Tebow’s future could be in TV


With Tim Tebow now five days in to his free agency tour and without a single stop scheduled, he needs to at least entertain the possibility that his football options have dried up.

If that’s the case, Tebow could promptly launch a TV career.

As Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News points out, Tebow could be a natural addition to college football coverage.  Per Raissman, ESPN has Tebow on the radar screen, even though ESPN believes he’ll be playing football somewhere in 2013.

It could culminate in a bidding war between ESPN and FOX, the two major college football broadcast rights holders.  Don’t rule out CBS, which televises plenty of games played in the NFL Lite Conference, otherwise known as the SEC, where Tebow spent his college career.

But TV always will be there for Tebow, arguably one of the greatest college football players of all time.  Even as his NFL relevance shrinks to near-absolute zero, the networks will be ready to pull hair and throw money at Tebow whenever Tebow is ready for them.

It’ll happen sooner or later.  In the grand scheme of things, bet on sooner.

36 responses to “Tebow’s future could be in TV

  1. This isn’t a good idea, Tebow won’t be critical of anyone. Him saying everyone is great and really a good guy will make it look like he doesn’t know anything.

  2. I hope not. He’s not Todd Blackledge.

    C’mon, McCoy! Your backups stink in San Diego! (And your starter ain’t that great, either)

  3. He should go work for the Gator radio network. That way people who value his opinion will get to hear him and it will spare people who don’t from having to.

    I really don’t understand why this poor kid is so polarizing. He’s not a good QB but there are lots of second and third QBs in the NFL that aren’t very good. I don’t love him, I don’t hate him but I am really tired of hearing about him.

  4. Tim should switch to Tight end / special teams player / occasional gadget play or wildcat QB. There is no shame in that. Many college QBs have made a transition to another position.

    If he truly loves football, he will do this when he realizes he will never be an NFL QB.

  5. Yep. As long as Tebow insists on continuing his career as a quarterback, his future in the NFL might be with a microphone in his hand instead of a football.

  6. Other than his extensive history of removing foreskin, what does he know? I suppose he can give advice to back ups around the world on the proper technique for carrying a clipboard. Seriously, just walking away would be best……

  7. That’ll be sad if he can’t continue to play. I bet he would play TE before going into tv at what 25 yrs old.

  8. If he ends up at CBS, don’t put him in a booth with Gary Danielson. Danielson had such a man crush on Tebow, I would worry about Tim’s safety.

  9. You can’t convince me Tebow is any worse than Skelton, or any of the other bums on quarterback carousels around the NFL. If Tebow wasn’t so loved he’d probably get another chance somewhere. He can’t throw a football, but he makes things happen albeit in an unconventional way. No organization wants the vitriol that would come with benching Tebow from his legion of fans. They want him in there even though he can’t play at the NFL level as a QB. They’d be happy if Tebow was on a 0-16 team as long as he was playing. The easiest solution is to not even give Tebow a chance. They can find a QB just as terrible who isn’t so beloved. Tebow should do the TV thing so that he’s at least doing something other than sitting on a bench being irrelevant.

  10. The thing about analysts is they have to be able to step on people. It’s just part of the job. I don’t think Tebow is that kind of guy.

  11. He’s not any worse than a lot of the 2nd and 3rd string QBs in the league… TRUE

    The difference is the freak show that follows him around. No team wants that in their locker room. It’s disruptive. John Skelton doesn’t get as much press coverage in a season as Tebow gets in a day.

  12. I wonder how he fits in if he is not a quarterback. Does he have good hands to receive? Can he block well?

    If being a QB is the only option, then whatever system he plays in needs to design their offense around his specific talents. If they are willing to do that, fine. But I don’t think most teams would be willing to do that.

  13. He seems to be an intelligent young man, however unless he takes classes or receives professional mentoring, it is difficult to imagine him rendering insights that are in-depth and original. Lastly, whenever he speaks into a mike, he literally falls into a continuing, ongoing series of “you know” more than any athlete I have seen interviewed. Start counting them, next time he is on air.

  14. Well, at least we made it all the way through Saturday without an update on the worlds most famous third string Quarterback.

  15. Good for him. This guy is a tremendous athlete who has accomplished worlds more than all his criticizers combined. If anyone doesn’t “like” this guy, and doesn’t even know him, then that just shows your own flaws buddy. I only hope my sons can work as hard as this kid has toward their goals, despite all the nobodies out there ready to knock them down. This kid knows who he is and for some reason that really bothers people who don’t.

  16. Honestly, he isn’t smart enough or a strong enough speaker to be a sportscaster.

    I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t think he’s fit for that kind of thing. There’s a large difference between motivational speaking, which he’s great at, and ongoing dialogue and commentary, which I think is just too quick for him.

  17. I envision a reality TV show… Celebrity Outreach with Tim Tebow. Tim will travel around the world of sports and entertainment trying to convert unbelievers and convince Christians who have lost their way and strayed to get their lives back on track for Jesus. It will start out easy… An athlete who cheated on his wife. Can Tim get him to repent and apologize to his wife? To go back to his family and stop shacking up with a stripper? Then, in the special 2 hour season finale…. LINDSAY LOHAN.

    I’d watch.

  18. Tebow would be perfect as the QB of any team that plays the Steelers since he whipped them solid in the playoffs.

  19. Please!!!

    The majority of TV analysts on networks are useless or aren’t that great anyways!!!

    More need to go and fewer need to be hired.

    They all sound the same and don’t make viewers smarter.

    Athletes aren’t overpaid. Ex-athletes on TV are!

  20. Any channel that hires Tiny Tim Teblow will lose my viewership. This clueless christian fanatic will just praise the lord and say pass the ammunition and won’t be able to offer any useful insight into how the game is played.

    Best thing for Tiny Tim Teblow to do is to just disappear into anonymity and never bore us again with his trivial nonsense!

  21. All you pompous asses and your hate for Tebow shows just how shallow your lives are. This young man has done more in one year for humanity than most of you could possibly do in a lifetime.

    Aside from the fact he’s a winner, his conduct is exemplary. He’s not the one making waves in NY. He keeps his mouth shut and deals with situations as a gentleman.

    If castigating Tebow makes you happy, perhaps you should look in a mirror and take stock of yourself and your values.

  22. Without regard to what he might have done for humanity I can say his short stint in the NFL has been entertaining and I hope he gets more opportunities before he is done. The amazing thing is that the NFL is about entertainment and most of the team executives appear to be completely lost on that issue. Certainly the Jet were last year. Despite all the Peyton noise I think the Denver Broncos got as far in 2011 in the play-offs with Tebow as they did in 2012 with Manning.

    Having said all that I still don’t think there is a young John Madden hiding inside of Tim.

  23. Boohoo! Another teblow apologist…maybe you two can share some holy water together or go prowling 3rd world countries on a quest to eliminate foreskin! No one is arguing that he’s a good guy or not. He just sucks as a qb, plain & simple!

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