NFL players think Jacoby Jones is better than Percy Harvin


NFL Network’s annual “Top 100” show, which counts down the 100 best players in the NFL as voted on by their peers, is a fun little program to while away the slowest time of the offseason. But anyone who actually takes the rankings seriously needs to realize that the players who vote in the poll don’t seem to watch much football.

Consider this: In the episode that aired on Thursday night, Ravens receiver and return man Jacoby Jones came in at No. 88, while Seahawks receiver and return man Percy Harvin came in at No. 90.

Does anyone seriously believe that Jacoby Jones is better than Percy Harvin?

In 2012, Jones played in all 16 games and his offensive output consisted of 30 catches for 406 yards, one carry for six yards, and one touchdown. Harvin’s season was cut short by an ankle injury in the ninth game of the year, but before he got hurt he already had 62 catches for 677 yards, 22 carries for 96 yards, and four touchdowns. And while Jones is a very good return man, Harvin averaged more than five yards per kickoff return better than Jones (35.9 to 30.7) last year.

Jones had three big plays in the postseason (an overtime-forcing touchdown against the Broncos and a long touchdown catch and long touchdown return in the Super Bowl), and those plays were probably fresh in the players’ minds when they voted. But three big plays don’t make Jones better than Harvin. Do three big plays make up for the fact that Jones has been in the league two years longer than Harvin has, but Harvin has more than 100 more catches than Jones and has more than 1,000 more receiving yards?

And here’s how you know how ridiculous the notion of Jones being better than Harvin is: A year ago, the Texans cut Jones, and in free agency he got a two-year, $7 million contract from the Ravens. This year, the Seahawks gave up first-, third- and seventh-round picks for Harvin and gave him a six-year, $67 million contract. When Jones and Harvin changed teams, the market spoke. And it spoke clearly that Harvin is better than Jones.

A final word on how ridiculous the NFL players’ votes are: Two years ago, Donovan McNabb made the list after a season in which he had been benched by the Redskins and before a season in which he would be benched by the Vikings. And last year, Tim Tebow made the list. Tebow was cut by the Jets this week, and his only offer has been to make $75 a game as a backup for the Omaha Beef.

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  1. Everyone knows that regarding raw talent, Harvin is leaps and bounds ahead of Jones. However, Jacoby stays healthy and made huge plays in huge games. Not saying Harvin couldn’t make those plays (since he also is KR), but he wasn’t available to even attempt. Maybe players place a higher value on performing within the year and not potential. Could have that same argument about MJD’s spot at like 96 or whatever he was.

  2. While Harvin is a very talented player, misery loves company so you can expect him to give the Hawks a migraine or two with his crappy attitude. You can have him.

  3. Makes sense, Jones actually plays.

    Best player to average 8 games played per year? Percy Harvin with Mike Vick right behind him.

  4. Hahah that’s funny. Percy is better then jacoby in every aspect of da game

  5. It also comes down to personality, we sat here in MN for years watching him become the NFL’s biggest diva… I have a headache, i can’t practice, I don’t get enough carries, I’m not on the field enough… And the biggest douchey move of them all is when he got injured and the team was in a playoff run, and then in a playoff off game, he didn’t even have enough class to come to the game and cheer on his teamates… he was at home pouting and watching them on his couch…

  6. Actually yeah, plenty of people do.

    Jones was the best returner in the league last year, and a solid returner to boot. He was also just a superbowl champion, and is a nice guy.

    Harvin is a headcase.

    Jones has no real injury problems; Harvin has the migranes and a lot of other reasons he misses practice and sometimes games.

    Jones is likely the faster of the 2.

    Harvin is a good player, but come on now – whats he done in his career that much better than Jones? And before you roast Jones for his time with the Texans, remember his QB was Schaub, AND he was a 3rd target behind Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter, which I think says more about the Texans than anything.

  7. Oh, and the trade Seattle made for Harvin? Patently stupid. He’s not worth all those picks.

    I like Seattle’s roster, and Harvin was a good addition, but not at that price. I’m not even sure WR was a position of need for them.

  8. Jones excels when it counts. That’s how SB teams are made and creating the best team is the only thing that matters. If you go back, Jones was the difference in the Dallas game, the Denver playoff, and the SB.. I’ll take that over rooting for someone’s stats any day.

