CFL draft could be affected by several prospects agreeing with NFL teams


The Canadian Football League holds its draft on Monday, and as the Canadian Press pointed out in a story published Friday, three top prospects have reportedly agreed with NFL teams.

Regina defensive lineman Stefan Charles, the second-best draft-eligible CFL prospect according to the most recent rankings of the league’s Scouting Bureau, has reportedly agreed with the Tennessee Titans, as has McMaster offensive lineman Matt Sewell, who is fourth in the rankings. Also, the Packers have reportedly added Eastern Michigan outside linebacker / defensive lineman Andy Mulumba, the fifth-ranked prospect.

Toronto Argonauts GM Jim Barker told the Canadian Press that compiling the club’s draft rankings with numerous prospects not having the CFL in their immediate plans was somewhat challenging.

“It has been an interesting procedure putting this draft board together,” Barker said, according to the Press. “It has been more difficult than I’ve ever been involved in and I’ve been involved in these for quite a while.

The CFL begins its regular season in late June, about a month before NFL training camps begin. Hence the challenge for CFL GMs and coaches on deciding when to draft top prospects who have also caught the NFL’s attention or may be returning to college. The Toronto Star had a nice feature on the subject Saturday.

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  1. One other interesting thing that happens up here is that college players are eligible to play for 5 years however they’re draft eligible after year 4, so often players will be drafted, sign an entry level contract, not make the pro team out of camp and return to play another year of college football before going back to their pro team the next year.

  2. What’s the matter. Doesn’t Canada have any colleges and universities that have football programs. Or do the few players they have run to the NFL any chance they get. The CFL must not pay much.

  3. Man, poor CFL. They’re a real, pro football league. They play more or less the same game as everyone else. They sell tickets, they have playoffs and championships.

    But somehow, top players from the CFL seem to consistently ditch starting, starring gigs with CFL teams to sniff practice-squad NFL boot leather every time they start to look like the real deal. They take in our Doug Fluties and give us their Brandon Browners and Cameron Wakes.

    Something about the CFL reminds me of my love life.

    That being said, is there a way to watch CFL games in the US? Professional football (in June!) sounds pretty freaking awesome right now.

  4. the CFL is awesome….round end zones, 3 downs, 110 yards, WRs with numbers in the 70s, unlimited motion before the snap….what’s not to like? I remember watching it on espn when I was a kid in the 80s but not sure now….I was working in Canada a couple of years ago and watched a couple of games. It’s still football.

  5. Didn’t know the CFL had a draft..just thought they took whoever the NFL didn’t. Like the D league for the NBA

  6. The CFL has been around since the early 1900’s. it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s a legitimate league that’s been around more than 100 years.
    The NFL is an amazing product. The CFL for us here in Canada is an amazing product.
    Don’t mock the CFL…

  7. Are y’all really dissing the CFL? What makes the NFL so special? At least they’re still allowed to tackle in Canada.

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