John Harbaugh talks up Matt Elam

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With the 32nd pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Ravens opted to pick a safety.  They chose Florida’s Matt Elam, one spot before the Jaguars selected FIU safety Johnathan Cyprien.

So far, the Ravens feel good about their choice.

“Matt really picked things up quickly,” coach John Harbaugh said after Sunday’s rookie minicamp practice, via Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times.  “He really did a nice job of communicating on the back end, which is not usual for a rookie.  Most rookie defensive backs, even all defensive players, have a tough time with the communication part because you’re not confident enough to make the calls, but he’s smart, picked it up quickly and jumped right back there and made the calls with force, very forceful back there, and played fast.  He looked good.”

Elam could end up winning the starting strong safety spot, across from newcomer Michael Huff.

14 responses to “John Harbaugh talks up Matt Elam

  1. I liked the pick. He is a smart and tough player. Only question I have is about his height against tight ends but I think he will be physical enough to compete for the ball. Happy to see him in a Ravens uniform

  2. In a few years I think we’ll look back and this draft will be like last years QB class, but with safeties. There were a lot of really good safeties and O and D lineman in this draft. Just no QBs.

  3. Get used to it folks. ”Red star” players are the wave of the future.

    Any scoundrel can be a model citizen when they know the scouts are watching and the cameras are on them beginning with the combine. All agents coach their guys to ”say the right things.”

    But true leaders are those that earn the respect of their peers behind the scenes, in the film study sessions, in the weightrooms, and in the lockerroom.

  4. I see a ton of ints in this kid’s future. Though a majority of those will come during practice.

  5. Can’t wait for him to try and cover Eifert this season. Try to tell me that he’ll cover the 6’6 Eifert with no problems at 5’10. Andy Dalton and Gruden must be drooling to go up top on the little guy. Yes totally aware that the Ravens are the defending world champions.

  6. He is not fit for FS but he will be a nasty blitzing SS . Harbaugh will make him a star.

  7. Ths guy is going to be picking Big Ben’s wild Hail Marys and wobbly checkdowns all day long.

  8. This man jumps off film like he is on fire! He reminds me of Ed Reed mixed with Pollard! Great in coverage like Reed and will knock the snot outta ya! Scarygood!!!!

  9. tigerblood…Eifert will never see Elam in a deep route. He’ll be held back to protect Dalton from the ferocious pass rush of Doom and Sizzle.

  10. So the Bengals O-line cant protect Dalton without tight end help, got it. As for the hate on Dalton only 2 quarterbacks have more TD passes than Dalton over their first 2 seasons, Flacco and…. Psyche! Marino and Manning, let’s criticize the “ginger” if he Sanchez’s this year until then he’s in good company over his first 2 years.

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