Jason Witten defends Tony Romo’s work ethic

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says quarterback Tony Romo needs to adopt a Peyton Manning-style work ethic. But Romo’s good buddy and teammate Jason Witten says Romo already does plenty.

Asked about the Cowboys’ plans to have Romo more involved in the game planning, Witten said he has always thought Romo had a strong command of the offense.

“I’ve always felt like Tony was very involved in the process of the plays and our scheme, how we attacked,” Witten told Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com. “I think in any organization where you have an elite quarterback like that, you want him to feel comfortable. I think that’s something we’ve always tried to do, and it sounds like we’re going to continue to do that.”

Witten thinks people who have linked Romo’s new six-year, $108 million contract to a need to work harder don’t realize that Witten already works hard.

“Sometimes maybe more is made of that than it is,” Witten said. “I know he understands the expectations to play that position, probably even more so now after the contract than ever before. I think that’s something he embraces and says, ‘Hey, let’s get this started.’ I think we’re all excited. But we all know at this point, our actions will speak a lot louder than anything we say or talk about.”

Whatever anyone else says about Romo, he knows he’ll always have Witten in his corner.

60 responses to “Jason Witten defends Tony Romo’s work ethic

  1. No way the Cowboys are gonna catch up with the Yets in the off season entertainment department.

  2. even more so now after the contract than ever before.

    uhhh….. that sort of implies that he didn’t work quite as hard as he should have.

  3. Of course his country club buddy is going to say that. Show me what Dez and Demarco say about the boy. Show me what the defense says about him. Witten is an idiot.

  4. If Tony would commit himself to football the way Drew Brees does, and learns not to force passes in bad situations, he probably could be a top tier QB. Save the golf game until after he retires…..he’s lucky he just became one of the richest people in America. If it were me in his shoes I’d focus on proving my detractors wrong and appreciate the opportunity he has.

  5. I’m a life long Cowboys fan, but somehow having Witten defending Romo’s work ethic just doesn’t cut it for me. Lets see, they’re best friends, roommates in training camp, Witten benefits directly from Romo’s obsession with 3 yard dump off passes to his “buddy”, and Witten was a traveling companion of Romo’s on the now infamous pre playoff trip to Mexico. Witten = great old school throwback player but doesn’t do much for me as a character witness. Sorry…

  6. So the tight end is defending his qb, from the criticism of the owner? Glad I’m not a cowboys fan.
    What a mess

  7. Romo might just be the hardest working guy at the country club on the weekend. Besides, what other starting QB has Witten worked with anyways?

  8. Giants fan here, obviously. That’s nice that Witten is sticking up for his teammate, and I think the question itself is kind of ridiculous. You do not become a long term QB in the NFL, let alone one with the numbers Romo has, without a strong work ethic.

    That said, the only time the questions end is when numerous big games are won. Both Mannings went through it, as did Elway, to name a few. Romo wants to put these questions to bed? He’s got to play in a Super Bowl, fair or unfair as that may be.

  9. You can’t win a Super Bowl by playing golf during the season Romo, that’s what Jerry is basically saying and he’s right.

  10. I love the results of Romo’s work ethic and believe he shouldn’t change a thing.

  11. Jerry Jones must have felt strongly about Romo’s lack of 100% commitment to go public and blast him. My question to Jones would be why did you just give this man 108M?

  12. “Witten thinks people who have linked Romo’s new six-year, $108 million contract to a need to work harder don’t realize that Witten already works hard.”…….?

    You mean Romo right???…just saying…

  13. They are just so cute together! Oh and I love how they teamed up on T.O. that one time. Has Tony taken Jason to Cabo yet?

  14. Giants fan here.. I think the league is missing a golden opportunity by not highlighting Bromances on teams.

    53 to win. 53 to lose. Tony is a fine QB. Jerry is frustrated that he lived long enough to see what it looks like when a divisional opponent wins multiple Super Bowls.

  15. Very cute that Witten is sticking up for his man like that. Love to see couples coming together and facing challenges as one. Behind every great QB is a TE… Witten you go girl!

