Ravens sign 14 undrafted rookies

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The Ravens haven’t wasted any time signing their draft picks, getting six of them under contract less than a week after the draft concluded.

They’ve also announced the signing of 14 undrafted rookie free agents who will vie for spots on the roster. Two of the most interesting names on the list are tight ends.

Matt Furstenburg stood out at the combine, posting the fastest 40 time and shuttle run of all tight ends, which led some to believe that he’d hear his name called before the end of the draft. That didn’t happen, perhaps because he didn’t get much help from tapes of him playing with some poor quarterbacks at Maryland. The Ravens also signed Murphy Holloway, who played basketball and not football at Ole Miss. That paid off with a trip to the Sweet 16 this year and a chance to follow the trail blazed by Antonio Gates many years ago. With Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta both set for unrestricted free agency after the season, there could be a spot for a young tight end on the Ravens roster next season.

The rest of the new Ravens are: West Virginia guard Jeff Braun, Florida International cornerback Jose Cheeseborough, Penn outside linebacker Brandon Copeland, Memphis tackle Jordan Devey, Tennessee State tackle Rogers Gaines, Florida wide receiver Omarius Hines, Louisiana Tech running back Ray Holley, Colorado defensive end Will Pericak, Towson wide receiver Gerrard Sheppard, Southeast Louisiana quarterback Nathan Stanley, Troy safety Bryden Trawick and Midwestern State tackle Joe Unga.

The Ravens also waived running back Lonyae Miller.

8 responses to “Ravens sign 14 undrafted rookies

  1. I’m glad Furstenburg is getting a shot. He was quite a good player in the ACC, but Maryland went through I believe 4 or 5 starting QBs this last year due to season ending injuries. I’m really surprised after his excellent combine that some team didn’t take a 6th or 7th round flyer on him. The Ravens are a team that seems to find these undrafted guys (Recent ones like Dannell Ellerbe and Jameel McClain back to guys like Priest Holmes). As pointed out, Pitta and Dickson are UFAs at the end of the year (Ravens will probably keep Pitta, if healthy)…Furstenburg could definitely make this team.

  2. Ravens are building a seven nation army! Steelers are still trying to sign a punter. Which team do you think has the better chance? Thought so.

  3. Wish the Ravens would have took a shot on Da’Rick Rogers. He has legit NFL level talent if his head is on right. Would have been an awesome replacement for Boldin,

  4. speaking of posting crap. so its ok for you to post insulting anti baltimore anti raven crap but posting anti steeler is to be banned. ok…sounds reasonable

  5. Steeler fans live in their own little bizarro world, scoobie. This is why they still believe in a dead team.

  6. You’re right. He is a murderer. He killed the Superbowl dreams of every Colt, Bronco, Patriot, and 49er in cold blood. By the way Nofool, since you’re such an expert on crime, why would the lead investigator in the Big Ben case be forced to resign? Do you think it had something to do with screwing up the whole investigation? Check it out, Columbo!

  7. Hehe, you’re right. Those Steelers are building a true punting juggernaut over there. And with all that cap space they can only get better. Oh wait, all their punters stink and they have the worst cap situation in the entire league. My bad!

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