  9. So in other words, the NFLN Top 100 is about as reliable as the SID, er coaches poll in the NCAA.

  10. Harvin is the most overrated player I know.

    -He’s never had more than 1000 yds receiving in a season.
    -He’s never had more than 10 TDs in a season.
    -He gets hurt every year.

  11. Imagine that, an organization that makes an emotional judgement without taking a look at the facts. Thank goodness our media outlets never react like that.

    Gas Station Attendant : “I am starting to pick up on your sarcasm.”

    Richard: “Well, I should hope so, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.”

  12. Jones stays healthy, and has a superbowl ring. But the dungeons and dragons community (fantasy) thinks stats are all that matters.

  13. Jones is over rated he should not be on here, Percy is good but not great, he is actually like Reggie bush big play guy but will never be top 5 wr probably not even top 10…

  14. S.Nevada says:
    May 3, 2013 8:54 AM

    Makes sense, Jones actually plays.


    Chris Kulwe actually plays, too (and well, for his position). Does that make him a top 100 player? Was AP not a Top 100 player when he got hurt in 2011? Ridiculous arguement, and no, I am not a Vikings fan.

  15. That’s nothing short of asinine. Just because you play (or played) in the league doesn’t mean you know more about what’s going on or have the ability to give good analysis. Go on the NFL Network and listen to half of these players speak. A lot of ’em have no business speaking in to a microphone, but i’m startled just how dumb a lot their quote un quote analysis is. There’s a few like Mike Golic, Howie long etc. They are GREAT, and in tune with whats going on. Generally speaking iif I want to hear analysis i’d rather listen to the Mike Mayocks of the world ANYDAY then a former player

  16. Jacoby Jones? Maybe the players confused him with James Jones. James did score 14 TD’s last year.

  17. 412 total offensive yards, 4 total TDs last season? Yep, totally top 100 material.

    Then again, they had Tim Tebow as a top 100 player last year and had McNabb and TO as top 100 2 years ago, so it’s not like this list had much credibility to begin with.

  18. I’d have to say players probably know each other better than we do as fans. We don’t have to chase these guys around the field or get clobbered by them. In fantasy stats sure Harvin is better, but maybe Jacoby is being underutilized

  19. Harvin probably does have better skills as a WR than Jones, but if you can’t stay on the field, what good does that do? Over/Under on the number of games Harvin plays is set at 13. Thumbs up for Over and thumbs down for under..

  20. That ranking (for 2012) might have something to do with the fact that Harvin only played in nine games last year.

    The rankings were for the best players of 2012, and as such, I would think using career stats to make that decision wouldn’t be justified. Harvin certainly projects to be the better player in 2013; but Jones played in more than twice as many games as Harvin did, and without his catch against the Broncos, the Ravens don’t even get to the AFC championship, let alone the Super Bowl.

  21. MDS’s criticism of Jacoby comes as no surprise. I mean this was the same guy who picked the Colts to beat the Ravens, then predicted a blowout in both Denver and New England, then picked the 9ers to cruise to a easy Super Bowl victory, let that one marinate. Jacoby is an all around team player and not a diva like Harvin and came up clutch for the current Super Bowl champs.

  22. Why do we gripe about Harvin’s health so much? For all the talk of migraines, he’d missed only three games in his pro career before last year.

  23. I think it comes down to this. Players be anti-politics and believe it or not, you have that on NFL teams. By that, I mean favorites. Percy Harvin was a high draft pick from Florida, therefore he’s favored—plus they gotta pay him more. Jacoby Jones was a low pick from Lane College and low picks/non-picks (especially from small schools) usually have to work through politics and special teams to earn a way onto a roster, regardless of talent–not always, but usually. The only knock on Jones is sometimes he’s gonna drop a wide-open ball. But, I’ve see him beat DBs time after time–with or without getting the ball. Harvin on the other hand is 2nd to Peterson in getting the ball, so he gets way more touches. Plus, his ST average is higher because he doesn’t do it as often. I think by ranking Jones higher, players who have played against/with Jones believe that he should be a good full-time starter. Maybe the Ravens do, too. They did send Boldin packing.

  24. Harvin’s name looks good on the back of a jersey mostly because of his Florida days. Other than that I’m not a believer of the Harvin hype.

  25. Jones and TOrrey Smith as your wideouts? The Steelers will hemlock that maypop offense again this season.

  26. You can’t fault a guy for medical conditions he didn’t make.

    But if I’m forced to choose between which is more reliable, the opinion of the players versus the opinion of media writers …..

