Jason Campbell sees himself as a starter, Browns may agree


Jason Campbell is currently penciled in as the No. 2 quarterback in Cleveland, behind Brandon Weeden. But Campbell believes he can start. And the Browns think he has a real chance to beat out Weeden in a competition that will span most of the next four months.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns are reluctant to hand the job to Weeden, and that Campbell has a legitimate shot to win the job. That meshes with what Browns coach Rob Chudzinski is saying (or not saying): Chudzinski is refusing to tip his hand when asked about the team’s quarterback situation.

For his part, Campbell says it still sticks in his craw that his best chance to prove himself as a starter, in 2011 with the Raiders, was cut short: Campbell started the first six games and was playing well, and the Raiders were off to a 4-2 start and in contention to win a weak AFC West. But Campbell got hurt in Week Six, the Raiders traded for Carson Palmer, and with that Campbell was done in Oakland.

“I was off to the best season of my career,” Campbell said. “To wake up and find out about the trade [for Palmer] and know I wasn’t starting anymore, it was a tough pill to swallow. . . . I feel I was really taking off, really blossoming, really having an opportunity to control the line of scrimmage and see some things and change a couple plays here and there based off what I’ve seen before and having experience in that offense.”

In Cleveland, Campbell says he wants to start, but he’s also eager to help Weeden in any way he can.

“It’s not about egos and things like that,” he said. “I’m going to help Brandon as much as possible, but at the same time, I’m going to push him and compete.”

That’s a competition Campbell may very well win.

49 responses to “Jason Campbell sees himself as a starter, Browns may agree

  1. I hit don’t get it. Weeden had a fairly good year last year as a rookie with minimal weapons to throw too. I think the new regime is scared of him doing well and being tied to him in the future. Just my $.02

  2. Campbell is a decent back up, but will not make a good starter in this league. Holds onto ball way to long creating unnecessary sacks is his weakness.

  3. If its a competition over who will dump it off to the running back, he’ll win.
    He can’t see an open receiver unless there’s no other body within 4 yards.

  4. As a raider fan I really liked Campbell he was slinging it those first 8 games. I’m beating a dead horse but I was devastated when we picked up Palmer aside from Al passing we were really on to something. When Campbell went down it was Pryor turn his suspension was up and he still had more recent relevant success than palmer. Even if Pryor stunk up the field it would of been no different if someone else did but there would have been a chance of Campbell coming back and being a starter. Hugh Jackson signed his own walking papers in that trade. Best of luck to you Jason you deserve a legitment chance Washington revolving door of coaches was not your fault.

  5. When he was with the Raiders, I thought Campbell was playing well enough to be a starter before his injury. If the front office hadn’t panicked and traded for Palmer, the Raiders may very well still be Campbell’s team.

  6. There is a technical term for the skill set of Campbell as viewed from his fill in efforts as a Bear last year.
    The term is Sucks?

  7. As a huge browns can, I love this move. Campbell will push Weeden to live up to his potential, he had a decent rookie season, made some strides on offense, and made some great throws in a system that didn’t fit his skills, and wouldn’t be altered to fit them.

    If Campbell wins the starting job, the. We have a solid .500ish QB, hi knows the defenses in this league and knows how to pull out a win.

    The situation is a win-win for Cleveland, because either way they improve. Weeden wasn’t drafted by this regime, they have no loyalties, but he’s getting a shot to earn their trust.

    Go browns

  8. Campbell will take the job from Weeden. The new regime is not sold on a 2nd year guy that’s going to be 30. In football years Weeden is closer to looking for a scooter chair than being the future for the Browns.
    Yes, Campbell is older. But, Campbell was not brought to Cleveland to be the future. He’s simply going to be the interim QB and bridge to the future. He gives the Browns the best chance to have a reasonable season as they wait for the 2014 quarterback draft.
    Weeden chose baseball as his sports career. After a half of a decade of lost football development it’s just way too late to be any team’s quarterback to build the future on.
    The Browns will get their QB of the future in the 2014 draft.

  9. Any team that has to have a competition for the starting QB job doesn’t have a QB that will ever take them anywhere. The only exception is if you have a rookie like Russell Wilson, for example. But if you have two or more veterans and you have to have a competition to see which one is your best QB then none of them are any good. Cleveland won’t do any better than 5-11 with either one of them and I won’t be surprised if Chudzinski goes back and forth between the two a few times during the season. These two are just stop gaps until Cleveland can draft a true franchise QB.