  16. “Witten thinks people who have linked Romo’s new six-year, $108 million contract to a need to work harder don’t realize that Witten already works hard.”

    But does Romo?

  17. The ability to process information in a matter of seconds is a gift that Manning, Brady, Brees, Rogers, Wilson, and other QB’s have. This is not a trait that can be taught. You have it or you don’t.

  18. If Romo finishes his career w/o a super bowl title, he’ll be the worst quarterback to have never won a super bowl.

  19. *TYPO*

    Witten thinks people who have linked Romo’s new six-year, $108 million contract to a need to work harder don’t realize that Witten already works hard.

    Think it was supposed to read ” Realize that Romo already works hard” lol

  20. Maybe if you people spent more time proofreading your articles and less time flagging posts the site could be improved.

    I don’t know if you know this or not, but a lot of times journalists WRITE the article, and then, READ through it once or twice-ya know-to minimize errors.

    Nahhhh-too much work.

    Blocked! Blocked!

  21. Scratching my head. “….elite QB…..” Chuckle Chuckle

    This is coming from a Jets fan and I’m not defending Sanchez but if Romo has 1 home playoff win out of 4 games & Sanchez tied the away record with 4 away playoff wins out of 6 games but Romos career stats are 9 yrs in league, 55-38, 2097 comps out of 3240 Att, 64.7%, 25,747 Yds 95.6 Rating, 177 TD vs 91 Int (5.5) & Sanchez 4 years in league, 33-29, 1028 comps out of 1867 Att, 12,092 Yds 71.7 Rating, 55.1%, 68 TD 69 Int (3.6) makes Tony Romo elite what does that make Sanchez besides the Butt Fumbler?

    We have a serious problem with the definition in the NFL if that type of comparison can be explained away by making Romo elite based on stats alone.

    Now to put it even more in perspective lets look at a true elite & what the definition should conjure up in our minds….

    Joe Montana 14 years in league, 117-47, 3409 Comps 5391 Att, 40,551 92.3 Rating, Yds 63.2% 273 TDs 139 Int (5.1) Playoffs 16-7, 4 SuperBowls 3xs SB MVP. 1st SB win in 3rd year.

    With the fast & loose diluting of words that is rampant in our society please lets keep the integrity in the football word elite by never again mentioning Tony Romo in association with the it until his résumé warrants that type of accolade.

  22. For those who really know football know it all starts in the trenches! If you look at our OL last year it was a jigsaw puzzle! We only had all 5 starters play 1 gm and that was against the giants in wk 1 after that we had a total if 3 different centers 4 different guards and 3 different tackles! Like u said if you know football you HAVE TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE MAN NEXT TO TOU IS GOING TO DO!!! It’s called cohesiveness! Every yard Murray got he practically did on his own through pure will and determination! As for Romo the mandid the same thing while running for his life! I don’t care who you put behind that line they would’ve fair much better, probably worse! Watch last yrs game videos and count how many times he was running in comparison to standing to throw…

  23. Maybe he does need to emulate Peyton’s or Drew’s work ethic. However, what he needs more is a line that blocks for him. Give the guy some credit…he does put up solid numbers. What he hasn’t done is win the “big” games. Once accomplished, it will ONLY be then that he will get credit for his skills.

  24. witten is indeed one of the best cowboys ever without a doubt and what would you expect of him hes not gonna say romos a scrub cause he just got the new contract but….. simply put romo in 8 years has led the cowboys to as many playoff game wins as tebow led the broncos to ONE!!

  25. Still slobbering on it, eh? If/when Romo is gone so are Witten’s numbers and productivity. Oh, and lol!

  26. Witten: “Romo works every bit as hard as I do! We’ll be in Cabo if you need us further. Call us after we get off the golf course.”

  27. whining about lack of support to your superiors and playing golf is excellent training – if you don’t play football – and he doesn’t…so there you have it – what’s the problem?