  27. Ah, the offseason. When people argue over “Power Rankings” and “The Top 100 Players” as if they actually mean anything.

  28. Does it even matter that harvin, sits out many cames, is unreliable, smokes lots of weed, and complains all the time? From the outside Percy harvin seems like a lot more trouble than he’s worth. I think JJ made probowl last year as well as Superbowl CO MVP. What was that harvin guy doing?

  29. yea, and i think schaub is better than brady. jacoby can return the football, he has done it before. as far as last year, he was lucky he was behind the D for that lob by joe schmo

  30. This is why ratings shows are stupid, good thing ive saved half hour installments of my existence to do something more productive like video games

  31. So by MDS standards: what a team offers a player is what dictates how good they are? LOL! Now that Harvin has better talent around him maybe he can help his team to the ultimate goal like Jones did?

  32. What do you expect their hard to compare since Jones has been on better teams and been in the play offs more. Lets ask who got the better value the seahawks or the ravens?

  33. As a Packer fan who’s seen Harvin a few times, could’ve been more but he likes his time off the field on the injury list, I think he’s overrated. Has very average overall numbers against a Packer defense that we all know is bottom tier. Not too mention a top divisional opponent. Yes, part of it is QB play but the other half is attitude and commitment to do whatever it takes to win.

  34. Well, this is probably based on personailities–Jones is definitely a great guy and Harvin is probably a jerk (he was definitely a problem child for the Vikings). However, with Jones getting the opportunity to start this year, the players who put Jones above Harvin will be vindicated if Jones has better production at the end of the season.

  35. flaccotoboldin says:
    Oh, and the trade Seattle made for Harvin? Patently stupid. He’s not worth all those picks.

    Then the Vikings went and spent the No. 29, 52, 83, 102, and No. 229 picks on Patterson. A completely unproven rookie WR with lazy route running.

    How stupid does Seattle’s move ( 1st, 3rd and 7th) for a proven game changer look now.

  36. sethb222 says:
    May 3, 2013 8:54 AM
    and people say fans shouldn’t vote for the Pro Bowl…
    You know.

    I’ve never thought fans should vote, but I used to think it should be coaches personnel people and players who voted. The one useful thing this show did for me is cure me of thinking players should vote for either. I’m an absolute NFL fanatic and I simply won’t watch this show at all because it’s so ridiculous.

  37. MDS, the players around the league most recent impressions of Harvin? Injured and getting traded. Jones? scoring a ridiculous TD in Denver and two even bigger ones in the Super Bowl. The rankings are based in the present, so who would you give the edge based on that? Yes, Percy Harvin is arguably the more talented player, but its all about what you do on the field and Harvin’s ’12 season is smeared with the aforementioned variables. And are you seriously complaining about a 2 spot differential in rank? Give me a break.

  38. The great unraveling of the 2013 Seattle Seahawks will be something to watch. From Richard Sherman’s mouth, Percy Harvin’s brittle and pouting nature to Pete Carroll’s fake-punt-even-though-you’re-up-by-30 shenanigans will cause this squad to implode BIG TIME. Throw in 5 10am east coast start times and you get the picture and it ain’t a good ‘un!

    Before it’s over – they’ll be battling it out with the Cards for cellar dweller status in the NFC West.

    Getcha popcorm ready!

  39. Again, I try to click on thumbs up and report comment gets pushed? Sorry bud, didn’t mean for that.

    WR was definitely a position if need for seatle but they gave up more than my Bucs did for Revis! Crazy, I think this is revis’s first major injury, Harvin was constantly sidelined with migraines. I think most ppl will agree, Harvin has bigger upside but last year jones did more to help his team in big games.

  40. I think you are forgetting that the show is called “Top 100 Players of 2013”. The players purposely vote for the players they think had the best season the year before. Their career stats have nothing to do with it. Sure Percy had more stats piled up before getting hurt. But, Jacoby made a play that kept his teams post season alive. Then he made two plays that his team probably wouldn’t have one the Superbowl with out. Players value that much more than a pretty good start to a regular season then injury.

  41. Jones isn’t as much of a pain to deal with and stays healthier. It helps his case that his clutch performances are fresh in the minds of many. Personally, I would take Jones over Harvin as well. Talent and potential wise? Harvin. given the intangibles? Jones.

