: 37,276
    PASSING TDs: 234
    FUMBLES: 62

    As you can clearly see: Donovan McNabb was easily better than Michael Vick. And it is not even close!
    The Eagles can do much better than Michael Vick!

  14. ‘he is going to make the personnel he has fit in the system’…
    Good luck with that!

  15. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could wind up making an impact this year.

    Does anyone doubt that it’s possible for him to beat out Foles and Dixon for the backup spot?

    Does anyone doubt that Vick will miss starts with injuries again this year?

    So why is it so hard to believe that he could have an impact this year?

  16. Ungrateful Philly fan base….. Mike Vick has given his heart, soul and body to this franchise and the best you can do is take cheap shots at a guy who stood as long as he could behind that swiss cheese offensive line for 40 to 50 passes a game and didn’t complain or throw his team mates or his inept coaching staff under the bus when he had every right to do so ….. this man can play football and I hope he gets the opportunity to go else where and prove he’s still better than 90 % of NFL QB’s today….first Donovan now Mike you bastards don’t deserve the MEN who lead you! …..wake up and realize if it wasn’t for Andy Reid’s (my way or no way) coaching you guys could’ve done something even with all the injuries….Besides y’all haven’t won anything to be so demanding

  17. A Barkley USC QB’s are garbage as pros…..Carson Palmer is the best of a long line of failures and you don’t have half the accuracy and arm talent he does at this point….here’s to a career backup if you can last more than a season…lol

  18. Come on Barkley. Just be real with youreslf. Or just be realistic. Sit back, watch and learn for a while and enjoy the NFL and stop the madness.

  19. ehh, looking at his highlights on youtube. He looks average, slow release, not much power or accuracy. Also looks like he can only roll to his right side, nfl defenses will definitely key on that. He’ll need to be able to use both sides of the field. Needs a couple seasons of grooming to be an nfl starter, IMO.

  20. As a lifelong Dream Team fan, I would take Tebow at QB over any of the QB dreck on the roster. The Lord’s QB is still 8-5 as a starter with a playoff win under his belt!

  21. he can make a great impact,for the other team!
    please start him week 1 in Washington!

  22. I love how the Mike Vick lovers scapegoat the offensive line for his poor play!

    Let us examine Nick Foles vs. Michael Vick, 2012 stats:

    ATTEMPTS: 351
    PASSING YARDS: 2,362
    PASSING TDs: 12
    FUMBLES: 11

    ATTEMPTS: 265
    PASSING YARDS: 1,699
    PASSING TDs: 6
    interceptions: 5
    FUMBLES: 5

    Vick: 78.1
    Foles: 79.1

    Bottom Line: Foles outplayed Vick with an even more injury riddled line. And, Foles was just a rookie!

  23. Seems like he could be this years Russell Wilson. At this time last year, nobody could’ve predicted Russell’s rise.

    He was a mid round pick, big name in college with some minor questions that led to a free fall. He wound up in the right situation and flourished. Don’t be surprised Barkley’s the Rookie of the Year.

  24. It’s going to be a zoo in Philly before one of the three QB’s is able to stake his claim.

    It will be fun to watch and will bring reminders of last season.

  25. i think the eagles fans are worse on here than in person. good news is that division is still a toss up. Giants arent that good, REDSKINS are lucky to be 8-8 with their sched, and the cowgirls are weak as well.

  26. U vick haters really do reach allot. Vick is gonna be the starter and he should be because hes the best qb on the team. Not elite but def good enough to have a good year in a good system and clean pocket. In 2010 he was in the discussion for mvp. That doesnt happen if u suck people. Your just haters and it clouds ur mind. Btw foles fumbled at the exact same rate as vick yet vick gets all the negative attention? The OL was in shambles last year. When vick starts, and he will… And when he plays well… And he will… U better admit u were wrong. His injury history is a valid point and he is not the future long term. But u haters really try reaching. And lol at using his stats from back in his atlanta days… Hes clearly a better passer than he was then…

  27. jagsfanugh says: May 3, 2013 1:17 PM

    A mediocre USC quarterback saying this..LOL

    I know a jaguars fan is not talking about another teams qb. Put Barkley on the jaguars and he will start from day 1

  28. Morris,

    You can’t have it both ways. You always claim that Foles is a “joke” but he had better stats than Vick did last year.

    You claim Vick has improved from his days in Atlanta and except for 2010 that is debatable. But, you also don’t concede that Foles was just a rookie and will improve.

    In other words: you want to just ignore actual statistics and go with pure emotion in making your QB pick.

    I have proven that Michael Vick is overrated based on his stats alone. Now, if you could point to wins and say the guy gets it done despite his mediocre stats, I’d listen.

