Lions’ third-round pick was a first-round target of the Rams


In a good sign for Lions fans that Detroit got good value from third-round draft pick Larry Warford, it turns out that Warford was viewed as a player worthy of a first-round pick by at least one other team.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated was inside the Rams’ draft room, and he reported (as pointed out by that when the Rams moved down from the 22nd pick to the 30th pick in the first round, Warford was one of the three players they were hoping would still be on the board at No. 30.

When the Rams decided to trade down, they were hoping to draft either Warford, UCLA defensive lineman Datone Jones (who went 26th to the Packers) or Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree. As it turned out, both Ogletree and Warford were still available at No. 30, and the Rams decided to go with Ogletree.

The Rams didn’t have a second-round pick, so they didn’t get another shot at Warford before the Lions took him early in the third round, at No. 65 overall. Warford is expected to start at right guard for the Lions as a rookie, and the word out of Detroit is that the Lions think they got a steal in the third round.

The Rams would have to agree.

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  1. From reading King, if Ogletree was gone before 30, the Rams probably would’ve taken Minnesota’s offer(2nd, 3rd, 4th) to trade down.

  2. If they legitimately liked him at 30 overall, when he was still available an entire round later, I’m surprised they didn’t trade up for him.

  3. The gist of the article is they loved Ogletree, but, they liked Warford quite a bit too.

    If Ogletree is a game changer it was the right choice, but if not, they could have traded with the Vikes and gotten Warford and two other value picks.

    Time will tell.

  4. The first three comments seem right on, but as a Lions fan, I’m very happy to get Warford at 65. Especially considering where Kyle Long, Justin Pugh, and Travis Frederick went this year. Hell, I’d take Warford at 65 over Warmack at 10 any day.

    P.S. Warford’s best attribute is holding ground in pass protection (not getting pushed backwards). That is what this OL need just about as much as anything. Stafford’s mechanics will thank Warford. Hello, being able to step into throws, for once.

  5. 31 other teams didn’t think so even in the second round. So what does that tell you? The whole draft is a crapshoot and no one will know for sure for a couple years.

  6. tokyosandblaster says:
    May 4, 2013 1:35 PM
    The lions could have 55 pro bowlers and still go 4-12.
    Nothing to add to the dialogue, except ridicule and garbage.

  7. @ramcountry- that couldn’t have happened because Minn traded up 29th to get Patterson, one pick before the Rams could have traded at 30th.
    Warford was a steal and will be an immediate starter at RG and a huge upgrade from Peterman. No interior OL were taken in round 2 at all. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Great luck for the Lions (they needed it).

  8. hatesychopants: while warford was on the rams radar snead (the gm) indicated they had to be really jacked to go up for someone like they did Austin where they really liked warford they were jacked about ogletree still being there cause they were thinking of going after him at 22 b4 trading down the lions had an earlier 3rd rounder than the rams and we were sitting on waiting to see if barret jones was gonna fall to us in the 4th which happened so we are happy and also got Steadman bailey in the 3rd a running buddy of Austin good luck with warford all ive heard about him is good

  9. charlesanakin” actually that offer was on the table but when warford and ogletree were still there after 28th pick they knew they would be able to get one of them cause whoever picked at 29 couldn’t get both so they stood pat that’s how we could have made the trade work had ogletree or warford been already gone we would have made that trade with minnesota

  10. .

    It’s a good example of the trend against trading draft choices. Not only do you lose the pick, it severely hampers your ability to move around the board to get players you may value more than others.


  11. Sounds like the Rams are fools then for not finding some other way to create a trade for the late 2nd or early 3rd. That’s a major value when there’s a first round talent available and at a lower slot to boot. They either don’t really believe that, or they admit they suck at managing their draft resources to find ways to maximize the value. Unless they want to claim that they are getting a full Round+ advantage on each selection they make in every draft?

  12. as I also mentioned we got barrett jones in the 4th round a 3 time ncaa champ with Alabama who can and has played all the positions on the line and jones already has a masters degree and graduated with a 4.0 gpa summa cum laude our management team did just fine thank you

  13. The Packer fans are celebrating a so called great draft.
    They tend to not notice the Lions and Vikes picked up top free agent talent to fill holes and both had very impressive drafts.
    The difference is the Packers picks have to perform well on day one. There are still holes to fill at NT, and Safety. If their picks are less than stellar, the Vikes and Lions feast.
    I have the Pack at 6-10. The Vikes at 11-5 and the Lions at 10-6.
    Both of them realize you win with first and second round picks who are the playmakers. Ted Thompson thinks the 5th and 6th rounders are diamonds in the rough. He just got rid of three of those diamonds last month and trying to pedal another one now. So much for that philosophy

  14. Right with you lionsgonewild. Warford will practice every day against elite interior rushers. This is nice.

  15. They wanted Ogletree. If he was not there they were going to try and trade down. If they could not trade down they would have considered Jones and then Warford. To say that Warford was targeted at 30 misrepresents Peter King’s article.

  16. @immafubared

    I have to disagree with your thoughts on the Packers going 6-10. Because as long as they have the refs on their side like the always have, they wont go below 10 wins.