  42. I would expect the players to have no perspective on this sort of thing, but I can’t believe so many readers are like “Huh-huh yeah kick returns in playoffs are more important than being your team’s only weapon in the passing game day in and day out”

  43. The question is what is better:

    A) Good start to regular season then get hurt.
    B) Pedestrian regular season, then turn into a superhero in the post season and make 3 huge plays that lead a superbowl ring for your team.

    Most would go with B. The players don’t vote on entire line of work. They vote on who had a better season the year before.

  44. clownofthedroolingfool says:May 3, 2013 9:01 AM

    Jones excels when it counts. That’s how SB teams are made and creating the best team is the only thing that matters. If you go back, Jones was the difference in the Dallas game, the Denver playoff, and the SB.. I’ll take that over rooting for someone’s stats any day.



  45. As a Vikings fan I first hand have watched every game Percy has played. He is only happy when the offense revolves around him. His expectations were set high when Farve won him the ROTY award. He is not a difference maker as a downfield threat. He makes his living within 5 yards of the LOS with the ball in his hands & you could see his #’s start to decline when teams pressed the line thus taking away bubble screens & such. As a returner he is phenomenal, but you don’t pay the steep price in draft picks & salary for a returner. It is highly doubtful Percy will be returning kicks, so all his value is at WR.

    Don’t get me wrong. He is a great player, but to me & apparently the Vikings brass his me first attitude & baggage aren’t worth it. We replaced him with Jennings & the very raw Patterson. J. Wright will do just fine in the slot.

    Have fun with that locker room cancer Seachickens.

  46. Maybe Harvin is a better football player than Jones, but I’d bet that Jacoby could clean the floor with Harvin as a dancer.

  47. I love it. I remember when my all-time favorite receiver, Derrick Mason, ended his career with the Texans. Upon his arrival, their fans were lighting up the message boards with comments like “Good! Maybe he can get Jacoby Jones off the field.” I mean they wanted that guy run out of town.

  48. The only proper way for this to be settled, is on the dance floor!

    Let’s see Percy Harvin next season on DWTS.

  49. the fact that they have cameron wake only as the 89th best player in the league says it all. This list is stupid.

  50. Obviously Harvin is better, but it isn’t like you can just ignore the fact that Harvin missed 7 games last season and you can’t ignore Jones’ monster postseason. It isn’t like those things just don’t count.

    And players likely see Harvin as potentially a pain in the ass, which might hurt his stock as well. That can’t be discounted.

    But yes when one player makes 3 times as much as another and a team gave up 1st/3rd round picks just for the priveledge of signing him to a big money contract you kinda know who the big dog is.

  51. Love you liberals always downing Tebow. That is the agenda though, right? Next year you’ll target RG3 for his crosses after scoring.

  52. If we are comparing by athletism then yes Percy is, but if we are comparing by attitude and can a player stay healthy and on the field then it’s of course Jones. Plain and simple.

  53. Jones is more reliable and he is a proven winner. That’s what makes him better. It doesn’t mean he has more skill or higher potential.

  54. Harvin missed half the year…he shouldn’t even BE on the list. Same with MoJo Drew. Both of them are terrific players, who (when healthy) are near the top of the heap at their respective positions, but you can’t help win games from the trainer’s table.

    Jones WAS better than Harvin…in 2013. Baltimore doesn’t win (or likely even get to) the Super Bowl without him.

  55. aldavis4president says: May 3, 2013 8:56 AM

    Hahah that’s funny. Percy is better then jacoby in every aspect of da game

    Except games played and the Tango

  56. Where is all this mr. Glass Percy harvin talk coming from?

    You do realize that prior to last year Percy only missed 3 games in 3 seasons?

    But don’t let facts gets in the way of your opinions.

    Percy is a playmaking game changer who I guess nobody (even Nfl players) bothers to watch.

  57. Actually big plays in the playoffs do have a lot of value when assessing talent. Jones showed up when it counted most. He is a loud mouth WR, but he isn’t a cancer to his teammates and actually is entertaining and hilarious.

  58. “And here’s how you know how ridiculous the notion of Jones being better than Harvin is: A year ago, the Texans cut Jones, and in free agency he got a two-year, $7 million contract from the Ravens. This year, the Seahawks gave up first-, third- and seventh-round picks for Harvin and gave him a six-year, $67 million contract. When Jones and Harvin changed teams, the market spoke. And it spoke clearly that Harvin is better than Jones.”
    Are you seriously contending that just because one stupid owner, GM and coach were willing to spend 3 draft picks and $67 million for a player who cannot stay on the field, that player must be better than a guy who makes less money? Do we really need to list every player in the NFL who is vastly overpaid, and every superior NFL who is vastly underpaid?

