Von Miller: We can’t replace Dumervil, but we’ll be better anyway


Broncos linebacker Von Miller says Denver’s defense will take a major hit with the departure of Elvis Dumervil. But Miller thinks the team will be better than last year anyway.

There’s no way you can replace what Elvis did for us production-wise,” Miller said. “But I feel like if we all take a percentage of what we did — so, if I step my game up 5 percent, Derek Wolfe steps his game up 5 percent, everybody just takes a little piece of what him leaving has taken from us — I think we can definitely get it done.”

Miller is convinced that so many other players will step their game up 5 percent that the Broncos will actually be a better team, despite losing Dumervil, who had 11 sacks and six forced fumbles last season.

“I feel like we have a way better team than we had last year,” he said.

If the Broncos are “way better” than last year, when they went 13-3, the rest of the league should be worried. But if new arrival Shaun Phillips can’t at least come close to replacing Dumervil, it’s the Broncos who should be worried.

20 responses to “Von Miller: We can’t replace Dumervil, but we’ll be better anyway

  1. So, what you’re saying is “No one on the Broncos played at 100% last year!” Yeah, right.

  2. Better than 13-3? I think Denver would be happy for them to be better than 0-1 in the playoffs.

  3. i knew someone would say “oh 11 * 5% is only 55%”

    A player is going to take his spot, and he’s not going to contribute 5%, but maybe 70% of what elvis did, and if the best players add 5% and the average add 2-3%, you can be at 110% which would be better.

    Maybe you didn’t major in logic.

  4. cowpiesnotcowboys says:
    May 3, 2013 8:08 AM
    He must not have majored in math. 11 players each producing 5% more is about half a player’s production.


    You must not have either: if each player steps their own game up 5 percent, then the net increase will be different for each player, Von Miller’s increase likely resulting in the most overall improvement as his output was arguably the greatest. (5% of 100x output is higher than 50x output, if x were a measure for a players performance value.) However, this may still result in not replacing Dumervil in the sense that 5% of 11 players lower production outputs wont be equal or greater than the total of one of the highest players outputs in Dumervil. But that would be semantics in the argument that you basically just looked dumb whilst calling him out for sucking at math.

  5. Maybe if Manning upped his performance by 0.5% having 45 seconds and 2 TO’s and actually trying to move the football…..wait sorry that was the DB’s fault.

  6. Guess what? Ravens are also better than last year so get ready for a good old fashioned thumping!

  7. “They may be better but will still lose to NE who owns them”

    You might want to check the head to head records on that

  8. Color me confused when a player(s) talks of stepping up his game after losing a teammate to injury, FA, etc. If you can step up your game after losing a teammate, why not step up your game while your teammate is still available to the team?

    If a player(s) can step up his game, it seems to me he wasn’t playing up to his ability. If Miller and others can step up their game 5%, does it make sense that they were playing at 95% of their capabilities while Dumerville was on their team?

  9. Bronco’s will be better then last year, there is more chemistry between players last year they were getting to know each other, specially the offense this tear should be a record setting year, for Manning and receivers.

  10. dbfan4ever says: May 3, 2013 8:54 AM

    “They may be better but will still lose to NE who owns them”
    You might want to check the head to head records on that
    Have you seen Manning’s dome? Head to head, the man is unbeatable.

  11. I’ll get in on this math problem.

    Dumverville’s gone. That leaves 10 guys left on defense. So that’s a 50% increase over last season plus whatever his replacement contributes.

  12. I think Von means that Elvis did so much whilst there, that the others didn’t have to do as much. Now that he’s gone, his replacement will have to do his part at least competently whilst the rest step up their game 5%.

    I don’t find it too difficult to understand that concept. Whether that will happen though is up for debate. Personally I doubt it will. I bet the Chiefs win that division.


    Not a Chiefs fan.

  13. Chiefs wont even be .500. You are a closet Chiefs fan for saying something as stupid as that. That team is horrible, but you all think it was just the coaches.

  14. Actually I couldn’t give a rip about the AFC West. I am on record here quite clearly as a 9ers fan. I have no feelings positive or negative toward them so not being a fan of them or hater of them would make me more objective. They did field 5 pro bowlers last season. They do have some talent.

    And no I’m not some Alex Smith fan either. By all accounts he’s a class act, solid teammate but I was absolutely thrilled when they finally started #7 over Mr. Overly Cautious. He will manage the Chefs to a division win and be pretty clutch at times along the way but he’ll never take them to the main event.

    I think the Broncos will regress.

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