Dolphins to sign Clabo, signaling Martin move


The Dolphins have apparently found their next tackle, and that will require another one to move.

According to a tweet by his agent Chad Speck, the Dolphins are signing former Falcons right tackle Tyson Clabo today.

That means last year’s second-rounder Jonathan Martin will be playing left tackle this season, and presumably kills the possibility of a Branden Albert trade.

The Dolphins invested heavily in receiving targets for Ryan Tannehill this year, and now they’ve stabilized his protection a bit.

Clabo’s been a solid and dependable starter for the Falcons, but how Martin holds up in pass protection remains to be seen, and will be a key to the Dolphins’ success this year.

32 responses to “Dolphins to sign Clabo, signaling Martin move

  1. To be honest with you, this has always seemed like the most realistic option for the Dolphins.

    Philbin likes guys of a certain character. Eric Winston always came off way too vocal to be the kind of guy Joe would like to have on the roster.

    Tyson Clabo has always been talented. Excellent on the run as well.

    Welcome aboard! Go Dolphins!

  2. I know its not as sexy a pick but it solves the problem of who was going to play RT. It’s not like Miami drafted Jake Long’s replacement in the 2012 draft, oops yes they did.

  3. I knew they’d figure this out, now its on to mini camp and the pre season where we can really start to see how these new look Dolphins are going to progress. Even though I’m bummed about the stadium issues, but there’s always optimism going into a new season. Chin and Fins up Miami, at least we’re not the Jets…

  4. I like J.mart at LT, he spent his college career protecting one great qb, now he can spend his pro career protecting another. He got bigger, stronger and he is smart, he will work hard at becoming a very good LT in the nfl. Plus there is a lot of good vets on that line to learn from, clabo and the best center in the game pouncy will make sure this kid doesn’t fail. glad Ireland didn’t overreact to Albert and took his time to find the best option for this team, Albert would have just been an overpaid above average LT.

  5. Martin at left tackle isn’t much of a surprise. He played there for 3 years in college, played better there than at right tackle for the Dolphins last year and, according to the beat writers, has added 15 pounds of muscle since the end of the season.

    I recommend finding video of Lance Louis on Youtube. If his knee heals adequately, a line of Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Louis and Clabo could do some damage.

  6. All right, now if this OL comes together the Dolphins possibly have no weaknesses. Let’s play ball. Who needs a stinking roof? Just move the sideline seats in closer and make that stadium come alive.

  7. I’m excited about this offseason so far. I’ll admit I didn’t know a lot of the names we drafted after Dion Jordan but after reading his story and the adversity he’s overcome and finding out more about the picks, I feel good coming into this season. Bringing Clabo in feels like another piece of the puzzle to me not a desperation move. Fins up!!

  8. Tyson Clabo has always been a good and reliable player. Never misses a game. Great signing by the Dolphins. Best of luck to you Tyson.

  9. I guess the Chief fans on this site couldn’t pull off the one sided trade for Albert try as they might. The KC front office screwed up when they over paid Albert by franchising him and have only themselves to blame.

  10. I didnt like too much how martin played last year LT, but it was his 1st season on nfl, so im hoping he can get better since he used to played on collegue that position cause the line has been always shuffling the past 6 years maybe.

  11. For those of you that want to throw doubt at J. Martin please remember that the Dolphins drafted the best blocking TE in this years draft. So if there are a particular match up issues on either side I anticipate Dion Sims lining up there and supporting the tackle.

  12. LT is Martin’s natural position. Played it in college and Andrew Luck seems to have faired pretty well in terms of his health.

    Martin switched to the right side last year and was learning a new position, then got thrown to the left when Jake Long, hold your breadth St Louis, got hurt AGAIN.

    With a full offseason to prepare to get back to the left side. I like this move.

  13. This is what Dolphins fans have been saying for months. Martin has been the LT. They were looking for a RT but wouldn’t rule out LT to make the line better if the cost was low (the Albert possibility was never a low cost option and had zero chance). Clabo signed a one year deal. Winston wanted a multi-year deal and that is why he is not in Miami (better system fit). Clabo is a serviceable alternate even if the system is not ideal for his skills set. Good signing by Miami.

  14. Good luck to you clabo glad you found work. I’m a falcons fan and appreciate your time spent in atlanta. Class act off the field nasty on the field.

  15. GOOD MOVE FINS. & Martin should be ok, and since he’s the only possible concern on the OL now, it should be easy help him out with an RB. Screw the roof and the super bowls. I say move the sideline seats in closer and lets make our house rock. GO FINS. The acquiring of players is complete and I’m looking forward to a good season.

  16. Clabo is the 5th rated RT by Profootball Focus. Not a bad acorn. Ireland has done an excellent job this off-season with his stated goal of closing the gap in the AFCE.

    I’m glad to see the Fins fans aren’t doing what the Bill’s fans did last year, which is proclaiming AFCE domination. Just know things are indeed improving dramatically, even though it will take 4-6 games before things begin to gel.

    I just hope they play well enough that the critics (free agency, draft, etc) will have to admit their stupidity.

  17. Love this signing by the Fins. There is some serious depth at OL now. Having Thomas and Garner, who can each play multiple positions on the line, is huge.

    What everyone forgets about Martin is that due to his school year he got a late start with the club during OTA’s last year.

    By not being allowed to attend all of the OTA’s he missed a lot of the strength training. Word is he came into this year’s OTA’s bigger and a lot stronger.

  18. Much better than what KC and the Jags did, by essentially drafting RT (based on where they are currenlty starting) with the 1st and s
    2nd overall picks.

  19. Great pick up. Now it gets really interesting from here. I think the kid Samuda out played Pouncey last preseason @ center & would love to see ( Martin, Pouncey, Samuda, Louis, Clabo). And if Sims(TE) has good footwork this would the MOST athletic line in Phin history.

  20. You know I almost got off this news without having to say anything but you dumass phins fans have to talk about kc. Be happy be glad whatever but realize instead of having a good to great veteran left tackle that’s it his prime at 28 yrs old and only missed 2 games a season at most for a 2nd round pick and normal left tackle money but instead signed the 33+ yr old Clabo to try and hold up the right while you guys put your faith in Martin who couldn’t even hold up against 2nd tier pass rushers on the right side so I’m completely lost how everyone is high fiving and talk bs about Albert and kc while they have 3 left tackles better than the dolphins on their roster now and 1 is paid like a back up 1 is paid lower then a right tackle for the next 5 years and Albert hopefully will be signed or have a good lt at lt money so keep kc chiefs Albert and everyone else on my team out of your mouths and be happy u signed ur Clabo. PS I told everyone about Winston I thought he was the best rt in the league when we got him but seeing how he played and learning there’s something wrong with his right arm now I realize he will be lucky to sign with a team period because he’s a right tackle with no right arm and can’t pass a physical and wants good rt money

  21. I’m not sure where everybody gets their stats from on Pro Football Focus but the ratings from Oct 17, 2012 Tyson Clabo is not listed which means he is not bad or good. In the Pass Blocking Efficiency Branden Albert was tied with your old tackle Jake Long as the fifth best. Jonathan Martin was rated 45th.

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