Even with Miami failure, 49ers CEO: “nothing changes”

Getty Images

Organizers for the Bay Area Super Bowl L bid committee could have had a party Friday night, with news that the Dolphins’ bid for public money for stadium improvements went down.

But 49ers CEO Jed York is apparently not ready to celebrate, telling Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com that “nothing changes,” about their bid to host the league’s 50th Super Bowl in their new Santa Clara stadium.

Well, the lack of competition sure seems to be a big thing.

Unless the league reopens the competition at the May 21 owners meeting, or Ross digs between his couch cushions for the money he’s needing to refurbish SunLife Stadium, the league’s not going to send the milestone game there, which would by default send it west.

Same for Houston, which was set to compete with the loser of the L game for the LI extravaganza.

It would probably be unseemly to gloat about getting the better of a partner in a business deal, however, so I’m sure that’s all York was going for, was a dignified win.