    But, we both know you can’t do that.

  29. I have a feeling his choice of “No. 2” will turn out to be very fitting for his career.

  30. Oh good heavens does this guy ever shut up!! , He should be happy someone drafted him in the first place , Need i go and show him the tapes of how he had trouble passing the ball against guys ; who many got drafted very late and others lets face it will be delivering my parcels .

  31. Vick will not be the starter this year. If Chip Kelly wanted a running QB he would’ve drafted one. He wants a QB who can read a pre snap defense, get rid of the ball, not take dumb careless sacks, and most importantly protect the ball and not turn it over. Does Mike Vick excel in any of these categories? No, he doesn’t…. Kelly has already seen this, because if he didn’t, Vick would already be the starter. And to the people who said Vick was up for mvp in 2010, it’s 2013 and over 50 turnovers later from him.

  32. Pro bowl main stay in 2yrs. The kid can play QB and will rock with Shady, Jackson, and Maclin. Just wish my Viks would have moved up to get him, steal of the draft in the 4th rd. Enjoy it Philly fans, he’ll be great.

  33. If underthrowing and skipping balls into receive is the new definition of “impact”…he’s right on.

  34. I really don’t understand how these quotes becomes newsworthy. What do you want him to say? “I can come in and sit for 2 years while learning”

  35. vick is 7 mcnabb was 5 when he starts why not take 7+5=12 a pretty good qb number anyone know any guys wearing that number

  36. If the Eagles are as bad as a lot of people are predicting that they will be, Barkley may get his big chance sooner, rather than later.

  37. Don’t understand all the Barkley hate. Sure he’s another overhyped USC q.b., but if he sits for a few years and learns, maybe he will turn out better than the others.

  38. I am right there with you rkt4mayor. I was on here posting the other day a lot of the same stuff you are mentioning now. I didn’t post the stats out like you, but I mentioned how Foles did better with not only a more injury riddled line like you mentioned, but less offensive weapons than Vick had as well. Remember, D-Jax, McCoy, Maclin, and I think even Celek all were out at some point during Foles’ time starting.

    I will add some other notes too, to your argument. You left out some of Vick’s fumbles. You listed the 37 he has as a rusher, but he has an additional 49 as a passer. If you look at his stats on Pro-Football-Reference, they list the total unlike ESPN. Also, at the time Foles became the starter last year, the D was giving up an average of 33+ points per game. A reason why Foles record looks so bad as a starter.

    Even comparing Foles and Vick is funny though, because Vick is a 10+ year vet and Foles is a rookie who played in 7 games midway through the season. Their stats shouldn’t be comparable, and Foles definitely shouldn’t look better, but he does.

    I love how Vick lovers though say how Reid and the playcalling ruined Vick last year when their argument about him being behind a bad O-line fails, yet they talk about Vick’s 2010 season when Reid and the playcalling are the ones that not only resurrected Vick’s career, but MADE HIM THE BETTER PASSER, albeit not much better, that he is today. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  39. Quarterback U is a nickname used by sportswriters to refer to colleges that have trained a series of notable football quarterbacks (QBs). It is a literary device invoked in the individual discretion of sportswriters and does not represent any formal decision-making process or organized sportswriters’ poll. Generally speaking, the term implies that many of the school’s former quarterbacks later had successful careers in professional football, particularly in the National Football League (NFL).

    A Wall Street Journal article on November 18, 2012 pointed out that ‘Purdue may be the ultimate Quarterback U. Since the 1970 merger (between the AFL and NFL), quarterbacks from Purdue have started 724 NFL games, easily the most of any major-conference program.’ After Purdue QBs’ 724 NFL games, the next best schools were the University of Washington (623 starts), Miami (573), University of Southern California (547) and Notre Dame (543).[1]

  40. Hmmm….. must be saying that to possibly get a leg up over the competition with Foles, Vick, Kinne, and Dixon. Though I doubt it would give him a leg up over Vick because Vick has 12 years of experience in the league(excluding his time in Prison). But I could see him saying this to get a leg up over Foles, Dixon, and Kinne. Though Kinne in my opinion is probably nothing more than a Camp Body or Practice Squad Body, and Dixon is an unknown in my opinion because I guess, logically he’s here if Kelly wants to run the Read-Option, and may be the BEST fit because he knows it. But nobody knows what he’s really capable of doing. But, I think this statement probably gives Barkley a leg up over Foles and Dixon. Not Vick. The biggest challange to threaten Barkley starting or being #2 on Depth Charts is Vick & Foles. May the best man win the competition. If Barks win, I’ll be really excited to see how Kelly tailored out his Offense for the Season.

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