J’Marcus Webb details efforts to overcome personal struggles

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In an interview with the Chicago Tribune published Friday night, Bears offensive tackle J’Marcus Webb called his February arrest on drug-related charges “a wake-up call.”

“I had not been in one of those situations before, but I definitely had to deal with the consequences. I had to take the time to handle them and man up,” Webb told the Tribune‘s Fred Mitchell of his arrest. In the end, Webb was not prosecuted in the incident.

Webb told the Tribune that he has “taken the time to get sober and to remain sober” and that sobriety has “definitely has helped me on the field and off.” According to the Tribune, Webb indicated personal issues had affected his play.

Webb started all 16 games at left tackle in 2012 for the Bears, but with Chicago signing Jermon Bushrod, Webb (6-7, 333) seems ticketed for another position, perhaps right tackle, in 2013.

That’s business. In the Tribune interview, he shared some of his personal story, and here’s to hoping it’s helpful as he tries to live a healthy life.

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  1. Most overused phrase ever “I had to man up.” Why not just be a man to begin with and not get arrested? It’s not hard to accomplish.

  2. Not the best OL in the NFL but it is refreshing to see a player take the humble approach and realize his mistakes

  3. Good luck to him. Being honest with yourself is the first step in recovery.

  4. Most overused phrase ever “I had to man up.” Why not just be a man to begin with and not get arrested? It’s not hard to accomplish.


    Jeez, the guy made a mistake. Humans do that. He got arrested with a tiny amount of pot, he wasn’t hauling pounds of drugs around. I hope your kid never spills his milk at the kitchen table.

  5. Jermon Bushrod should give Cutler
    more time protecting his back, and with a system that gets the ball out faster Cutler will win 12 games, and
    the division

  6. Don’t kid yourself.
    The coaches saw the OL the same way the fans did:
    It needed an overhall.
    Since Trestman got here, they’ve replaced the LT, LG, RG, RT

    By the end of the preseason Webb will be cut.

    The only one they kept is Garza

  7. Not sure how the sobriety has helped him on the field yet but if that is true he has been playing under the influence his whole time in Chicago.

  8. Jay Cutler has said on record that his problem is that he has a tendency to tune out of the moment and not focus on the game – and now we all understand why.

    That said, if he can correct that he could improve tremendously. I’ve seen the guy in person, and let me tell you his body and athletic ability is a gift straight from the pass-blocking gods.

  9. Wow, so Cutler was totally in the right for getting on this clown’s case for screwing around and not acting like a pro.

    Leave it to the media to jump on Cutler though and write stories about him “being a meanie” and “having an attitude problem.”

  10. He left out that one drunken night led to fathering an illegitimate, half-wit man-girl child, whom he decided to name chi01town.

    They’re both still in therapy.

  11. Yeah, learned that lesson 16 years ago when I was 14. Glad to see another 20 something that still hasn’t grown up yet.

  12. Wish him luck in his recovery…Sadly, there is no recovering from what ails tokyosandblaster and filthymcnasty1.

  13. Ahahahaha,

    Then the bears fans need to “handle” Dino, asublimeday, chi01town, osus, and a few others.

    The Vikings fans need to “handle” contra, gto, barroomhero, paint thinner pack fan (who is the same person as) Rick spielman is a magician, packhater, purpblooded, & countless others.

    The above fans created us. Not the other way around.

    When I arrived a year ago, it was 15-20 Viking/bears trolls and maybe 1 packer troll.

    Just returning the favor.

  14. Webb says “that sobriety has “definitely has helped me on the field and off.”

    The arrest took place Feb. 27, during the off-season. This interview was given Thursday, and the article was published Friday. How exactly has his sobriety helped him on the field if he hasn’t been on the field since?

    What a dope.

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