T.O. wants Pats, who don’t want T.O.

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Three Super Bowl champions have been crowned since the last time Terrell Owens played in a regular-season NFL game.  And yet he still talks about coming back.  And the media still reacts when he does.

By the way, is that a worm?  That worm looks tasty.  And it definitely doesn’t look like its body has been repeatedly impaled on a hook that will be buried into my cheek and used to yank me mouth first into a boat.

Anyway, Owens recently explained to BlindsideFootball.com his level of interest in joining the Patriots.

I think that’s a no-brainer,” Owens said.  “You look at what they’ve done over the years.  Under the tutelage of Tom [Brady] and Coach Bellichick, I think the sky would be the limit in terms of what I’d be able to do.  Considering my body of work and my history of playing the game.”

His interest may be a no-brainer, but the issue is a non-starter.  The Patriots have no interest in Owens, as Jeff Howe reported last month on the always-free Boston Herald website after Owens played pitch-and-catch with Brady in the vicinity of Castle Bundchen.

Actually, no team has any interest in Owens.  The Seahawks gave him a chance last year, but he didn’t make it past the first wave of roster cuts.  Since then, there have been no offers, workouts, meetings, anything.

So until someone signs him or displays any/some interest in Owens, we’ll consider him to be involuntarily retired.  The only question is whether three more Super Bowl champions will be crowned before it becomes a voluntary retirement.

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  1. The Lions should sign him. He is a huge step up from Titus Young.He would probably open some things up for Calvin Johnson.

  2. The problem is, T.O. is too old to start, and if you don’t start, you have to be able to play special teams and T.O. is too slow to be a gunner, can’t tackle, and probably wouldn’t want to play special teams anyway. In addition, T.O. had too many drops when he was in his prime, he has even more now and he can’t compensate for it with other parts of his game.

  3. Aside from all of the media attention and possible locker room disruption, why wouldn’t a team take a chance on a guy who will still command heavy respect from opposing defenses? And I think the Pats are good at keeping any distractions to a minimum, no? Mind boggling

  4. Already had Moss and Johnson at two different points, we don’t need to complete the big trio of early 2000s WR divas.

  5. Hey Pats,

    I’d like to be involved with your team and hope you strongly consider my request. I’ve never been found guilty of any crimes, have a clean driving record and I kick ass at Madden. I’m pretty sure I bring more value to the table than TO does at this point and I’m also willing to work for league minimum.

    Thank you.

  6. My feeling is he has enough left in the tank to help the Patriots lose another AFC Championship or their third Super Bowl since last winning one eight long years ago. Why the Patriots are still considered the gold standard is just as puzzling as Owens still putting out feelers about playing.

  7. Romo extended T O’s game by at least two years and as a reward T O attacked him in the press.

    No team is gonna wake up and say ” hey.\, you know what we need? an old stone handed cancer.”

    It’s over TO. Has been for a long time.

  8. I still cannot believe all the media jump every time that TO speaks. Who cares what he says anymore? His time has passed, he has been out of football for 3 years now and no one is interested but the media.

  9. T.O. reminds me of one of my ex’s who wants another chance, B*tch please!

  10. Why doesn’t he just post his video of doing sit ups in his driveway? That’s sure to get a team to call.

    If the Vikings, who desperately need WR’s and are never picky in who they sign, don’t want TO, then its officially a lost cause.

  11. Belichick may be severely overrated and unable to win a Super Bowl without “help”, but he is very smart. He learned from the Chad Whatever-my-name-is-this-week experience and won’t repeat it.

    Besides, there’s room for one pampered prince only on the Patriots, and we know who that is.

  12. David Garrard and Braylon Edwards haven’t played good or any football since 2010.

    Five teams have at least called them for services since August 2011.

    Garrard: Oakland (called him, but his back forced him to sit out) in 2011, Miami 2012, Jets 2013.

