Blount agrees to pay cut with Patriots

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LeGarrette Blount must have been eager to join the Patriots.

According to Mike Reiss of, Blount agreed to a significant pay cut that slashes his pay by about $1 million from the contract he just signed with the Buccaneers in March.

Blount was a restricted free agent this year, and he signed a one-year contract with the Bucs that paid him a total of $1.75 million, including $1.25 million in base salary, $350,000 in reporting bonus and a $150,000 workout bonus.

But with the Patriots, Blount has agreed to a new contract that pays him a base salary of just $630,000, and a workout bonus of just $50,000. That was the deal Blount had to agree to for the trade (which sent running back Jeff Demps and a seventh-round pick to Tampa) to be consummated.

Of course, the reality is that Blount probably wasn’t going to make that $1.25 million base salary in Tampa because he probably wasn’t going to make the 53-man roster. And as a restricted free agent who entered the league as an undrafted free agent, Blount had little leverage to negotiate for more.

So Blount must think New England is the right place for him, and he must think the Patriots’ roster is a roster he can make. And he was willing to take a lot less money in a place where he believes he’ll have more job security and a better future.

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  1. If Blount went to the Jets or the Lions you would be posting articles on how much of a nuisance he is

  2. Another brilliant move by Belichick. For all the Bucs fans saying Blount will suck, he now has some incentive to NOT suck. Playin’ for a contract and proving people wrong.

  3. That’s right he took a pay cut. We are not one of the other 31 teams in this league, we are the Patriots. Players come to New England to win bottom line. Oh and maybe to look at some fall foliage, but mostly to win. Steelers, Ravens, Broncos, Seahawks, San Fran, Redskins can only wish…….

  4. Must suck to be known as that guy who sucker punched a fellow player on the field. I don’t know Blount but that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see his name. Looks like he’s still paying for it too.

  5. It is a double edge sword when a veteran signs a 1-year contract witht he Patriots for “good value”. If they produce, they enjoy a season with Super Bowl aspirations and the opportunity to sign a long-term contract with the Patriots (but more likley another club) for more money. The Patriots get a very hungry player for that one year who fits a specific need on their roster, usually adding much wanted depth. Alas, if they don’t perform, they could be out of football. I admire players willing to take that risk. Blount has a lot more going for him than most observers realize.

  6. Ironic the picture is Blount catching a pass for a back known for not being able to catch. Could be useful in short yardage or running out the clock. Don’t see him as a big part of the offense.

  7. I hope that if he makes the team and makes a significant contribution that he will be able to get a good contract out of this. The guy certainly has talent.

  8. $630,000 for a guy that just ran for over 1000 yards 2 years ago (and didn’t have any opportunities last season playing for Schanio) seems like a great deal for the Patroits!

    LeGarrette Blount will be a beast in New England. You want this guy coming at your team with a chip on his shoulder?

  9. Blount looked good early on. There’s something about a doghouse that gets old. I’d rather take a cut and play for BB then stay in Tampa and be forgotten. Hoping the Pats get a lot out of this guy.

  10. While it could be a good thing for Blount, one of his biggest problems is fumbles. He fumbled the ball nine times, losing six of them between the 2010 and 2011 seasons. He didn’t fumble in 2012 because he really didn’t get an opportunity to play. A couple of those and he’ll find his way into Belichick’s doghouse and basically end his career.

  11. If he can find a way to hold onto the ball, and block with his smashmouth style he’s a great addition offensively… With the two tight ends in the formation it’s not a bad idea to have a bruising runner… pats haven’t really had that since Corey Dillon.

  12. As a Bucs fan, I know Blount will give you at least one highlight play a game. Problem is every other play will end in the backfield, and the highlight play may just be a ridiculous hurdle on a 4 yd run…

    Good luck though

  13. Pats got a steal…. I was pretty bummed to see him leave Tampa. His runs were exciting to watch and had the potential to break loose every time he got to the second level.

    He also learned to hold the ball “high and tight” so the fumbling issues are a thing of the past….. And those who claim he can’t catch or block have obviously not see him play.

    His attitude when demoted was nothing but classy and was the consummate teammate…..

    He will be sorely missed if Martin goes down for any length of time….

    This Buc fan wishes him nothing but the best in the future

  14. While this Blount may be on the cheap, he is of the same strength and intensity as the Blount of the past . I expect he will help raise the Patriots to a new rushing high. Expect many big hits with little too no long runs as he smokes-out the competition.

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing the Pats offense this year. On paper the team seems to be moving to a power running game, away from the small RB, swing pass style. Tom is still Tom, but I have to think a power running game only plays to the Pats home field climate.

  16. He’ll come out strong and everyone will be singing the Belichick praise. Then by the end of the year he’ll barely see the field because he cant get the tough yards that plagued him in Tampa.

    Kinda funny that Belichick takes the reclamation projects and every goes crazy after a big first few weeks. Then come playoff time those guys have been figured out again and the Pats struggle against the AFC’s elite.

  17. The man has to take care of his family. If he is able to produce some big yards behind the Pat’s offensive line , then BB will look like a real genius! I kind of liked Blount when the Bucs first picked him up. Somehow he got on Schiano’s bad list and that was that! Good luck to him I say.

  18. ryanw822 says:
    May 5, 2013 2:23 PM
    Kinda funny that Belichick takes the reclamation projects and every goes crazy after a big first few weeks. Then come playoff time those guys have been figured out again and the Pats struggle against the AFC’s elite.

    Yeah, the Pats only have five SB trips (which I believe required five AFC championship wins) and two AFC championship losses in the last twelve seasons…Belichick and those Pats, they can never figure out how to win big games in the AFC. That is why their regular season and playoff record stinks during the Belichick/Brady era. [/end of sarcasm]

    It is entirely possible that Blount does not make the team, but having Ridley, Vereen, Bolden, Blount, Washington and others at RB heading into training camp would be pretty good for the Pats.

  19. Its simple…this guy is not a team player. He needed a wake up call and a team limo to get him to team meetings, on time and he played like a pouting baby once Martin made his presence known. G’luck Pats.

  20. “Another brilliant move by Belichick. For all the Bucs fans saying Blount will suck, he now has some incentive to NOT suck. Playin’ for a contract and proving people wrong.”

    You mean he didn’t have that same incentive before, when coming as an undrafted FA and then playing for a one year deal? Really now.

    Blount will get the same treatment as Talib. When Aqib was in Tampa, he was slow, a problem child, a bust, a terrible corner, liability in coverage, etc. As soon as Belichick takes him, he’s a “vital” defender, bright young talent and a key free agent to be. Same crap, different player.

  21. Belichick gave the Redskins a 5th rounder for Haynesworth. He makes mistakes, too. That said, he is giving Blount an opportunity to do what Haynesworth wouldn’t do. Try. Wish Blount well.

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