Ravens hire Steve Spagnuolo as senior defensive assistant


Steve Spagnuolo’s been fired as Rams head coach and Saints defensive coordinator in the last two years, but it hasn’t stopped him from landing a job for the 2013 season.

Stacey Dales of the NFL Network reported that Spagnuolo has signed on to be a senior defensive assistant with the Ravens on Friday afternoon and the team confirmed it a short time later.

It’s a sensible landing spot for Spagnuolo. He spent eight years on the same Eagles staff with Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, with Harbaugh taking over as the team’s defensive backs coach after Spagnuolo left to become the Giants’ defensive coordinator in 2007.

There’s no word on what Spagnuolo’s specific responsibilities will be in Baltimore, if they have even been decided at this point. Spagnuolo’s teams have run 4-3 base defenses over the course of his career while the Ravens run a 3-4, although one imagines that Harbaugh has some ideas of how Spagnuolo can assist defensive coordinator Dean Pees despite that difference.

The allure of the association with the Ravens for Spagnuolo is less hazy. Putting his name back into the mix for coordinator jobs next offseason can only be helped by being on the staff of a winning team, something the Ravens have been in every season under Harbaugh.

21 responses to “Ravens hire Steve Spagnuolo as senior defensive assistant

  1. The NFC champs could not beat this guy. Now we have him. Brilliant as usual!!!

  2. Good Luck Ravens. Let’s hope you don’t end up with last years Saints defense.

  3. Good for Spags.

    Much better fit then trying to resurrect a failed program in the Lou or breathe life into one of the league’s least talented defenses in NO.

  4. “Spagnuolo’s teams have run 4-3 base defenses over the course of his career”

    And when you say he runs a base 4-3, that’s literally ALL he runs. Too bad he doesn’t always have that Giants D-line with him!

    I’ve run into spags a couple of times and he’s actually a nice guy. Best of luck to him.

  5. I’ve heard it said the mark of a good coach is finding how to best utilize the talent he is given.

    Spagnuolo has been fired from two places in a row for trying to fit square pegs into round holes, because that’s “his system.”

    That doesn’t sound like a good coach to me; it sounds like an control freak who puts his own ego ahead of what’s good for his team.

  6. It’s amazing how the “good ole boy” network keeps recycling these retreads.

    They’ll go out of the way to create positions, but us the Rooney Rule as a ruse.

  7. I love how everyone like crownoftheprincess act like we’ve hired him as DC. News flash: HE’S NOT! He’s an assistant to Pees. He doesn’t change our D scheme, personnel, alignments, nothing! So before you start talking crazy Like Baltimore just hired Spags to replace Pees just realize he’s JUSTAN ASSISTANT!

    Ps- pretty sure all of you said the same things about Caldwell last year right?! How’d that work out? Ring you say? Hmmm…

  8. I am sorry, but Steve Spagnuolo i not a good defensive coach or head coach. And yes, he was a product of the NY Giants great defensive line. His St Louis Rams teams ranked near the absolute worst defenses in the NFL while he was the head coach there, and then as the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, the Saints defense set an NFL record for most yards given up in a single NFL 16 game season. There has to be something terribly wrong with having him as your coach or coordinator if your teams always rank near the bottom of the entire league. I would not want Steve Spagnuolo any where near my team, coaching them.

  9. Ravens aren’t afraid to take chances nor are they afraid to make changes mid-season. Other teams, like the Steelers, hang on to their deadwood and players that track their personal mud into the locker room. This is the difference between being World Champs and having a pair of throwaway seasons.

  10. Its easy to pile on Spags because of his recent history. His last two jobs really were simply no-win situations.

    If guilty of anything, the Rams gig was a bad opportunity to prove himself as a head coach. Being the Head Coach is a totally different gig than the coordinator’s job. Wade Phillips is a good example.

    Some guys simply cannot be the head coach….and owners should know the difference. But the GM head coach relationship/partnership is critical.

    The Saints gig was a gravediggers job.

  11. Sounds to me like Harbaugh is just helping out a former colleague get back on his feet.

  12. Spats was hired to help out the pass rush and hemp getting better pressure on the QB. Remember, he got the DC job in ny based on his success in generating a rush in Philly.. The rams joc as HC was a bad gig but you don’t turn down a job when there is only 32 of them in the world. As far as the saints, if you make chicken salad with chicken poop it still tastes like poop. The quality of his lineup was lousy. He has a lot more to work with on the ravens. With up shaw as a second year, McPhee, Suggs and now Elvis dumervil I see the ravens breaking their team sack record.

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