    Edwards: San Francisco in 2011, Seattle and Jets in 2012 (after calling them “idiots” as a Seahawk), Jets 2013.

    Owens hasn’t played a regular season game since 2010. He only gets one team and one fewer preseason game to showcase himself vs. Edwards in Seattle???

    That’s where it’s an injustice.

    He has more Pro Bowls and All Pros than they do combined.

    A team should give him a workout at least!

  13. I kind of feel bad for ole TO. Seems like
    He’s at a really low point. Considering what all we’ve found out over the last few years, I believe he may HAVE tried to kill himself. I hope he finds inner peace.

  14. TO is ancient history to anyone but TO.

    He’ll never see an nfl field again except on TV and its his own fault. I have zero sympathy for this guy.

  15. If Terrell Owens, Brett Favre and Kurt Warner all want to play football so bad, why don’t they just meet up at some field and run pass plays until exhaustion. That should take about 30 minutes and then maybe they can shut up about being able to play with the young guns.

    Unless someone starts an NFL Senior league. Now thats an idea.

  16. Maybe T.O. and Tebow can start their own team in LA.

    Two players nobody wants in a city nobody wants to play in.

  17. Ill put this kindly bro,,
    You’re done. The league is moving on without you. Its your own fault for poor investments and being broke.

  18. It’s not “mind boggling” that a 39-year-old isn’t on a NFL roster.

    Just like it wasn’t mind boggling when a 38-year-old was part of the first roster cuts, even on a team with questions at WR.

  19. This T.O. non-story is taking valuable space and attention away from what could be another Tebow non-story.

  20. SUPPOSEDLY the ravens want a veteran receiver to fill anquan boldins shoes…

    Terrell Owens has already swallowed all his pride. It might be time to admit he needed the ravens all along and never should have nixed the trade that sent him there and spread horrible racist rumors about Ozzie newesome.

    Not saying they will take him or accept his apology… But he might as well try.

  21. T.O. is like the grown kid just wanting to believe in christmas for one more year to maybe get that shiny new bike he never got

  22. Dude’s nuttier than Chinese chicken salad. He gives brain damage a bad name – just like the unfortunate wankers who talk about pro bowls and the passes that weren’t dropped, and conveniently forget about the locker rooms that were torn apart and sundry other distractions the freak brought with him. Maybe no team will sign him because they’d rather win games than see big numbers and circus acts.

  23. The computer repairman in Hanoi looked at my laptop and said, “He very old. He no work.” That’s what we have to say about Terrell Owens.

  24. “Someone should work this guy out at least”

    Seahawks did, he failed. Move on.

  25. i guess its back to jerkin off on skype for T.O. i wonder where he’ll be 10 years from now. the best thing he could do is try to get into broadcasting.

  26. I’m pretty sure T.O. is done. But it’s because no team will take him, not because he’s not better than a dozen or so receivers who will be on rosters opening day.

  27. T.O. you have a better chance of getting another reality show, than getting back in the NFL. Please ride off into the sunset, while you still have a little dignity. and yes T.O. still has B.O.

  28. Omaha Beef WR Judd Harold would welcome Terrell to the team. According to Harold “TO could learn a lot from me, I happen to be a team player.”

    When asked if he would sign TO, Beef coach Andy Yost questioned if TO would be a good fit for the team.

  29. T.O. Please go away. Forever. Please. No one wants to pay you. No one wants your mouth or your lost skill.

  30. If Mr. Owens would come out and admit to being a member in good standing, of the Gay party, his inclusion in Kraft’s new team would be assured.

  31. “Hey Patriots, you want me play for you?”
    “No Terrell. We’re good. Try the Browns.”
    “Hey Browns, you want me play for you?”
    “No Terrell, we’re good. Try the Chiefs.”
    “Hey Chiefs, you want me play for you?”
    “No Terrell, we’re good. Try Jacksonville.”
    “Hey Jaguars, you want me play for you?”
    “No Terrell, we’re good. Try the Jets.”
    “Nah I’m good.”

