Report: John Abraham isn’t retiring despite tweets to that effect

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On Saturday, free agent defensive end John Abraham sent out a pair of tweets that led some people to believe he’d given up his quest for a new team in favor of ending his football career.

One read “retiring 13” and the other read “done,” so it wasn’t exactly a wild leap to think that Abraham — who turns 35 on Monday — was calling it quits after 13 years in the NFL. Abraham clearly hasn’t landed an offer that makes him sign on the dotted line and he wouldn’t be the first player to retire rather than continue to wait for a call that just won’t come.

It seems like it was much ado about nothing, however. Abraham has deleted the tweets from his Twitter account and Ian Rapoport of spoke to a source close to Abraham who said there was “nothing” to notions of retirement. The source allowed that Abraham may be “expressing the frustration” of not landing a job despite varying levels of interest from the Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots and Titans since his release by the Falcons.

Abraham was still a productive player in Atlanta last season and these teams have to see the value of having someone like that in their lineup. It seems that bridging the gap between how much they value it and how much Abraham values himself remains the key to getting Abraham situated for the 2013 season.

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  1. I think the plan all along is for him to return to the falcons and play opposite of Osi. of course he will be on a snap count just like past years. The coaching staff has very high hopes for Cliff Matthews & Jonathan Massaquoi and I think they see something in both of these young men. As 5th & 7th round draft picks they are both considered projects and needed some NFL coaching to see what they are made of. Matthews is going into his 3rd year and by all indications they both may get some significant playing time this year. Anyhow I still can see abe coming back to the falcons for one more shot

  2. He is coming back to atl. They are just waiting for Tyson clabos cap to be freed up after June 1st. I think 4.5 mill is freed after that. So I expect him to sign in the first week of June

  3. He’ll be playing this season. Like Freeney, once he gets used to the fact he won’t be playing for the money he wants, his focus will be on how much camp he can afford to miss.

    The Pats and Falcons look like 2 good landing spots, but regardless, he’ll be on someone’s roster before the first week of August.

  4. Seattle has obviously moved on…maybe the other teams have as well. Freeney and Abraham both took a bit too long to realize the market isn’t looking to pay the kind of money these guys want.

    Teams set for a Superbowl run this year are limited on cap space, and teams building are looking for youth.

    Then the backside issue you have to worry about with these guys is if they don’t get paid what they want, will they play down

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