  17. It depends on how you phrase it.

    Lions’ third-round pick was a first-round target of the Rams


    Lions third-round pick was not targeted in the first or second round by 31 NFL teams.

    Why are you impressed the Rams thought he was a first rounder, even though they didn’t take him when they could? Isn’t it more telling that every other team passed him up in the second round? He clearly was not a first round talent in almost all of the teams opinions.

  18. @immafubared

    I’m a huge Lions fan and even I think you’re crazy having the Pack go 6-10. They’ll win the division like every other year and the other three teams will be battling to just get a wild card spot… like every other year.

  19. Why is the Rams draft board so respected? The rest of the league chose not to draft him not once but at least twice. The Lions got a player they like but this does not define a steal….just yet.

  20. Means nothing. You know who had the Bears’ 1st round pick projected to go in the 1st round? The Bears. Everyone grades players differently. And if the Rams wanted him that bad, they would have selected him at some point before the Lions.

  21. There is a rumor that college teammates called Larry “Warthog” behind his back. But the source wished to remain anonymous. Matter of fact he disguised his voice and called from a pay phone. While wearing a mask.

  22. Funny how Tokyo Sand Blaster can post his negative comments about my Lions but ANYTIME I post ANYTHING about ANY other team on here my comment is gone within 5 min!! Let’s c if this one stays.

  23. Well u didnt get Datone, he went to the champs! He’s gonna be a stud. I think Warford will be a quality guard for Detroit though.

  24. Fact:

    If not for 2 guys, Cooper and Warmack, Warford was the cream of this crop in a power run system that likes big lineman.

    It isn’t always as simplistic as some of your minds are! With Cooper and Warmack off the board, there is Long, Pugh, and Warford. The Bears seem to like going with more athletic/versatile types, hence the pick of Kyle Long (just like Gabe Carimi). Maybe in the 2nd, the only teams looking for Guard help were teams running a zone blocking scheme? Maybe they ran a power scheme but like their Guards a bit thinner. Maybe they ask them to pull and with Warford at 350 they thought they’d be better off with a more slim type nasty guard?

    There are many more factors to this than “well if he were that good someone would have grabbed him in the second”. That is a plum football ignorant comment! Different teams like different styles of players and run different types of schemes. For another example, I know 1 team that had a Rd 1 Grade on Jamie Collins but since they drafted a pass rusher, they didn’t need to move up and get him!

    As for Warford, in the sense of a Power Run Guard, Warford is a Phone Booth type G that fits that style system. He was second best on the board for that scheme. The Lions got a steal here & I guarantee Warford is at worst a 3-4 time Pro Bowler!

  25. The Rams did the right thing by going with Ogletree, but they should have traded back in to grab Warford.

  26. Detroit did have a good draft in my opinion but they also had the 5th or 6th pick in every round so they should have found some good players.

    GB picked late in every round except maybe the 4th round and yet most of the experts still think they had a great draft.

    I have no doubt that the gap is closing between the Packers and the other teams in the North but until your team acually takes the belt from the Champs, I will believe it when I see it.

    The last time the FeLions beat the Packers 6-3, GB went on to win the SB so careful what you wish for.

  27. I watched a lot of Warford on video prior to the draft and I agree that he looked like a first round talent. He looked great against some very good defensive linemen in the SEC.

    I thought he would be a steal in the 2nd round. Great pick by the Lions and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Warford become a pro bowler.

  28. I think the Rams organization paid a wonderful compliment to the Lions’ staff in selecting Larry Warford. However, unlike many of you, I cannot see that as some knock on the Lions’ draft on any level. As a Rams fan, I liked Warford, though there was a reason that he didn’t go higher in the draft. Teams generally assign grades to prospects, and draft the best player available in their turn. Ogaltree obviously had a higher score, and the Rams placed a higher priority based on a specific need. It’s the way good teams draft.

    In defense of the Rams, they came out of the first-round with arguably the best, most dynamic WR of day one, in Tavon Austin. They capped it off by selecting a much-needed OLB in Alec Ogaltree. In order to be able to do so, the Rams traded away their second-round pick, or perhaps we wouldn’t be having this discussion. We got the players that we needed, and I would hope that the Detroit Lions did the same. For that, both trams ought to be congratulated.

    It should be interesting to see how Warford handles Suh in full-contact practice. Suh is a monster, and might bring injury to the OL charged with blocking him. That may likely be the only thing that prevents Larry Warford from becoming a Pro Bowl talent for many years to come.

    By the way, don’t place too much emphasis on the former sentence; the Pro Bowl is a joke these days. Unlike baseball’s All-Star competition, many selectees decline to play any longer. The inherent risks required to play any more than an upscale game of “flag” football, have made it untenable. I like the idea of “All-Pro” designation that doesn’t require an actual game. The Pro Bowl needs to go away; and soon will I believe. If not, I’ll predict not only that, but that Warford may be protecting the QB that looks good, throwing down-field to Tavon Austin, and OUR third-rounder, Steadman Bailey!

    We’ll have an opportunity to do some chest-thumping about our respective draft choices on the gridiron…perhaps in the playoffs.

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