  59. The top 100 players, although it’s listed as a ranking, is not a numerical ranking in order of who’s a better player.

    Is Bernard Pollard better than Cameron Wake? No. But according to the rankings, he is.

  60. Jones wouldn’t sniff the top 100 if Goodell’s elves would’ve made the correct call on the kick off return after half time of the super bowl.

    Bruce Miller agrees..

  61. These players must have been Millen Brainwashed. That is laughable to think Jones is better than Harvin. I strongly believe Terrence Cody can get open when the opposing safeties have brainfarts like they did last year

  62. I honestly feel like I could come up with 50 WR’s in the NFL I would rank higher than Jacoby Jones, yet he is ranked as the 88th best player in the NFL.

  63. you seem to be forgetting , this poll is for what the players did last year and last year jacoby was better. harvin missed too many games. by standards of the voting he should be happy to be on there at all. in my humble opinion, jacoby deserved to be super bowl mvp.

  64. aldavis4president says:
    May 3, 2013 8:56 AM
    Hahah that’s funny. Percy is better then jacoby in every aspect of da game
    Every aspect except staying healthy which, believe it or not, is THE most important aspect of the game. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you’re sitting on the couch…

  65. Nobody ever said football players were smart.. Jones is no comparison to Percy.. Not even close. He had a good finish to last year, two long touchdowns in which defenders basically fell down, lets not give him too much credit here.

  66. I have never seen a guy get more hype after 4 years in the league without a 1000 yard season to his name as of yet than Harvin. Jacoby Jones was a big time play maker last year and Harvin missed have of his games and was a pain in the ass to his team. Based on last year I have no problem putting Jones ahead of him.

  67. jtbsteeler says:
    May 3, 2013 9:25 AM
    Jones and TOrrey Smith as your wideouts? The Steelers will hemlock that maypop offense again this season.


    So you are looking forward to another series split en route to another .500 record? That’s some solid smack right there.

    The Ravens’ passing game also involves Dennis Pitta and Ray Rice. On that subject, let’s talk about the Steelers amazing run game…

  68. McNabb must have spit in MDS’s coffee or something, back in the day. Under the guise of perspective, he brings McNabb up just to kick him while he is down. Just as Smith suggest that players tend to live in the now, he must have forgot that McNabb had a very successful NFL career. Greatest QB in Eagles history. May not have won the big one, but how many QB’s would have killed for his career? Back in his prime with just Westbrook and basically 1 season with Owens, McNabb was a beast. The 1 season with Owens, he had 33td’s to 8 picks. It’s disrespectful to even put his name in the same sentence as Tebow.

  69. percy harvin is way better end of story jones is a number 3 wide reciever wen percy harvin is the offense and thats why he gets hurt because he is the only player besides ap gettin force Fed the ball hes talent is beyond jones ..Jones had two plays this year the one in the superbowl wen he shakes two defenders to score and da denver catch other than that what else did he do because that kick return in the super bowl was grade A holding that wasnt called so i cant give him props for that the only thing Jones does better is dance that is all. Harvin been doing good since he came into the NFL…Jones on the other hand was always behind two Wideouts (that took the spotlight off jones) end of story Percy Harvin is better hands down

  70. MDS is absolutely right about the RIDICULOUSNESS of players’ rankings!

    The question isn’t how #88 Jacoby Jones is better than #90 Percy Harvin. The question is how is #88 Jacoby Jones better than #89 CAMERON WAKE???

  71. Its just funny that people are saying Harvin shouldn’t be on the list because he missed half the year, but even with half the year missed he outgained Jones….

    Jones had a great playoffs and Superbowl (personally I think he got robbed for SBMVP)…. but a great player…. not so much.

    He needs to follow up on that success in 2013…

  72. all of yall who talk about hes hurt and he doesnt play the whole season and i rather have a healthy player than mid season stat machine…yall seriously dont realize he was the whole offense wit just one other player helping him that is AP… getting force fed the ball is going to equal injury..duhh.. people are so dumb Jones isnt half of percy harvin when healthy so now he has help in seattle lets see how he does work even doe he might not do as good because hes the type of player that needs the ball in his hands because hes too Dominate hes gonna be taking a lil bit of a back seat but i guess thats cool

  73. Harvin is easily the better player and gets more done with less surrounding talent. Granted he had the best RB in the league, but had no other WRs and a pitiful QB. That said, Harvin is also easily the biggest diva and quitter in the league, bar none.