  32. Shouldn’t this guy be sitting back relaxing and enjoying retirement? After playing the game for so long shouldn’t he be in a better place by now-financially? There are people that made much much less than he’s made but are living comfortably. Where did money go T.O?

  33. When the jags n browns pass on u t.o u know it’s over.

    So a business which he nfl is would rather have a team go 2-12 again n again. Before saying hey get some people in the seats sign this guy.
    Jags would sell more tickets if they signed him

  34. He got cut because of his mouth in Seattle. Had a great LAST season with the Bengals in 2010 and he can figure out a play book unlike other divas. He’d still be playing if it wasn’t for his mouth.

  35. Right, and that worked out really well for the Patriots when they picked up Chad Johnson.

    Time to Hang it up T.O. The man is just a headcase now.

    I feel bad for him in a way and I have to wonder how long he’ll last with the spot light off of him honestly.

    Just imagine what him and Moss could have done if they had a GOOD attitude like Jerry Rice?

  36. All the receivers who had big mouths, had crazy antics, and thought they were bigger than the game and thought they deserved the biggest contracts are all but extinct. T.O., Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, etc. are all done for. No team is going to give these guys a chance, because they want a sound locker room, a non media festival, and most likely an average output in the process. These guys should be the model of what not to do off the field because it’ll kill your chances later on in life. If they worked as hard off the field as they did on the field they might’ve been chasing records instead of job opportunities. This I have to say to T.O., when you told the reporters after season 1 with the Eagles that, “you had to take care of your family first and foremost,”, that’s why you didn’t honor your contract, that owners would respect you for it? Funny thing was you went to Dallas making less than you would’ve with your original contract with the Eagles and your stats went down as well. It’s sad, especially when you have the talent but your talent doesn’t out weigh you being a problem

  37. What do you have against the Globe, Mike? It’s a much better paper.

  38. This dude is just too dense to take a hint. The NFL doesn’t want you. Go away!!!

  39. Owens is like an old and ugly bride who’s trying to get married.


  40. Poor T.O. I wonder if he can even afford his personal assistant anymore. I don’t know if he’s even capable of writing his own press releases.

  41. jakec4 says:May 5, 2013 8:04 PM

    My feeling is he has enough left in the tank to help the Patriots lose another AFC Championship or their third Super Bowl since last winning one eight long years ago. Why the Patriots are still considered the gold standard is just as puzzling as Owens still putting out feelers about playing.


    The Patriots haven’t won since 2004. That is true, and I can’t argue it. But that doesn’t put too many teams ahead of them when you look at their whole body of work since 2004. Lots of playoff games, 2-2 in AFC championship games.

    The Giants and Steelers are better over that stretch and you could make for the 4 other teams that won the Superbowl in that stretch (IND, NO, GB and Baltimore). If you judge solely on championships then those teams are better. If you judge on over all performance over that stretch by record and by conf championship games then the Patriots are right in that mix. They are consistent.

  42. which happens first: TO dies of old age, or finally admits someday that he in fact won’t be able to play in the NFL again, considering no one before him has run routes with the aid of metal walking canes with tennis balls on the bottom… or maybe he will just sell that as a groundbreaking pioneer…

  43. The Lindsay Lohan of the NFL.

    He just keeps talking like he is part of the in-crowd, yet everyone but himself knows he is a complete joke and nobody will touch him.

  44. What I really don’t understand is: Can’t someone stay in shape to still play in the NFL in Mid to Upper 30’s? Rice did it. I would think that at some point TO has to be better than many WR’s.

  45. This guy needs the cash plus its hard to call its quits from a game you love to play. I don’t think anyone will pick him up because of his attitude and off field antics. Not because I don’t think he has anything left. Search his YouYube Buffalo Bills highlights from his last NFL season. This dude has something left. Its just a shame that he ruined it for himself. I must admit, he is consistent for keeping his name out there.

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