The hits keep coming for Geno Smith


Another day, another round of anonymous sources ripping new Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

This time the anonymous sources talked to, which quotes two people who work for NFL teams and who think Smith has character issues that will make life rough for him in his new NFL home.

“He’s going to have a tough time in New York,” an NFC scout said. “Right now, he’s coming off as a spoiled, pampered brat.”

Smith’s decision to fire his agents also has caused him to take some criticism from those who see it as a sign that he doesn’t stick it out when the going gets tough.

“One of his perceived weaknesses is working through adversity,” an AFC personnel executive said.

One of the problems Smith is having right now, as Mike Florio noted on PFT Live, is the very fact that he doesn’t have an agent. When players are taking heat in the media, it’s often the agent who gives him good public relations advice and helps him to beat back all the hits he’s taking. Smith could use someone whose job it is to look out for his interests, and he doesn’t have that right now.

But what’s unclear is why so many unnamed sources — including those who revealed this week that Smith didn’t handle himself well in pre-draft interviews — are coming out of the woodwork right now, a week after Smith was drafted. It’s starting to feel like piling on.

Whatever the reasons, Smith seems to have a lot of people around the league who don’t like him.

136 responses to “The hits keep coming for Geno Smith

  1. I hope Geno grows a thick skin, plays well and proves his detractors wrong.

    Give the guy a chance, we were all 20 once.

  2. Tebow’s out / Geno’s in, The frying pan. Let the kid hit the field, then judge him.

  3. I can’t think of many things I respected less than him saying he wouldn’t show up for day 2 of the draft when you know it’s because he wanted to be a first round pick and the first QB taken. Suck it up kid.

  4. This is strictly a by product of being a Jet, if he was a Patriot PFT would be talking about how gracious he has been in this whole process and how stoked he is to learn under Brady.

    I know your pain Jet fans PFT craps all over my team as well.

  5. I feel for Jets fans…….this kid has no leadership ability….and lacks football intelligence ……

  6. I’m no Geno Smith fan nor a Jets fan but I’m starting to feel for the guy. Let’s watch him play for a bit before we cast him off…

  7. Easy answer. If they keep him distracted from football and defending character, then that’s one less team to worry about on Sundays…even if it is the Jets…

  8. “Right now, he’s coming off as a spoiled, pampered brat.”
    If true
    He should fit in perfectly in NY.

  9. The same group who knocked Cam Newton a year after he played in the Pro Bowl.

    So much hate for somebody they don’t even know. Let the young man play the game.

  10. Geno, you might want to consider getting off that VY career path since your skills are not quite on par with his…..

  11. If he’s drafted by any other team you would get none of this… welcome to NY Geno better get ready to be ripped to shreds daily that’s the M.O.

  12. Guys like Tom Brady and Joe Montana were once criticized by scouts too. If he has a thick enough skin and can play, Geno will be fine as a pro and hopefully he can use this stuff as motivation to prove everybody wrong.

  13. I’m loving it as a Jets fan. Keep making that chip on his shoulder get larger. Going to make it that much sweeter when he shuts the haters up.

  14. Gee, do you think the “unnamed” source doesn’t want to be known is because he would be labeled a gino hating racist? The media doesn’t just want it both ways, they want it all ways. I wouldn’t give my name up either.

  15. All the detractors may be right. The smartest thing for Geno would be to shut up, stop tweeting and get to work.
    He has the talent, whether he has the smarts, time will tell – but he does have an opportunity to prove them wrong, which as a competitor is all you need.

  16. NYC, home of the Anonymous Back Stabbing Cowards. Clearly Geno already has more Grapes than this bunch.

  17. Geno just doesn’t come off as trustworthy or competent. When the poop hits the fan on this season, watch as he blames his o line, receivers, running game, play calling, defense, late hits and left over hype of Tim Tebow. Anybody and everything but himself.

  18. I do agree we need to move on from this guy. Just think about how many guys drafted in the first round won’t even see a second contract who passed the character test with flying colors.