  10. Another Raider fan here who felt bad for Jason Campbell when he went down that Sunday against the Browns.
    This looks like his last/best opportunity to become a starter. Go Jason!

  11. I am not surprised because Michael Lombardi more than likely has gotten information from his former Oakland raiders colleagues. With that he can help the coaches In knowing how to help Jason.

  12. Either way, barring any amazing progress this season, they are definitely drafting a QB next spring

  13. Also, people should know that Michael Lombardi getting information from the Oakland raiders should not be surprising because he was the one who broke the story about how Jason Campbell got traded to the Oakland Raiders back in 2010.

    With that being said no one should be surprised that Campbell could have an upper hand in Cleveland.

  14. why are they still talking about what he did with the raiders? did anybody not see what he did in his 1 start with the Bears last year? I don’t care that it was against the 49er’s,he was brought in to be a upgrade over the worst back up ever and bears fans could not tell the difference between him and caleb hanie that game. if he was such a great starter then maybe you should stop giving Cutler such a hard time because you don’t like his body language. he at least shows up and wins games with the same talent campbell had to work with.

  15. The Browns’ problems over the years have been because they change coaches every five minutes.
    Bill Cowher lasted 15 seasons in Pittsburgh, and he did so with a variety of different quarterbacks. Coaching stability is the key element in the NFL, which is a coach-driven league. Show me a consistently unsuccessful NFL franchise, and I’ll show you an NFL franchise that hasn’t had stability at head coaching…
    Even the Bengals have figured it out.

  16. Jason Campbell plays well enough to keep you in the game he just doesn’t seem to play well enough to win them.

  17. Campbell should have thrown the ball instead of trying to run for a first down. His collarbone would have thanked him, and he might have held onto his job for the rest of the season.

  18. Hue Jackson isn’t in Cleveland fool. He went back to looking like the awful mess in Chicago that he’ll be for Chud if he’s dumb enough to start him.

    Last year in crunch time when the Bears just needed one decent performance from him to squeeze into the playoffs, you saw what he is.

  19. Weeden got better as the season progressed, andn ow with Norv Turner as the OC, he should be even better. There’s a reason you’re consistently a losing team Cleveland.

  20. He wouldn’t make it in the Lingerie League, they hit too hard there.
    Campbell is a washed up afraid of contact wannabee.
    He was a complete embarrassment last year for the Bears.
    Signing him was just another mis step by the Cleveland “brain”trust!

  21. The Browns have no offensive talent around their QBs. If Campbell starts and he cries about the lack of talent then ppl will feel sorry for him. If Weeden cries about the same thing, he will still get the blame, and that is how the media will spin it. Ensure that the black QB is given every possible chance regardless of whether he’s earned it or not while at the same time crucifying the white QB regardless of whether he deserves it or not.

  22. Campbell is very conservative and super conscientious about NOT turning the ball over. He doesn’t throw very many bonehead interceptions, but, usually at the expense of a making a potential big play. How many times would he have Heyward-Bey or Ford with a step on the DB, then throw it to a spot where NOBODY could catch it…sometimes 2 yards out of bounds? Granted, Oakland WRs don’t exactly inspire confidence, but JC had chances to empower them AND himself. He didn’t do it. In fact, the play he got hurt on, he could have thrown it. He didn’t. He ran instead. I have to believe that he just doesn’t have it in him.
    Who can justify that waste of a down the way Campbell would?, ie, “at least the CB or S couldn’t intercept it at that spot.” Well, the WR couldn’t catch it either, Jason.
    He won’t lose many games for the Browns, but he won’t win many for them either.
    At the poker table, Jason would be “a ROCK”. “Tight”. “a nit”. He just doesn’t take enough chances to make a big play, likely because he is well aware of his physical limitations and he does not have the confidence that he can “fit it into a tight window” when the chips are down. He’s too worried about his completion %, his interception stat, & he’s waaaay too conservative to be the QB he (apparently) thinks he is.
    So, if he knows he doesn’t have that particular skill, why is he always feeling like he’s a starter? Then, he tries to come off as the victim because he’s where he belongs (a solid back up).
    When he was demoted in Oakland, I was glad. Watching how Jason Campbell competes, he can only take you so far as a starting QB. He can NOT take the Browns to the final table.

  23. Yes .. Jason Campbell is a pro bowl QB … Lol.
    Face it … everywhere he has played he got a chance to start and FAILED!

  24. nomesayin – Many people said the same things about Rich Gannon. I’m not saying Campbell would have ever had the same success but still…most saw him as a career backup until the right coach came to town.