  28. LOL, no one has ever ran TO out of town but TO.

    Dude is a cancer who never made any team better by being on it. That is why he sucked after leaving Dallas and is currently unemployed by the NFL.If anything, Romo extended T O;s career by a few years longer than it should have lasted.

  29. oldcat157 says: May 4, 2013 11:57 AM

    Of course his country club buddy is going to say that. Show me what Dez and Demarco say about the boy. Show me what the defense says about him. Witten is an idiot.////////////////////////////////

    This was the first in a string of comments by guys who know very little about the game of football.

    Just go look in the mirror and repeat that last sentence with your own name instead of a record-setting-soon-to-be-Hall-of-Famer’s name.

  30. Witten is a constant pro-bowl TE, so maybe being Romo’s favorite target, he’s just being a good teammate by suporting his “QB”. Hell, Witten is the best player on the offense. I doubt he believes what he said to the media about Romo.

  31. Jerry Jones now has a highly paid quarterback and no money under the cap to afford the protection the qb needs…

    Good or bad, Romo is suffering because of Jerry Jones. Good thing he has a big contract. If he had any plans on winning the SB he can forget them.

  32. This was an extremely poor written article, written by a Cowboy hater for the other Cowboy haters. Your screw up was posted about several times. Tell you what, when you actually have a story – find some 5th grader to proof read it for you.

  33. Defending a teammate is overrated.

    It’s just a sycophant saying biased stuff.

    Romo gets harsh treatment because he’s spoken in Superstar tone by NFL Network and ESPN while averaging over 1+ interception per game with the exception of 2 seasons. It is wrong for them to do so and it’s even dumber for them to act in crisis over Dez Bryant.

  34. Work ethics are only discussed in sports when they’re really good (e.g. Manning brothers) or suspect (e.g. Romo, Sanchez). No one has to defend Peyton’s or Eli’s work ethic because they’re recognized as top tier players at their position who study and work on every detail of their game plan. Ever since Romo spent his playoff bye week in Mexico instead of the film room, his work ethic has come n under scrutiny, and he has done absolutely nothing to reduce that scrutiny with his play, particularly in big games – Week 17 win-or-go-home games the last two seasons (both as the final flex game on NBC, no less), and the Cowboys not only went home, but lost convincingly both times.

    Regular season game stats look nice in the record books, but in the NFL, you have to bring home the hardware. Romo’s stats simply don’t matter if they don’t result in playoff wins and championships. Just ask Peyton & Eli’s dad.

  35. Hey Jerry, why don’t you stop hiring patsies for head coaches!

    The simple fact is that if you hired a head coach who could manage the game clock, you would have won two more games last year and made the playoffs.

    Stop hiring patsies.

  36. Worst thing going for Romo is playing for JJ and the most over hyped team in the league year in and year out. Sure they got witten and dez a few weapons but a horrible oline and average supporting cast. The def been getting gashed since parchells left. Romo has that’s farve like gun slinger mentality that leads to force passes and trying to extended plays to much but overall he a top 10 qb. Outside of Brady, the manning brothers, Rodgers and Brees. He somewhere in that next tier with flacco, kaepernick, Ryan and Big Ben.

  37. In the land of fairy tales, butterflies and everyone gets a rainbow, Tony OhNo!! is a good
    quarterback. (this distinction is under review-eighthback is more fitting given his ability to “shine”). We all have watched for many years this young man try, try to achieve a certain level in the NFL. If he has ever come close his record would reflect this attribute.It does not. It seems that anyone in the NFL elite snob circle/media will run off at the mouth about how great this guy is. He is not Great. He may or may not possess “POTENTIAL”. For Mr. Romo to succeed, he needs, it is mandatory he deliver, in high fashion on the long awaited potential. If Tony was even “good” his record would not need assistance. Mr. Romo’s record speaks for itself

  38. I may have missed something, but where and when did Jerry “blast” Romo? If anything, saying publically that Tony is going to have a greater say in play calling and even personnel decisions, is a massive compliment and endorsement.

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