  19. He can hire a new agent 5 days after the firing became official. Figured that would be today.

  20. I find it refreshing to have fewer Tebow and Griffin posts.

    Geno Smith is to the NY media like chum in the water is to sharks.

  21. Why is there a witch hunt for this guy? He’s 22 years old, and like most that age, made some mistakes. I wish the media would give these young men an opportunity to fall, before knocking him down. No one is attacking the “Goldeb Boy” Matt Barkley, and he feels he can help the Eagles right away….Right!

  22. No actual interview with the player.
    No named source.
    No concrete evidence of anything actually going on.

    Sounds like a Manish Mehta article. Surprised that is participating in this.

  23. dealer009 says:
    May 3, 2013 6:51 PM
    Why would anyone have an agent when your contract is based off where you were drafted?

    Seems like a waste of 10%.
    Agents get 3% not 10%. And any NFL player who goes into negotiations without one is an idiot. NFL contracts withintees that aren’t guarantees and their roster bonus that only gets paid if xyz happens are some of the more complex in the sports world. Even with slotting I advise players to hire an agent or at least an attorney well versed in contract law.

  24. Sure am glad the skins got RG3 last year, the best of that rookie class and this one

  25. The Big Apple is no place for this kid….and then to have blowhard Rexy as his coach…let the fun begin.

  26. “One of his perceived weaknesses is working through adversity”

    If that perception is anywhere near reality, he’ll have a really hard time in the NFL, especially in the NYC market. Sounds like Mark Sanchez. Quarterbacks who need to be coddled aren’t going to go far.

  27. I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for him but it’s the Jets so……

  28. This guy is going to make Mark Sanchez look like Joe Montana before it is all said and done. Welcome to New York, Geno!

  29. I’ve got no problem with legitimate gripes about Smith, like ditching the draft early, but it’s quite the stretch to hammer him for switching agents. It’s a business and if for any reason he didn’t like what his agents were doing, he needed to send them away. Elvis Dumervil no doubt wishes he’d said bye-bye to his agent a little sooner.

  30. As I write this I can honestly say that Geno is the most mature person in New York and is by far the best quarterback in New York or New Jersey.. Anyone who says differently is a racist.


    Warren Moon

  31. Awe, poor baby didn’t go in the 1st Rd. So he fires his agents to begin Operation Blame Game. Which will morph into Operation 2013 Draft Bust. Good luck w/that line and those recievers. Can’t wait for his 1st post game presser when he throws EVERYONE under the bus.

  32. So what reason would an AFC East team have in leaking questionable character issue surrounding a divisional opponents future QB?

    Especially in NY where the media scrutiny is so high….

    The kids reputation is sure taking a beating and it has only been a week since he was drafted….

    What’s next Dee Milner stories???

    Go Pats, Fish, and Bills… Keep leaking that trash and let the media do the rest….

  33. “it is unclear as to why so many unnamed sources…coming out of the wood work to bash the guy”
    really? are they coming out of the woodwork? or are they being hounded by media members who see geno news as a meal ticket and report useless garbage?

  34. You media guys are just keeping the story alive to have something to tear at. Have at least a basic level of reporting integrity & stop headlining stories from so called ‘anonymous’ sources. For all I know its Jet haters like Belichik trying to stir up trouble with cowardly statements knowing that you monkeys blindly will repeat it.

    Geno you don’t need an agent to know its water off a ducks back at this point.

  35. This is what old pros call piling on. Why does ESPN quote anonymous sources who seek to ruin a guy’s rep. Why doesn’t ESPN just give us their names and not quote them, just tell us that they are out there trashing an anonymous player.
    That would shut the anonymous sources up!
    He is not smart and has no agent. That doesn’t mean that his team’s enemies should trash him and then get a free pass!

  36. Man alive. The Jets are the new Raiders. But, then again, the Raiders are STILL the Raiders. So, now we get to enjoy TWO totally dysfunctional organizations, and watch the carnage ensue.

  37. Man just get off the guys rear .

    Honey badger failed ten drug tests and he isn’t catching this much flak.

    Aaron Rodgers pouted too when he had to wait. Get over it.