  74. jtbsteeler says: May 3, 2013 9:25 AM

    “Jones and TOrrey Smith as your wideouts? The Steelers will hemlock that maypop offense again this season.”

    Brown and Cotchery as your wideouts? The Ravens will hemlock that maypop offense again this season.

    Your wr is more of a joke then the Ravens.

  75. musicman495 says:
    May 3, 2013 10:21 AM
    “And here’s how you know how ridiculous the notion of Jones being better than Harvin is: A year ago, the Texans cut Jones, and in free agency he got a two-year, $7 million contract from the Ravens. This year, the Seahawks gave up first-, third- and seventh-round picks for Harvin and gave him a six-year, $67 million contract. When Jones and Harvin changed teams, the market spoke. And it spoke clearly that Harvin is better than Jones.”

    So Albert Haynesworth should be on the list? And Sanchez with all the guaranteed money?

    All this speaks to is the relative skill of front offices.

  76. Seattle needed a playmaking WR and Percy is that guy. Contract is a bit hefty but with no guarantee and shrewdness of John and Pete, they will make it wotk. They have had tremendous success in 3 seasons finding mid round gems. How do you stop RWilson, Beast and Harvin? It wont happen. With the defense and dynamic offense, Haeks are going to roll? Where is their weakness? When the eagles talked smack, they had a lousy QB and the worst safety tandem with below avg lb’s. In this passing era, hawks have the best secondary and dynamic offense. I dont care who is better? Hawks are going to soar in 2013. Besides, what did the rams give up for tavon austin? Unproven. This 1st rd draft is 50% busts, so get the proven player. Jacoby is a seared flash in the pan.

  77. “Its just funny that people are saying Harvin shouldn’t be on the list because he missed half the year, but even with half the year missed he outgained Jones….

    Jones had a great playoffs and Superbowl (personally I think he got robbed for SBMVP)…. but a great player…. not so much.

    He needs to follow up on that success in 2013…”

    yes…because…Jacoby’s production in 2014 has EVERYTHING to do with deciding the best players of 2013…

  78. Top 100 is an individual honor. Its about performance, not attitude and how well the player is liked. Jones did not win all the playoff games and SB singled handed. Did his 3 big plays lead them to the end result? Yes they helped big time, but there are 52 other players who had a hand in it. Harbinger had ponder tossing him the ball the last few years, and altho I firmly believe Flacco is in the 11-15 QB range that is still a lot better then Ponder. Harvin is no Megatron but other then AP who helped to take some coverage off of him. Jones had Boldin, Smith, Pita, Rice, and the backup RB who’s name eludes me to keep teams honest. Still Harvin put up better numbers in a partial season the Jones did all season. 2 spots doesn’t make a big difference but Harvin should be higher then Jones just on production.

  79. Percy Harvin is certainly a play-maker- especially as a kick-off returner.

    But Harvin has never been a polished route-runner, and at this point probably won’t ever be.

    His other flaw on the field is that he doesn’t always fight for balls or work to prevent INTs. He just kinda stops, which can lead to QBs not trusting him enough to throw him the ball in tight coverage.

  80. Who was there when his teammates needed him the most? Percy choosing to sit out when they had must win games and playoff games the last half of the season? Or jacoby making clutch catches for the Super Bowl champion? I’m sure AP understood harvin missing half the season because of an ankle sprain. Much more serious than an acl and mcl tear.

  81. Do all the people here saying Jones “comes through when it counts” remember the playoffs the year before? Remember how Jones fumbled away the Texans’ chances against the Ravens? Is that coming through when it counts? No, I should have known, that happened over a year ago which is far too long for the average fan to remember.

    Harvin is ten times the player Jones is. There’s no such thing as “clutchness” ESPN has brainwashed you.

  82. PFF ranked Cameron Wake the #1 4-3 DE in the NFL in 2012. He came in at #89 in the Top 100 rankings. So excuse me if I take exactly zero stock in the validity of the Top 100.

  83. This NFL top 100 list is played out. Not only is it a questionable voting system, the format at which it airs is atrocious. Art Blank on a school bus and a kid loosening his arm between every other player.

