Harbaugh: “Tremendous coach” Spagnuolo adds to “strong staff”


Ravens head coach John Harbaugh says the role of new assistant Steve Spagnuolo is simple: Make a good coaching staff even better.

Harbaugh said today that Spagnuolo, who was hired last week with the title of senior defensive assistant, will “assist where needed” and “adds to an already very strong staff.”

Harbaugh praised Spagnuolo, who was fired in January after one year as the Saints’ defensive coordinator, as a coach who can bring a great deal of experience to the defensive meeting rooms.

He’s obviously a tremendous coach, great experience and his accomplishments speak for themselves,” Harbaugh said, via the Carroll County Times. “The more great coaches and great players that we can build into what we’re doing, the better we’re going to be. . . . And he can really work with any position, so that’s a big plus for us.”

Prior to last year with the Saints, Spagnuolo spent three years as head coach of the Rams, two years as defensive coordinator of the Giants and eight years as an assistant with the Eagles, where he worked on the same staff as Harbaugh.

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  1. I admire Harbaugh’s coaching. Jim a little more than John but both tremendously. Never thought much of Spagnulo, I know he’s John’s guy so that’s got a lot to do with it.

  2. Loved him as the Giants DC, but he’ll never be a head coach again. Could be a great DC for Baltimore with that cast, however.

  3. I know the Saints’ defense wasn’t exactly loaded with talent, but with Gregg Williams they found a way to win a Super Bowl and 37 games in 3 seasons with mostly same personnel(especially the 2011 team). Between that and the disaster in St. Louis, I’m beginning to wonder if the Giants front-four really did “make him”.

  4. Ravens certainly know how to hire defensive coaches.

    How many DCs have they had that have gone onto head coaching jobs in the league? 5?

  5. When people leave the Giants, their careers seem to fall off a cliff…Right, Steve Smith?

  6. At the rate the Ravens have gone through defensive coordinators in the past, there is nothing wrong with having more depth.

  7. uhh huh, crows grasping for answers to the #27 ranked defense, he was fired last 3 jobs because of ??? I know I know, they are world champs, how many DCs do they need? Enjoy your trophy baltimorons . . .

  8. Interesting to observe that the strong organizations/coaches are not afraid to surround themselves with excellent coaches who may have gotten into bad situations as head coaches the first time out. The weaker organizations/coaches do not want anything to shake up the status quo…..

  9. My beloved Ravens keep FN up! We had a terrible draft, and now hire this clown. It is going to be a long season for me and my boyfriend. Cheers! From my moms basement

  10. Quick reminder. You went 8-8 and almost half the teams in the NFL did better. Plus, we are the champions and you will never be again.

  11. I love how some Steelers’ fans constantly remind others of their “six” rings. Football didn’t start with the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl should NEVER take away the Championships won by teams that have been around since the dawn of football. I am not a Packers’ fan, but I regard them as the pinnacle football franchise when it comes to NFL Championships with 13! Again, 13 NFL Championships. That is significantly more than the Steelers.

  12. Something for Ravens fans to remember–People will think better of you if you are gracious in victory. If you are the former, people will not sneer at you nearly as much when you are no longer winning.

    In other words, enjoy winning but don’t gloat. Look how we pour it on the once-mighty Patriots; some of it is because of the arrogance and presumption of Pats’ fans, their owner, coach, and players. Better to be remembered by other teams’ fans as good winners.

    Getting back to the subject–Since he left the Giants, Spagnuolo has proven that it was the players, not him, that fueled the Giants’ Super Bowl win years ago. Did nothing as HC, did worse with the Saints. Got this job because of the old boys’ network and MAYBE because of the work he was credited with doing several stops back. His presence may not hurt the Ravens, but darned if I can see a reason for assuming he can help.

  13. Another example of why the Ravens are the number two team in Maryland. The Redskins are winners who hire winners and win Super Bowls. The Ravens are just another second rate franchise.

  14. Yup, steelers have 6 rings. 5 before most of the team was even born. Even the Oakland raiders were good at one time. Ancient history….4th place 2013 .

  15. and when did the redskins win all these superbowls. last one was in mid 90s. nothing better than 3rd best in…well where exactly do the redskins play

  16. You better hope that he doesn’t come in and start head hunting. His ego is bigger than his results. He might start firing people because they sneeze. Don’t let him have anything to do with the run defense, or you will giving up 250 yds/game. Whoever made this decision should get roasted. GO RAMS

  17. Lets not read too much into this. Perhaps Harbs is just helping out a former coworker. Let Spag learn a little 3-4 while there, reestablish himself and get a real job somewhere else next year. Go Ravens!

  18. Hey steelers you do realize that Baltimore has 6 nfl championships ’58, 59, 68, + 3 superbowls just like Pittsburg…. Suck it

  19. Jiggy: why don’t you count the 4 NFL championships, the Browns won also, that gives you 10. But then again the Ravens are the Browns not the Colts. But then again do the Colts get to count the Ravens championships, as you are trying to count theirs

  20. Because I’m talking about the city of Baltimore. Heck I could even count the USFL and CFL championships not BALTIMORE has more football championships

  21. I live in NY. Giants fans idolize Spags. Ravens have again played the league for fools. Here’s my suggestion to all the Ravens haters-just jump on board. Best organization in football was contending for chips with the likes of Kyle Boller and a washed up Air Mcnair. The next 10 years will yield at least 2 more chips and there is nothing your aging QB can do about it John Harbs is the best coach in football. Oz is the best exec. Bischotti best owner. Now FOLD.

  22. “I’d like to come coach here – you guys are good, and I’m no slouch” – SS

    “Don’t sell yourself short Spags, you’re a tremendous slouch.” – JH

  23. Jiggly: Steelers have 6, Ravens have 2, talking NFL. Talking teams not cities. It’s teams that win championships, even the most hardened Ravens fan, will tell u, Ravens and Colts not the same, just because your city has a revolving door for football teams, doesn’t mean u throw all the teams in the same cup. If the Ravens change their name to the crows and don’t leave Baltimore, win a SB, u can count it.

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