  38. realphinsfan says: May 3, 2013 6:50 PM

    I can’t think of many things I respected less than him saying he wouldn’t show up for day 2 of the draft when you know it’s because he wanted to be a first round pick and the first QB taken. Suck it up kid.

    Eddie Lacy went home too on friday after not being selected in the 1st so I assume you don’t respect him also. This is getting crazy. His fired agents are loving this. Exactly what they wanted.

  39. No matter what the Jets front office says, they passed on him twice before selecting him in the 2nd. If they thought he was truly a QB savior they’d not have risked losing him.

    The funny thing is that apparently most Jets fans think that his temper tantrum that he wasn’t selected #1 is a good sign of maturity.

    The fact that he deluded himself he was going to go #1 speaks for itself as well.

    That is what it is. He thinks he’s going to be dope when he doesn’t even know what it takes to be a pro.
    He was probably trittering and tweeting and emailing everyone to talk about his “First Round Draft Pick Party”…. and now he looks like a clown.
    NEW YORK will eat this guy alive unless he realizes he’s not in Mogantown Dorthy.
    He’s a deer in headlights.
    He may not get out of training camp with the #2 job.
    Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

    (From the book “Badasses” / John Madden’s Oakland Raiders”… a must read).

  41. It’s funny how people give RGIII his props when it’s in defense of THEIR new QB. But when they’re not servicing their own point, most people on here just lambbast RGIII. Just sayin’, be consistent.

  42. I blame the whole debacle of the NY jets on the owner and g.m. This team is rebuilding big time. revis is gone they have no offense. They should of fired Rex Ryan and drafted offensive lineman to protect Mark Sanchez for one last season. everyone knows the 2013 NFL draft was a bad year to draft a qb. But as we all know the jets are a sideshow aka as football lite. Bart Scott can’t wait to hear Rex tell everyone that the jets are going to the Superbowl smh.

  43. I don’t care about Geno Smith or the Jets one way or the other, but I am really tired of these “anonymous sources” whose only journalistic contribution is to trash someone’s character. It’s basically the average nasty PFT user comment calling someone an egotistical wuss or whatever, hiding behind anonymity to say things they wouldn’t attach to their names publicly, but with the advantage of a traditional media organization’s backing and credibility. These aren’t people describing events in Syria and remaining anonymous to protect themselves from vengeful security forces, or whistleblowers informing the media about abuses in corporations or government and remaining anonymous to protect their jobs and ability to find employment, or anything like that. It’s people who want to take some particular person down but aren’t big enough to own up to it. And I wish you guys would stop helping them do so.

  44. I wish Geno Smith the best as an NFL QB. I think he can be a Good NFL WB. Not Great. Better than Sanchez for sure. If the Jets were smart they would cut Sanchez loose and let Geno take the reins.

  45. Keep your head up Geno. It took ShAaron Rodgers 3yrs holding a clipboard to overcome his insubordinate adolescence.
    Now look at him, a true overpaid PR EMA Donna.

  46. While he certainly deserves a lot of the criticism, I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him anticipating what the NY media will do to this guy. As he embarks on his career in the toughest town in the league I think we are going to witness a monumental breakdown that he may never recover from.

  47. Has Geno actually even said anything? All I am hearing is speculation about a player who hasn’t snapped a ball in the NFL. Is this real journalism or sensationalism based solely on profit for everyone who doesn’t play.

  48. He wilted like a schoolgirl when he wasn’t drafted as high as he thought he should have. Weak.

    He played the victim card, and fired *others* – essentially blaming them.

    And his post-draft comments aren’t flying either.

    This doesn’t even mention the stuff about him being a social misfit with an engorged sense of entitlement – who immerses himself in his cell phone and I-pod at all the wrong times.

    His mental make-up heading into the NFL seems like the Hindenburg heading into the wires on that rainy Jersey field. Should fit in well with that Jets clown car — oh the humanity.

  49. j0esixpack says: May 3, 2013 7:41 PM

    I was worried the Jets were going to “end the circus”

    Then they signed Geno

    Thanks Wrecks!
    Yeah, NE just signs cameramen. Kinda weird how bad Kodak has done ever since Belicheat and that “franchise” was caught.