  84. Your facts a solid, however you’re leaving out relevant details. Perhaps the voters factored in character? Perhaps the voters factored in attitude? Perhaps the voters factored in being a solid teammate? Perhaps the voters factored in durability? Need I go on?…..I could.

    The Seahawks may have aquired a pro bowler – or just a bowl smoker. Only time will tell. The Seahawks might just be this years Eagles (Dream Team).

  85. When you sit the last third of the season because you have sore ankle and your team gets better is probably the reason he slid.

    Great player, bad attitude.

  86. Seahawks are happy to have Harvin and I suspect he will be motivated to prove his peers wrong and has taken offense to their absurb ranking of him.

  87. Please sportwriters screw up the HoF voting all the time. Have some perspective. And, btw, this list actually doesnt count. It’s just for fun. Butt-hurt?

  88. Maybe if Percy did “Dancing with the Stars” he be ranked higher.

    Yes I know that’s absurd, so is arguing over the 88th and 90th ranked persons in a popularity contest.

  89. I think it is nice to see where your players end up, but I only watch the videos linked on my teams website. I think the last few years RayRays’ spot was more of a lifetime achievement award than his play but, remember this list is also kind of a “players I don’t like to face list” and who they Respect. what a guy does in the playoff does carry weight because EVERYONE is watching those games, including Harvin

  90. You can’t pick and choose. For example, I’ve seen the “NFL Top 100 list” touted as proof Tony Romo is over-rated by his ranking. Now it’s being hand-waived because it disagrees with a different opinion.

    Either the list is meaningful or meaningless. It can’t be both. It is really just a popularity contest, and has nothing to do with actual football ability, and should be reported as such.

  91. Percy Harvin is a total STUD. He has been in a run first scheme, crap qbs, crap wr corps, and no super bowl appearences. Downside, has had a few injury issues, and was vocal about how Minn was not addressing their qb situation. (No one likes when players have a voice apparently)

    Jacoby Jones is a good wr, and really good returner. He just finished up getting his name mentioned in a super bowl. I like jones… however, Percy Harvin he is not.

    This reminds me of Steve Smith NYG. Dieon Branch NE. In recent years, they made decent plays that gave them 15 minutes of fame. However, their moments in the super bowl were short lived. They were talented, but never really made it.

  92. News flash. Most players aren’t really that smart and are just as impressionable as everyone else. They’re not scouts or talent evaluators. Yes, if they play against those players on the field, they’re going to know more than anyone else. But you only play 13 different teams a year, that’s not even half. And you only play offense or defense. So even as a player you’re only exposed first-hand to a small sample of players. So in reality, players are being judged by a higher number of players that never were on the same field at the same time with them than were. So in the end, it’s probably not as bad, but even the players votes are biased.

  93. stoutfiles says: May 3, 2013 9:05 AM

    Harvin is the most overrated player I know.

    -He’s never had more than 1000 yds receiving in a season.
    -He’s never had more than 10 TDs in a season.
    -He gets hurt every year


    Yeah he has had some injuries but most seasons he played 15 games.

    Before his injury last year he was an MVP candidate and was leading the league in net yards by over 100 yards. And that’s on a team with the REAL MVP, Adrian. Not an easy task.
    Harvin is the man

  94. BringBackTheFlex
    if it was really just a popularity contest then sebastian janikowski would be Number 1 every year dude is the coolest punter ever

  95. I see you are a very knowledgeable football fan. Janikowski is a FG kicker, not a punter.

  96. Ok, think of it this way then.
    Harvin: YPCatch = 10.9
    YPCarry = 4.4
    Touchdowns 4
    Total touches overall = 84 (no kickoffs)
    Jones: YPCatch = 13.5
    YPCarry = 6
    Touchdowns 1
    Total Touches overall = 31 (no kickoffs)

    From these numbers we can tell that jones is every bit as good, if not better, than Harvin but because Jones isn’t the #1 WR on his respective team, his numbers aren’t as numerous. With less than half the touches of Harvin, Jones has a fourth of the touchdowns. Plus, the only thing you generally hear about Harvin is his bitchy-ness, and his inability to suit up for games because of his headaches, (may I remind you that this is the same excuse b!tches use to get out of sex). Harvin was such a cancer that his former team was happy to unload him and go with a raw, unproven rookie in his place. I would say the rankings are just right.

