49ers bring back Adam Snyder


One week after being released by the Cardinals, Adam Snyder is back for another stint with the 49ers. The veteran offensive lineman signed a two-year contract with the club Monday, the team said.

Snyder, 31, started 14 games for Arizona in 2012. He had spent the previous seven seasons with San Francisco and was the Niners’ starting right guard in 2011.

The 49ers’ current starting right guard, Alex Boone, was a Pro Bowl alternate a season ago, so a change at that position would seem unlikely. However, Snyder (6-6, 325) certainly strengthens the 49ers’ offensive line depth. He has made starts at guard, center and tackle in his NFL career.

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  1. Left the team to go make more money with division rival Arizona, then got cut because he sucks, then signs back with the team? Screw you man!

  2. Versatile but not necessarily much good. I’m not saying that there’s a correlation, but the 49ers line got better without him and the Cardinals line was no better and perhaps worse.

  3. Love this signing! When I read Arizona cut him I was hoping SF would bring him back. He isn’t good enough to get the money Arizona threw at and he won’t even be a starter in SF, but he is very versatile and adds great depth.

  4. they would have a better show if they signed Adam Sandler….but only if he reprised his role at The Waterboy

  5. Sensible marriage of convenience. Both sides know each other, and the numbers had to be right for the team to pull the trigger. But he’s nothing more than a backup at this point at guard or tackle. Might have some promise at center if they can’t resign Goodwyn after 2013, who is getting a little long in the tooth anyway and struggled against elite NGs like Nata in the Super Bowl. Hate to see Snyder take time away from youngsters like Looney & Kilgore though, who have nice futures. Looney would have been a 2nd rd pick in 2012 if he hadn’t broken his foot. Looney’s development will be instructive in many ways. If he really contributes this year or next, that will give fans a glimpse of what could happen to this year’s injured draft picks like Tank and Lattimore: two guys who came at a discount who can be stars for years down the road after getting healthy, thus validating Baalke’s plan to stay among the elite for years. Salary capwise, this is the only way to do it when you have to payout the big bucks to Kap and Iupati after 2013. I am guessing that Crabtree will be like Dashon: his salary demands will be too great and he’ll walk away for a better offer elsewhere. Crab’s developed nicely after a rough start but he’s not a deep threat, and not worth the really big bucks. His agent is out of his mind based on the first go around, so resigning him is highly unlikely after this season.

  6. Snyder was a very good starter for the 49ers in his previous stint with the team. This time around he will be an excellent backup with versatility to play every spot on the O line. If there was not a regime change for the Cardinals, Im sure he would still be with that time. Regardless, very smart/inexpensive pickup for the 49ers.

  7. Ugh, was backup caliber at best in 2011, was hot garbage in 2012…he couldn’t even make it 2 years on that trainwreck of a line in Arizona.

    I assume he’s brought in to backup Anthony “twitter” Davis at RT. He ain’t beating out Kilgore at G, that dude is a beast waiting to be unleashed.

  8. His play on the field will determine if he stays or not…this isn’t a consummated marriage…more like the engagement.

  9. He’s horrible. Some of you should stop thinking of yourselves as football fans.

  10. Worthless signing. If he makes the roster, it will only be for depth. And if he sees the field during the regular season, it will only be because of injury. And if he plays significant minutes during the regular season, it will decrease the likelihood that the Niners will make the postseason, because Kap will likely be running for his life and take a knockout hit.

    SF has been extremely lucky/healthy on the OL the past 2 years and still haven’t gotten it done. OL health historically isn’t so great for 3 or more seasons in a row. SF failed to improve the OL thru the draft or in FA, so better stay 100% healthy again or they won’t be making a deep run this year.

  11. I am glad we got Adam Snyder back. He has been with the 49ers since 2005 and i was sad to see him go but it did let us develop Alex Boone into a Starter so he is a solid pick up. Anyone who says he sucks or things like that don’t know anything. He will be a back up for the Guards. If a tackle goes down we can put Boone at tackle because he played that all his life and then that moves Snyder to Guard. Kilgore will be either at center or guard but most likely center as a backup for Goodwin. So once again anyone who doesn’t care or doesn’t know Snyder shut up. Bandwagon fans you are dismissed.

  12. Glad to have him back on the team. This guy earned his place in the NFL the hard way. He’s played every position on the line throughout his career and never really got the chance to develop at a single spot.

  13. Worst lineman by far on a terrible Arizona OL.
    Can’t imagine anyone signing this guy.

  14. AZ was a terrible team from top to bottom. Terrible coaching begets terrible scheme begets terrible production. Snyder is a decent player. Not sad at all that he’s back.


  16. sixjak says: May 7, 2013 11:01 AM

    AZ was a terrible team from top to bottom. Terrible coaching begets terrible scheme begets terrible production. Snyder is a decent player. Not sad at all that he’s back.
    Except for when their QB was healthy, then they only beat the Patriots, Seattle, etc. Oh, and their defense was easily top 10.

    But the coaching was horrible, pretty horrible. Kind of like Snyder. Just horrible. Good riddance.

  17. I’ve been a 49er longer than most 49er fans have been alive. I suffered through the 1960s and 1970s when everyone else was a Raider, Steeler, Packer, Cowboy, Bronco, etc. fan and mocked 49er fans such as myself.

    As a 40+ year fan, I have to say this was an absolute crap signing. This guy was, according to the guys at PFR, one of the worst guards (run and pass blocking) in the NFL. He was so obviously bad in AZ that, despite having massive line problems, they ate his contract rather than keep him.

    And yet the idiot-clown-posse that infects the 49er fanbase is down-voting the comments of every single person who is pointing out what a terrible signing this was. This is why we can’t talk 49er football.

    In the old days, only the dedicated, die-hard fans bothered to learn anything and 49er football. Now, any moron with an Internet connection feels it necessary to pretend the 49ers never make personnel mistakes….

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