  50. The “unnamed sources” are probably pissed off player agents. His not hiring one of them might be sending signals to other players that agents are little more than blood-sucking, money-grubbing leeches and are not really needed at all.

  51. I’m confused, why aren’t the JETS defending this (high) draft pick? I would think it would be in their overall interest, now and for the future.

  52. He’s a diva biatch and hasn’t even played one game. This guy has jabustus russell written all over him for sure. It’s just too bad that he’ll never be as good as he thinks he is. He’s another braylon edwards in a jets uni.

  53. This glut of offseason speculation really does get old this time of year. Won’t it be a treat when there is actual football-related information to read about..

  54. NY Media loves themselves some Mark Sanchez so they will try to destroy anyone that is trying to take his job away

  55. I’m a Seahawks fan, and I’ll be rooting for this kid just because I hope he makes these anonymous “sources” look stupid for slandering him all offseason.

    And on that topic, why is it that PFT always has a whole bunch of articles attacking the character of some specific player or agent? You all said the same stuff about Cam Newton. There have been others as well. It’s starting to get old coming to this site and seeing personal attacks against certain players, as if there is some agenda there.

    It’s not news if there are rumors attacking peoples’ characters and the sources are unwilling to put their names behind it. Your site shouldn’t spread that garbage. It makes you look as if you have some hidden agenda. I always wonder if PFT is getting fed this stuff by competing agents, or maybe by his pissed-off ex-agents, and PFT publishes these ad hominem attacks to curry favor with some agent or agents. I’m not sure what the agenda is, but I don’t like it and wish you would stop.

    Nobody wants to read what some anonymous coward has to say about someone if they’re not man enough to put their name behind it.

  56. Geno fires his agent, then all these negative stories start popping up…hhmm wonder who could be behind it
    Anyway, this is all jus Jet hate being brought on him. You really think, when he went on interviews, that he sat on his phone texting the whole time?? I love it. Just helping stoke his fire…

  57. Come on, this is WVUT err, PFT. I thought we supported Mountaineer Athletics and Alums here.

    There is obviously a full fledged smear campaign out on Eugene Smith. Maybe his agent is a little bitter.
    Who isn’t on their cell phone while their waiting in the lobby.
    And Geno took the high road on Sirius NFL when asked about the agent firing.
    How is it everyone from Bill Polian to Jon Gruden has praised Geno and his work ethic, demeanor, yet now that he is a Jet he doesn’t have one good quality? Give me a break.

  58. kylexitron says: May 3, 2013 7:58 PM

    for being so far away from hollywood, there sure is a lot of drama in new york.


    are you even aware that NY is the media capital of the world?

  59. The more i read your articles Michael David Smith, the more you remind me of Ben Roethlisberger… you try too hard to make something out of nothing, you are so pathetically “tabloid minded”.
    I guess Geno has become your bread and butter now that Timmy is out of the picture.

  60. Let me get this straight. Matt Barkley didn’t want to compete with Griffin and Luck so he went back to school that blows up in his face so what does he do blame his coaches for the play calling his stock drops him to the fourth round and the only guy who gets bashed is Geno Smith okay I guess that’s fair.

  61. Leave this guy alone. If he wanted to play the “blame game”, he would have used facts already. Facts like the ONLY reason he didn’t win the Heisman this year was because he played on a team with no defense. Everyone knows it but you never heard him say it. The ONLY reason his numbers didn’t get him the Honor of being the#1 pick is his Team had no defense! How many times did you hear someone on a team with a 7-6 record could never win the Heisman? If they had ANY defense Geno and Tavon Austin would have split all of the votes. You won’t find one quote of him bringing this up unless it’s from Mr. anonymous. You will find him defending his teammates. Blame Game? If anyone had a reason it would be Geno.

  62. This time the anonymous sources talked to

    They didn’t talk to “” They talked to Rich Cimini, a former New York Daily News beat writer who now turns out his dreck under the “ESPN New York” banner. But let’s not pretend that this story came out of Bristol. It was a small-time local muckraker doing what he does best/worst.