  97. Before he went to the Hawks, Harvin was on everybody’s “top ten”. Now, he’s not much better than the senior janitor at the Clink, to listen to the fans. I remember that Vikings’ fans used to laud Harvin, at every opportunity. Now he’s a “diva”, “bust”, “has-been”, “never was”, etc. In other words, when you’re a Viking, you da man. But if you leave Minny, you a bum.

    I can’t stand the Niners. Don’t like their colors, name, or Harbaugh. But I have lauded various of their players when merit was deserved. I “knew” that Montana was the greatest QB in my lifetime, and Rice the best pass catcher.

    All I’m saying is, love your team, its the right thing to do, but stop dissing players that don’t deserve it. That only makes “you” look ignorant.

  98. Attitude wise, Jacoby is probably better. Locker room wise, he is probably better. But talent wise, Harvin is more explosive. I too would choose Jacoby over Harvin though. What did sitting out do for Harvin? Getting the boot. What did playing do for Jacoby? A Super Bowl ring and a big reason his team is the champs.

  99. Harvin might be better than Jones, but he is still one of the most overrated players i the NFL. As a Cards fan I’m happy the Seahawks made that stupid trade AND overpaid him.

  100. The Ravens will see the real Jacoby this season as they let Bouldin go. WR3? That’s even a stretch. His inconsistency as a dependable WR will keep him on special teams for the majority of his career. Wait till he drops a wide open pass in the end zone and proves to Baltimore fans that the only route he can run is straight. Dude’s an extremely immature turd that feeds on attention. Good luck with that.

  101. Logicalvoices – start your deep breathing and meditation sessions. Griffin is not going to be #1.

  102. Good points all. Jones deserved to win last season because the end rightfully outweighs raw stats. Going forward, expect improvement from both players, Harvin working with Russell Wilson and the chip on shoulder guys in Seattle can reinvent himself. Jones can work to limit his drops by working one on one with Flacco, and become the go to guy in the offense, building on his late success. Next season’s rankings should be more informative, but the article highlights two players who have each reached a critical point in their careers.

  103. I think that Cobb is good player. He could be better than both Jones and Harvin. Besides, the name “Cobb” just sounds more like a great football name. You gotta love that.

  104. As a Seahawk fan I am feeling that just having Harvin running routes will force teams to play honest giving Lynch more room to run.
    Hopefully the Seahawks didn’t overpay for him.
    Seahawks have already said that they won’t be changing the way they played last season (primarily running game, but were they just saying that to throw teams off?)

  105. Harvin is probably the best football player all around that I have ever seen. He can play corner if you need him to. Kick and punt returns. Running back. Wide reciever. He is also one of the best athletes in the history of high school. Track and basketball standout along with football. Look up his résumé. It’s amazing. Dude almost won a state championship in track for his school all by himself, sprinting and jumping. That’s unheard of. Only guy I can think of that has a similar athletic record like him is…Moss.

    Problem Harvin always has had is his attitude. He was kicked off teams in high school, choke slammed a college coach, and got into physical altercations with nfl coaches, or very aggressive verbal arguments.

    And I’m a Vikings fan. What’s funny is that even though the Vikings lose all that talent, they are better without him. He really didn’t do much on a CONSISTENT basis. Moss going to the raiders hurt the Vikings because he was always money. With Harvin, the Vikings will miss one or two kick returns, and maybe one or two steam rolling plays Harvin makes in the open field. Net effect of losing Harvin for the Vikings, since they signed Jennings and this Patterson, is a actually a gain.

    Hawks get better for however long Harvin doesn’t deem them unworthy of his skill.

  106. For Harvin, T O’s experience is instructive. To Pete: Coach, I think——Pete Carrol: Excuse me, and you are—?? Terrell Owens. Funny, we used to have a Terrell Owens on our roster. Wasn’t a coach though.

  107. Between bailing out Flacco with TD returns (when the “MVP” totally disappears in the second half of Super Bowls) and turning Flacco’s woefully underthrown passes into gold, Jones is the Ravens real MVP.

    Not sure if he’s better than Harvin, but he’s the best thing that happened to Flacco and the Ravens.

  108. Dumb comment ampats. Flacco won the game in the 2nd half. Jones didn’t catch a pass in the 2nd half. After Jones kickoff Td, score was 28-6. Ravens needed 6 more points to win the game. Watch the 2nd half, maybe you’ll learn something.

  109. ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and I repeat ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, Harvin is just flat out better than Jones in every aspect of the game. The fact that this is even a story is laughable….

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