  25. Had a rough few years with the Skins… had a bad o-line too.

    He didn’t do too bad in Oakland and I believe he had a winning record as a starter there. But then he got hurt and Oakland wasted so much to get Palmer during the season.

    Had a rough stint as a backup in Chicago.

    He’s a solid back up and I think he is better than Weeden, no doubt in my mind.

  26. I’m a Raiders fan. I don’t understand my fellow fans pining away for Campbell. He was an upgrade over Jamarcus. My praise ends there.

  27. anyone who believes that we know that Weeden cannot be a successful QB should be required to wear a helmet themselves, on and off the football field.

    for a guy who was forced into a system that didn’t fit his skill set, Weeden had a very respectable rookie season. he improved as the year went on. now, with better coaches and a playbook that fits his big arm, plus a year of development for gordon and little, the addition of bess, and a finally healthy trent richardson, we will find out whether he can take the next step. but to act like we now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he isn’t as good as a game managing QB like Campbell is just ignorance.

  28. bombayjon says: May 4, 2013 10:55 AM

    I felt bad for him after his injury, but he just is not a gamer. He is more of a manager.
    As a former high school quarterback and current Redskins fan still bitter over those wasted Jason Campbell years, this pretty much hits the nail on the head.

    Fundamentally, Jason Campbell is a good quarterback. He’s an accurate passer, a hard worker, a good decision-maker, a big body, and an all-around complete athlete. However, he will never succeed in the NFL for two reasons.

    Physically, his release is just too slow. Good college quarterbacks can have slow releases, but with the speed of NFL DB’s, there’s no room for an extra .02 seconds. Unlike accuracy or decision-making, this is a problem that really can’t be fixed. Slow releases are, subtly, the leading cause of NFL busts. Carr, Leftwich, Quinn, Leinart, and Campbell were all solid college players but their mechanics just didn’t translate to the NFL level

    Possibly more important is his leadership ability. Quiet, focused, and hard-working is a great combination for a left tackle, but not for a quarterback. In five years in DC, I don’t think I once saw Campbell get fired up. I don’t think he doesn’t care, it’s just more that he has the charisma and personal magnetism of Tim Kurkjian.

  29. The game he started in San Fransico against the Niners for the Bears he looked shell-shocked to say the least. You might want to blame the ineptness of the Bears offensive line and their coaching scheme. But it was terribly obvious that his better days are long behind him. He was good when he played for the Redskins ,but now a back-up role at best.

  30. If Campbell manages to unseat Weeden, as the starter, I believe that we will then know, what is fundamentally wrong in Cleveland. Every rookie QB, isn’t RGIII, or Russell Wilson, or Andy Luck. They are exceptions to the rule, not the norm. But all three of them had top tier teams around them, helping to ensure their successes. That’s where Chudzinski has to draw the line I believe. He’s got to add skill and playmakers around Weeden, to help him develop himself. He’s got to avoid the temptation of looking elsewhere for another Tom Brady.

    Cleveland needs to develop a team piece by piece, and give them a chance to gel and become more consistent in their play.

    The test question for Haslam & Co is; How many years did Cowher prowl the Pittsburgh sidelines before he brought home the Lombardi?

  31. Jason has the talent. If he let to settle in somewhere, he might be really good.

    Jason has never been given a fair shake in the NFL. Not that teams purposely kept him down, but he was never in a position to be the guy.

    Hopefully Jason makes it. You just can’t no like this guy and his drive to make it in the NFL.

  32. It appears that some of my fellow Browns fans have grown so accustomed to losing that they’re willing to settle for a mediocre QB. Count me out. Other teams have QBs like Manning and Brees and Brady and Rodgers and Flacco and Luck, and I see no reason why we should settle for QBs like Weeden and Campbell. We need somebody who can take us to the Super Bowl, not somebody who might, if he has an unusually good season, take us to 7-9. Stop settling for this garbage, guys. Pound the table until the brass in Berea gets somebody behind center who can really take us places.

  33. Well lets see here….
    Cleveland hires useless GM in Lombardi…check

    Cleveland is purchased by criminal…check

    Cleveland drafts a QB last year who’s 3 days older than God himself…check

    Cleveland signs a worthless QB to compete with afore mentioned senior citizen…check

    That pretty much brings me to the only conclusion that there can possibly be. And that is…..the Factory of Sadness is indeed still alive and very much open for business. You guys really are…”Something Else”! Just remember the team motto….”If it’s Brown, Flush it down!” WOW

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