  63. Sure glad to know that profootballtalk is doing all it can to keep rumors about Geno from spreading.

  64. Sounds like the folks piling up on GS3 are the ones with the character issues. Face up to every u chumps, stop hiding behind an anonymous name. Put ur name on it.

  65. Typical punk ass prima donna who is going to be a complete bust in the NFL just like Ryan Leaf who also did not know when to keep his big mouth shut. You can almost feel the defensive linemen and linebackers licking their chops to get after this jackass.

  66. Micheal smith is Florio’s bitch. Another noname sources BS. If you can’t name your information, don’t print it , Smith . Or go back to your school of journalism and stop copying your buddy ‘s test essays this time. Pathetic dribble.

  67. It’s a good thing he got drafted by a solid, stable organization with a strong lockerroom full of high character coaches and teammates that will help steer him in the right direction.

    Oh wait…

  68. There’s nothing worst then annoynums source who bashes someone !! If you’re Gona say something about someone make sure you have ur name behind that statment !!!

  69. Well as stated in this post Gino needs representation and for all the aforementioned reasons. However the guy does not trust anyone now…… coming to the decision on who to trust and then hire will most likely take a while.

  70. people…. why is it that if someone makes a valid point or disagrees with you they are a “hater?”

    It is stupid and a misuse of the word. Those pointing out that Geno may be mentally soft (like Sanchez) and did poorly during pre-draft visits are entitled to their opinion.

    Being that none of you have met him…. their info. is more valid than any “fans.”
    Why not try to listen to what is being said and let that guide you. It may be easier when all this comes out in future as fact.

  71. Go Pats, Fish, and Bills… Keep leaking that trash and let the media do the rest

    BTW, I’m sure the last thing on these teams minds is leaking info. to the press. You must be insecure to make that statement. The jet are irrelevant.

  72. I would like nothing more than to see the Jets fail.. But seriously I’m starting to feel bad for this kid. And to people saying its all just because he’s a Jet… Yes that’s true he’s in NY.. The microscope is on him. Plus, this is the atmosphere the team created. Drama in the locker room and at the podium.

  73. Some of the fan who post here against Geno Smith are not Jet fans. NE fans, They fear that Geno may turn out to be better tham Brady.

  74. “Smith could use someone whose job it is to look out for his interests, and he doesn’t have that right now.”

    Um-How bout the New York Jets?

  75. Wow the circus continues in NY just what they needed another bit of drama to Rex’s soap opera. Hey how about a housecleaning with Rex the first to go. I mean c’mon this is funny but at the same time embarrassing to the players who care and want to play football

  76. I can tell as soon as he got drafted and was shaking his head when he met the comish, like oh i waited too long and i shouldve beeen here long time ago. Thats what it felt like to me, his body language wasnt the greatest. But well see how he plays on the field, lets see what he does after a pick 6, or INT in the 4th qt of a close game

  77. The kid hasn’t played even a snap in an NFL scrimmage and already people are judging him harshly…

    Is it because he went to The Jets?
    Is it because he sulked after not going in the first round?
    Is it because he fired the agent who filled his head with lollipop dreams and twinkling scenarios?
    Or is it since the Tebow fiasco has left town these talking heads need more fodder?

    Let the kid live out his dream. If he craps out, then you can Ryan Leaf him all day long, but if he takes the Jets to the big dance, will those “anonymous sources” give him his props like real men do, or will they credit the defense and not him for the points?

    Either way, he’s still better than Tony Romo.

  78. All this happens before he even throws his first training camp pass. Just throw the ball great and play well and all will take care of it’s self

  79. Let me take a wild guess. Fired agents say publicly “Good luck to Geno! We enjoyed working with him.” Meanwhile agent’s office who’s not happy with being dumped begins releasing anonymous negative information. Think so?

  80. If its true that he blew interviews by texting on his phone the whole time…wouldn’t that be an Indictment of his agents? A reason you might fire them? Wouldn’t a good agent say to the kid, ‘put the phone away?’

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