Report: No unexpected setbacks for Rob Gronkowski

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We’re still a couple of weeks away from getting a definitive answer about whether Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is going to need another surgery on his forearm, but reports from those with access to Patriots workouts bring some good news.

Mike Reiss of reports that sources say Gronkowski “looks great” while working in the team’s offseason program while he waits to find out if an infection will force him to have a fourth operation since initially breaking the forearm last season. There have been no unexpected setbacks, which doesn’t mean Gronkowski will avoid an operation but it is obviously better than if more problems had popped up in the last month.

If Gronkowski does wind up needing surgery, which was termed very likely last month, there would be some doubt about his ability to be on the field for Week One of the regular season. Doctors would have to deal with the infection and then put a new plate in the arm, which would then require 10 weeks of rehab before Gronkowski could return to the field.

It’s one of many things up in the air for the Patriots at tight end, where they also have Aaron Hernandez recovering from shoulder surgery. Should it all work out, the Patriots offense will be just fine in 2013. If not, their two rookie receivers may wind up needing to play a bigger role than expected.

13 responses to “Report: No unexpected setbacks for Rob Gronkowski

  1. “Should it all work out, the Patriots offense will be just fine in 2013”

    As much as I dislike the Pats, the Patriots offense will be just fine in 2013 even if it doesn’t work out all just fine. One way or another they get it done. Example: Matt Cassel.

  2. They also have Ballard.

    Remember – that guy that the Giants released on waivers. The player who everyone criticized Belichick for taking, saying he already had two TEs and that somehow Belichick must be cheating, violating an unwritten rule about taking players placed on waivers?

    Well it looks like they might need him.

    Good thing they grabbed Ballard when they did – regardless of what the haters think.

  3. Rob is young and stud Tight End…he had an injury and he will recovery fast and be ready for camp…I can see if he was an ancient age TE, but he’s very young..he will be ok…I wish him well in his recovery. As a Saints fan, I respect this guy’s game.

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t have given any credence to the article written by the unprofessional, agenda driven, plagiarizing hack Ron Borges.

  5. Pats fan or not, it is hard not to root for a guy like that to stay healthy. He is so talented that you cannot bench him, but you know all the off the field shenanigans must just drive Bill Belichick crazy.

  6. Looks like the offense is going to center on the running game with Amendola and the new guys out wide at least for the first quarter of the season….that will give Gronk and Hernandez a chance to heal up before the offense goes in to high gear with the patented TE passing attack that will open up the outside passing and running game!

  7. That’s why they are called unexpected. You don’t expect one. But with Gronk talking off his shirt at every filthy location he can, chances are you can expect another set back.

  8. The Patriots open @Buffalo and then are home to the Jets so it won’t be a surprise if they keep him and Hernandez out anyway. Everyone needs to play against Tampa in week three because they go to Atlanta in week four.

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