Daryl Washington’s alleged victim has broken collarbone

When reports first emerged that Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington faces allegations of domestic violence, the accounts indicated that the victim had marks on her neck suggesting that she had been choked.

According to CBS5 in Phoenix, the victim also has a broken collarbone.

Per the report, paperwork filed in court indicate that Washington and the woman, the mother of his five-month-old daughter, got into a fight near the woman’s apartment, where Washington allegedly choked her.  Then, they got into another fight in the parking lot, where Washington allegedly threw her to the ground and broke her collarbone.

Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said that the couple had past altercations that were not reported to police.  This time, the victim allegedly threw a plastic plant at Washington, but it didn’t hit him.  She possibly will face charges.

For now, Washington is out of jail after posting a $4,200 bond.  But the broken collarbone makes the situation significantly more ominous for Washington, who already will miss the first four games of the 2013 season due to a suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

48 responses to “Daryl Washington’s alleged victim has broken collarbone

  1. To me, there’s nothing lower than a man who beats women. It makes me sick to think of a roided out jock throwing a woman to the ground.

    This loser should watch the 2013 season from home, if not jail.

  2. I know people jump over Goodell for his suspensions but I would be surprised if this guy is allowed to play at all this next year.

    Not saying that he can’t go through counseling and come out the other side a redeemed citizen but at a minimum, he should spend some time in jail and at least a full year away from football when this is all said and done.

  3. No excuses Daryl. From this day hence you will be branded as a woman abuser! Shame on you!

  4. well the cardinals are in the market for a new starting ILB, and dude was a beast too, shouldve just put yourself in timeout, smh!!!

  5. Hopefully, he does some jail time and gets a nice long suspension. I understand arguments but there is almost never a reason to hit a woman.

  6. Every time I start to get excited about my Cards season something happens. I can’t believe that Washington joined the Ike Turner club after popping positive again. Goodell is going to hammer him which in turn will hurt the Cards because this guy can play some linebacker… It’s tough being a Cards fan…

  7. Any man who harms a woman like that, no matter what she’s done, needs to be harmed himself…and that’s as nicely as I can put it.

  8. Piece of garbage. Why doesn’t the league just throw fools like this out. I don’t understand why they let this fly. There should be zero tolerance on this issue.

  9. Wow she threw a plastic plant, that didn’t hit him.
    So he chokes her and then breaks her collarbone…and she may face charges?
    Something is wrong with this picture.

  10. Zero tolerance is needed in all spurts when it comes to drugs and off field conduct…as a Card fan I wish it wasn’t true but action is needed.. These prima donnas need to know “once and your done”

  11. Lifelong Cards fan (40-plus years); if he is found guilty, I would assume he is suspended for additional 8-12 games.

    Then I hope Cards do the right thing and release him rather than forking over $10 million deferred bonus due prior to next year.

    YES, he can ball. Yet, he also apparently likes to smoke and beat up women. What team needs that?

  12. And here we go again! It just doesn’t make any sense at all! These players have all that money and still decide to do really dumb stuff! they say money buys happiness but it sure as hell doesn’t buy any brains! Hope this dude gets locked up for this! But he won’t because of that same money!

  13. You can take the player out of the hood but….

    you can’t take the hood out of the player.

  14. thesteelers says:May 4, 2013 7:39 AM

    This is why the Steelers didn’t draft him.

    But they would have if he was a QB. Double standards suck.

  15. Since Washington had already tested positive twice before the 3rd test which automatically results in the 4 game suspension, it becomes crystal clear why the Cards drafted Minter in the second round as Washington’s replacement. Depending on how Minter or any other candidate does during the OTAs and perhaps even into training camp, Washington’s days as a Card may be coming to an end. Of course fans need not fret about his upcoming roster bonus, as it will be delayed and pushed back due to any suspensions the League may order. Its a good bet that if Washington does the mea culpa, and promises to sell his soul to the Cards for the rest of his life, they may give him one more chance and restart his contract once his suspensions are over.

  16. Hard to tell when his troubles started….he was a team leader during the season. You wonder if the firing of DC Ray Horton was too much for him to handle?

  17. Washington is untouchable. He is part of a PROTECTED class, meaning that he is a dues-paying member of an all-powerful union. Therefore, high power attorneys will defend him and he will get a slap on the wrist.
    If he were not in a protected union, then he’d get cut with no consequences to the Cardinals. But the fact is that he is protected by a union, and most lefties LOVE to protect union members regardless of what they are charged with so this guy will get away with it and people will blame the NFL itself for not doing anything. People should blame the union and the player himself, but they will blame the NFL and the Cardinals.

  18. I hope the Cards re work his contract. If he gets cut, someone will sign him on the cheap and get one hell of a player. I don’t agree with his personal conduct, but it’s honestly none of our place to judge him or her for that matter. Let the legal process do its thing and suspend him, but I wouldn’t jump out and get him off the squad. Plenty of people beat their kids, wives, significant others, yet the number of them that get fired for it is minuscule. Kill anymore guarantees and make him earn it on the field.

  19. Yes, but was it a minor break (5-yds), or a major break (15-yds)? The Goodell Special Ops Squad will now descend upon the woman, fix her up with the best surgeons, luxury rehab facilities, and provide a wonderful future for her and the rugrat, and then……………..

    …….she will laughingly tell the media that it was all a “minor misunderstanding”.

  20. Umm, alleged? Don’t tell me you don’t believe her. How many DV’s does this make after the season ended?

  21. Kevin Minter drafted remember insurance for a loss of 4-16 games. If D Wash is serious and it looks he is not he owes it to AZ to rework that deal and bonus and earn his forgiveness with his team and fans. The roll model thing is gone not to many Washington jerseys gonna be sold. If he is cut then he better not land in the NFC West division.that would just be a double f u to the Cardinals for cutting him.

  22. As I always say in these situations, the man needs help. @footballady52🏈

  23. I dislike people like him. Women beaters and child beaters can all go to HELL.

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