McKinnie never wanted to leave Ravens


Bryant McKinnie said he never wanted to leave the Ravens.

But he obviously had to flirt with the Dolphins and Chargers to get their attention.

I’m excited to be back,” McKinnie told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “I didn’t really want to leave anyway. I like being in Baltimore. . . .

“It was definitely like recruiting, like college again. It was nice, I got to meet some people, but I ended up back here. I’m still in Baltimore and that’s a great thing.”

He signed a two-year deal worth up to $7 million, which prevents them from having to relocate Michael Oher from right tackle, or move left guard Kelechi Osemele from left guard. That was the set-up during the playoffs, which helped propel the Ravens to a title.

“Yep, that’s what I want to do,” McKinnie said. “I want to pick up from there. I feel like we have a chance for a great year with me and K.O. on the left side.”

He still has to prove himself fit enough to start 16 games, which wasn’t always the case before. But there’s no doubt in a free agent market full of right tackles, that he still had significant value, to the Ravens and others.

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  1. He went from the Super Bowl champion Ravens, to the ringless Chargers.

    That was a major wakeup call.

  2. So he used the Dolphins and the Chargers as leverage to get more money from the Ravins. I guess this goes back to his character issues. He wasted a lot of good peoples time.

  3. Yanda and Oher on the right, BigMac and KO on the left ! this is going to be a great Oline this season. the Ravens went from the butt of all NFL jokes to right back to where they have been the last 6 years, a Constant,Consistent team. its too early for any fellow Raven fan to say repeat, but with the AFC being soft we have NE, Hou, Den, then Pitt,Cinn and us. Indy, SD round out the Bottom. we will be in the mix like or not.

    my dream to beat Pitt in a playoff game might, just might happen this year.

  4. ambitoos,

    your an idiot. yes he used the Chargers and others. it’s called negotiations. welcome to the world of business. you know how you get the best deal? by having the most leverage. the Chargers and others were his leverage.

    plus, what do you want the guy to say, “I really truly wanted to leave. I don’t like Baltimore or its fans, but they gave me the most money so I guess I will stick it out a couple more years.”

    dude, wake up.

  5. ambitoos says: May 3, 2013 12:39 PM

    So he used the Dolphins and the Chargers as leverage to get more money from the Ravins. I guess this goes back to his character issues. He wasted a lot of good peoples time.


    Or…the Ravens let him test the market because his asking price was more than they wanted to spend. When the market wouldn’t bear his price he learned his value and accepted the Ravens offer. Neither side has character issues.

  6. siggtacular says:
    May 3, 2013 12:30 PM
    World Champs


    World Champs??? The world doesnt care, correct term will be NFL Champions 2012.

  7. Sure you didn’t. Might as well have said you came back to protect the NFL’s best QB – would be about as believable.

  8. the line play ‘propelled them to the title’?? they seem to forget it was more horrid secondary play from denver that ‘propelled’ them…other than that terrible play, the ravens go home losers….

  9. Dumb comment ftomasic. The ” horrid’ play was Denver’s QB. The secondary gave up the TYING touchdown. Denver had over 15 min. to win the game. Manning threw a pic in 2OT. The J.Jones TD pass from SB MVP QB Joe flacco did not win the game. Look at the facts.

  10. Out of shape, in Harbaughs doghouse, 400 lb. McKinnie, is better than any other LT out there. He’s good enough.

  11. I love how fans from a team that was gifted a SB by the refs want to spin the Ravens success so Joe Flacco has nothing to do with it. Hypocrites! Hypocrites! We’re the World Champs. We will repeat. You will long for the days when the playoffs were a possibility, which they aren’t. Look at those facts though sting they may.

  12. Nofool, stop insulting people and where they live. Aren’t you smart enough to understand the rules of trash talk? You get so bent out of shape over a team that has no real effect on your life. The Steelers don’t care about you. Why do you embarrass yourself defending them?

  13. @doe22us No actually you are wrong. World Champs is an appropriate title for the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Keep to your lesser team.


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